Spicing Things Up! - Bedroom Fantasies #19

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Spicing things up!  Having only ever had one sexual partner in my life, that being my beautiful wife Kylie, I have always been interested in exploring my sexual desires further. Our sex life is good but pretty bland as it really only consists of missionary in bed. We have discussed this over the past little while and Kylie is on board with spicing things up.

After a long, hard month of work and chasing kids around, I suggest that we get away for a weekend together. We book a luxurious hotel room in Melbourne and decide to explore our sexual desires by jumping straight into the deep end. We arrive at the hotel where we find a bottle of of bubbly and chocolates waiting in our room. We relax, tuck into these and then freshen up to go and do a spot of shopping. On the list is sexy lingerie/underwear for the weekend ahead. We both try on various items, with the doors in the cubicles left ajar. This heightens our arousal as passers-by can clearly see our naked or semi clad bodies trying on and showing off to each other the choices we’ve made. We settle on some garments and head for dinner and a movie. 

The movie turns out to quite boring so I decide to liven things up by massaging my wife’s inner thigh. She turns to me, smiles and parts her legs allowing access to her freshly shaven pussy. She is wearing a black, mid length, faux leather skirt and silky, emerald green crotch less panties. This allows clear access to her sweet spot. I gently caress and flick her labia between my index and middle fingers, taking care not to touch her clitoris and push her over the edge too soon. She returns the favour and reaches for my cock which is already incredibly hard from the excitement of playing in a public place. I’m wearing latex boxer briefs which makes access to my thriving member a little difficult so she strokes it from the outside. The feeling of the material against my cock is amazing and I reach the point of no return in no time. Sensing this my wife pulls away and leaves me bulging and wanting more.

We are both incredibly aroused by this point and decide to ditch the remainder of the movie and head for an adult establishment. We grab some drinks, watch a strip show and then take a look around the venue.

We stumble across some private booths that have porn playing on a screen, we enter and close the door behind us. Thinking we’re alone we sit on seats and watch the orgy scene that is playing out on tv, as we begin to embrace each other we notice two round holes, one in each side wall of the cubicle. We peak into both and notice that they are occupied by single males who are casually watching the porn on their screens.

Knowing they can see and hear us we begin to play with each other. My wife unzips my jeans and lowers them to the floor revealing my bulging latex shorts, she releases my erect cock and slowly takes it in her mouth licking my shaft up and down and circling my throbbing head with her tongue. After 5 min we swap positions, I sit my wife on the seat and spread her legs, the sight of her wet pussy in those crotch less panties makes me giddy with excitement. I dive in head first and begin lapping at her sweet juices, I penetrate her as deep as I can with my tongue, she arches her back lets out sigh of pleasure.

We then hear a knock on the side wall and notice a finger protruding through one of the holes. We look at each other, smile and nod. My wife turns to the hole and places her finger through signalling her intentions to the waiting stranger. He presents his flaccid cock through the hole and and my gorgeous wife proceeds to stroke it until he’s hard, she continues to milk the 5 inch cock until he can’t hold any longer and busts his load on the floor at my wife’s feet.

We both turn to the other hole and notice another cock waiting to be taken by my wife. It is also flaccid but we can tell it will grown into something quite special. Kylie takes the penis and places it directly in her mouth and starts sucking vigorously the bbc grows instantly and reaches an erect state of 8 inches making her gag as it hits the back of her throat. It is the perfect specimen.

I take advantage of the situation and enter my wife from behind while she is bent over sucking on the bbc. With all the built up excitement of the day it only takes about two minutes to blow my load inside of her warm vagina.

She continues to stroke and blow the veiny member for about ten minutes and then turns to me and says nervously she wants to feel it inside of her.

I also want to see my wife being fucked by the strangers bbc so I agree and pass her a condom. She rolls it on the cock and places her dripping pussy against the hole In the wall. The gentleman next door doesn’t hesitate and thrusts his huge knob inside of my wife making her moan with extreme pleasure as she struggles to accommodate the the full size. He fucks her for 5 minutes until she goes weak at the knees and has the biggest orgasm she has ever had. Kylie then removes the condom and resumes devouring the meaty girth until he releases his huge milky white load all over her exposed breasts.

The stranger thanks her and leaves the adjacent room leaving only us together in the cubicle. I cradle and hug my exhausted wife who has a huge smile on her face and thanks me for allowing her to fuck the stranger, I reciprocate by saying thank you for allowing me to watch such a memorable show.

We clean up, leave the premise and return to the hotel never knowing who the two guys were but have great memories and a new found love for watching and sharing each other.

The following day we wake, fuck, have breakfast, fuck and then spend the day lounging by the pool sexually flirting with each other, reminiscing about the previous evening and discussing what tonight’s adventure will be. We decide to hit up a swingers venue. I make arrangements with the organiser and after dinner we nervously arrive at the location and are welcomed in by a beautiful husband and wife couple who are both wearing black lace underwear. They show us to a private area where we secure our belongings, undress down to our underwear and prepare for the night ahead. We make our way to the bar and grab some drinks.

I notice a curvy redhead glance my way and provide me a cheeky smile and wave.

We take our drinks and look around the venue where there looks to be about 80-100 people of all different ages and body types, casually talking, drinking and dancing all wearing erotic underwear. It is a great sight that neither of us have witnessed before and it definitely gets the blood flowing to our exogenous zones. There are multiple areas and rooms in the venue with couches, beds, dance floor, garden area and a spa. The night progresses and things start to heat up with people beginning to play, this gradually intensifies where groups are beginning to form and couples start having sex in different locations with each other. We continue to have a drink and settle down in an area where there are multiple couples going about their sexual business, for a while we just watch and enjoy the show but eventually it is too much and we can’t keep our hands off each other. I remove Kylie’s panties and bra and go down on her in the 69 position, sucking on her clit while fingering fucking her her silky smooth pink. She has my rock hard cock in her mouth running rings around my head with her tongue and flicking it in and out of my urethra. Just before I reach climax I roll off grab kylie by the hips and bend her over the couch and enter her from behind.

At this point I glance around the room and notice everyone is involved in some form of sexual play and that fucking in front of complete strangers, although extremely exiting and intense, seems quite normal. Eventually we bring each other to orgasm and relax again watching others fuck and play. The air is filled with sex and it doesn’t take long for the desire to be involved rushes over us again. We move to a different room where there is a group of about 10 people having fun on a large bed. I sit on a chair with kylie on my lap and watch until one of the women waves us over and asks us to join in. It is the curvy redhead from the bar.

Kylie and I begin to play with each other, I caress her breasts and gently bite and suck each nipple while kylie strokes my engorged cock to its peak. The redhead, who’s name is Alicia, asks if she can join us and we both agree. Alicia lays kylie back and starts playing with her wet pussy, fingering, licking and sucking her clit. She knows exactly what spots to hit and makes her cum twice in quick succession. Alicia then straddles Kylie’s face and allows my wife access to her beautiful opening. Her pussy, the combination of flawless pale white skin, almost virgin like slit and perfectly manicured landing strip of red public hair is alluring. This the first time my wife has ever tasted another woman and it appears she knows exactly what to do with Alicia sighing with pleasure with each lick of her box.

I want to get in on the action so stand and present my rigid cock to Alicia who doesn’t hesitate to take it in her mouth. Her perfect red lipstick covered lips slide up and down my shaft while her hand clasps by scrotum, her oral skills are incredible. I clutch a fistful if her long silky red hair and guide her deeper and deeper onto me until her green eyes begin to water. At this moment she forces herself away from my cock and rocks back and forth on Kylie’s face and explodes in wave after wave of ecstasy, eventually succumbing to the pleasure and roiling off onto the bed.

As I’m yet to climax and left rock hard, I roll on a condom and place myself between Alicia’s legs, she allows me access and begins rubbing her swollen clit, I enter her warm love hole, it is tight and magical, I notice my wife on her hands and knees kissing Alicia.

With her backside in the air a young man makes his way behind my wife and pushes his erection into her bald pussy. Kylie glances up at me and smiles. She is having the time of her life. I continue to thrust in and out fucking Alicia and taking in the view of my wife being fucked by a young stud and the other couples intertwined in the art of sex, and think, why did we not try this earlier in our lives.

We continue fucking and watching long into the night until we are completely exhausted and can’t take anymore. We retreat to our hotel where we collapse onto the bed and embrace in a loving hug and fall asleep. The following morning we return to our normal lives and begin planning our next sexcapade.

Sex live bland? Not anymore!

Submitted by Mr. DK from Colac, Victoria, Australia

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