Secret Love Affair - Bedroom Fantasies #13

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Bedroom Fantasies #13 - Secret Love Affair

Secret Love Affair: I've long had a fascination with my best friend's brother. We've met a few times, briefly and flirted a bit on Facebook but I never imagined it could be anything more. My biggest fantasy is bumping into him one weekend while visiting my friend and letting things get out of control.

I imagine it would start subtle, slowly at first. We'd go for a walk in the moonlight for a friendly chat and find a dark, quiet place to sit and talk. After hours of chatting, I would feel his fingers brush gently against mine... hinting that he wanted more. The sheer touch of his skin against mine would set my pulse on fire. I'd look up into his eyes as they would twinkle back at me... with a longing that tells me he is as turned on as I am.

Then slowly, as if he had read my mind, he'd dip down toward my face and plant a kiss on my lips. It would be so gentle at first... but deepen until we were breathless and desperate for more. His lips would devour mine, tongue snaking in between my lips, claiming my own tongue in a dual.

I would feel his hands exploring my body, resting against my breast as he would slowly circle his thumb around my erect nipple. I'd gasp for more.... arching into him, feeling his entire body grow rigid with desire. As my hands explored his body in return, I would find my way down to his sex. It would be bulging and hard.... so hard.

My mind would be racing at this point. The need and desire growing wildly out of control. He would press his body against mine, making sure I felt his need for me as he slowly pushes me onto the ground below, positioning himself above me, taking command of my mouth, my body, my everything. We’re laying on the concrete, under the stars, completely lost in the moment. Fortunately, we’re alone and far away from any potentially prying eyes but the thrill of being out in the open is almost unbearable. It only furthers the excitement.

He slowly pulls my blouse up and slides it over my head, letting it drop to the ground. Then he reaches around and unsnaps my bra and flings it to the side. My breasts are fully exposed now but I don’t care. He slowly trails kisses down my neck, my shoulders… down, down… down further. OMG… his tongue flicking at my skin the whole way down until he has my nipple between his teeth. My body jolts to life with a searing heat piercing straight to my loins as I feel his mouth claiming each breast as his other hand caresses the other.

I reach for the buttons on his shirt and quickly begin to unfasten them… one by one until tufts of dark hair emerge. I begin to run my fingers through his glorious chest hair… the sensation stirs me deep. I can barely breathe now… my desire overwhelming me in every sense. As I slide his shirt off of him, my hands slowly begin to explore every inch of his beautiful body… his chest, sliding around to his back… omg… there’s hair there too! OOOMG… I NEED to feel him inside of me.

As if he could sense my frustration, I feel his hands slipping into the front of my pants… sliding down until his fingers brush against my clit. I let out a loud whimper as the fire suddenly builds inside of me. I can feel my body moving rhythmically to his fingers as they gently rub across my pussy. And then one finger slowly slips inside…. then two. I am almost ready to explode by this point. I try to pace myself. This is going too fast!

I instinctively feel my way back down to his crotch, and with a quickening pace, begin unbuttoning his pants. I can’t wait anymore. I have to have him NOW. His erect cock springs out as I begin pulling his pants down. It’s huge… swollen and sooo hard. I take his cock into my hands and slowly caress it… pulling it toward my face. I have to taste it. I brush my lips against it at first… mmm… so warm and just a little wet… salty too. Then I flick my tongue over his head. He gasps but that just turns me on more. He has his hands in my hair now, pulling me toward him, almost begging me for more. I take his entire cock into my mouth and begin sucking it… deep until I feel him at the back of my throat. Yesss… omg he’s delicious!

I continue the pace until he is almost at a point of climax but he suddenly pulls away and pushes me back to the ground. I don’t even remember where the rest of our clothes went or how they came off. All I remember is him plunging his hard cock deep inside of me and thrusting wildly. He feels AMAZING inside of me… almost as though he was tailor made for me.

I wrap my legs tightly around him as though I’m trying to pull him deeper into me. He senses my urgency and quickens the pace, grinding himself into my body over and over until he feels my muscles tightening. I begin my ascent into oblivion as my body convulses and explodes into a mad, euphoric rush. As I reach my ultimate climatic moment, I feel his body tense up too, as he releases his own pent up frustrations and fills my body with his cum. We then lay on the ground, under the full moonlit sky… motionless, unable to say a word. He looks at me… gazing deeply into my eyes. In that moment, I know I would be lost forever to this man.

Submitted by Ms. R from Sunbury, VIC, Australia

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