Submissive Wife - Bedroom Fantasies #12

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Submissive Wife:  I'd love to come home from work and have my wife greet me with nothing but a pair of stockings and her collar on. She'd also have her favourite whip in her hand to present to me along with her lead. I would then lead her into the lounge room where I would sit in my favourite chair while she tells me how naughty she has been and that she needs to be punished. As a good master I would have her lie over my lap and who her whip to punish her.

Then when I believe she has learnt her lesson, I would have her lie on the floor with her ass in the air and her pussy presented to me. I would then command her to pleasure herself in front of me but not cum until I tell her she can. I would have her ask for me to pleasure her, and if I do feel like it, I would. I would then have her show her thanks by sucking my cock until I come in her mouth, and of course, I'd have her swallow it all.

Submitted by Mr. L from Melbourne, VIC, Australia

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