At Her Mercy - Bedroom Fantasies #122

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Hogtied on the bed, I am waiting for her to tease me with her favourite whip. Small, but effective, it leaves angry red marks with the slightest slap that stay for days at a time. She slowly leads the cold, black leather tails around my bare back. Creeping right down to my naked ass, I suddenly feel it leave my skin. CRACK! The sharp, sudden pain delivered straight to my butt cheeks is quickly overcome by pleasure.

You are helpless, I think to myself. There’s nothing you can do to stop her.

She forcefully rolls me onto my back. Sprawled out on the bed as far as my restraints allow. My rock-hard cock throbs as she tentatively teases the tip with her teeth. My moans are all the encouragement she needs to slowly envelop all eight inches of my cock. Halfway down her throat and showing no signs of struggle, she grabs my balls with her fist. Just tight enough for me to know she’s not going to go easy on me this time.

She relieves her mouth of my cock and her fist of my balls, whispering in my ear, "Who’s mumma's little fuck toy?"

I answer her diligently. "I am." She proceeds to climb up onto my naked body and places her dripping wet pussy directly onto my mouth. As our lips meet, she grabs onto my balls and proceeds to milk them. I lap up her dripping pussy juices much like a dog that has been without water for a week. Her fluids drip down the side of mouth as I insert my tongue deep into her tasty pussy.

She finishes with my balls and starts lubing up a single finger.

"What are you gonna do with that?" I mumble through her pussy lips.

"You’re going to find out in a few seconds," she smirks back. Slowly and carefully, she inserts it into my ass, going deeper and deeper until her finger disappears. She moves it slowly back and forth against my prostate and gently inserts another finger. After a few minutes of this, pre-cum starts to drip out of my dick at an alarming rate.

Almost smothered to death and with what feels like a stomach almost full of pussy juices, she dismounts my drenched face and retrieves a long, thick and veiny dildo. "This should do the job," she says, smiling to herself as she tenderly lubes it up…

Submitted by Ethan from Bonbeach, VIC, Australia

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