Restaurant Rendezvous

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My girlfriend and I entered the restaurant knowing that this would be an unforgettable two-year anniversary. With her panty vibrator inside her wet pussy I knew by the end of this, she would be on her knees begging me to sit on her face. 

We sat at the restaurant table and as the waiter poured our complimentary wine I held the button. The vibrator was as quiet as a calm sea; however, it created a violent tsunami inside her. She stared at me intensely while her eyes rolled and her clit was pounding. The waiter oblivious to all this asks "Ready to order some food?" my girlfriend abruptly snaps "No" on the brink of an orgasm. I release the button and she lets out a sigh of frustration. The other customers give us a bewildered look and continue eating their food. 

A sexy and seductive woman with platinum blonde hair comes over to our table. The woman notices the underlying sexual activity that is going on under the table and says to us "Follow me". My girlfriend and I get up and follow the woman who slowly runs her hands over our curves as we make our way to the bathroom. The unnamed woman slams the bathroom cubical open and locks the door. She then says "You two make out". I grab my girlfriend by the waist and press our bodies against each other while grabbing her ass so hard that it lifts her up. 

We turn around and see the woman came prepared and is using a vibrator, getting off to us hooking up. I grab her vibrator and switch positions allowing her to get with my girlfriend. Pushed up in a small cubical my clit is being vibrated causing me to sweat, twitch and roll my eyes and head back. The sensation is hard and pulsating, causing my pussy to be wet and I put the vibrator inside me. The feeling gives me tingles and puts me in my own world making me feel like I’m unstoppable. 

I open my eyes and my girlfriend is wearing a 7-inch strap-on, commanding me to ride it. My tight ass is jiggling as I ride the strap-on and take control, moaning and screaming my girlfriend's name as I do so. She grabs onto my ass - pushing and pulling her fingers across. At this point my girlfriend is lying down, her legs just invisible to anyone walking past the large cubicle, me on top of her, then the woman comes and sits on top of my girlfriend's face while grabbing my tits and making out with me. Somebody walks into the bathroom but we keep screaming and moaning. We take this back to the house.

Submitted by Lily from Lara, VIC, Australia


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