Insatiable - Bedroom Fantasies #121

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I’ve been told I’m insatiable. I prefer to think of myself as someone who rids themselves of temptation.

My husband was reading a book one evening, his preferred choice of entertainment. My preferred choice of entertainment was porn and enticing him with longing glances whilst rubbing my free hand across my member where he could see it engorging and growing harder with every passing second. I could see he was into me pleasuring myself so I tentatively cast the porn I was watching onto the TV — his eyes lit up with salacious delight as he watched a threeway unfold onscreen.

"Tell me something. Have you ever fantasised about getting tag teamed by two blokes?" I ask confidently. He avoids my eyes and looks at the seam of my pants where he can visibly see the outline of my cock.

"Yes," he responds quietly. Casually, I pull my pants down really slowly. My hard cock slaps back onto my stomach with a firm thwack.

"Let’s make it happen then, darling," I state confidently.

It wasn’t but two hours later that — thanks to Grindr — I was plying my husband and our chosen plaything with liquor as we enjoyed a high-stakes game of back-and-forth flirting. I made my husband put on his jockstrap and do a dance for us and tease himself with his vibrator whilst wearing a cock ring.

What unfolded was an evening of ecstasy involving our basket of toys and straps — I’ve never been so creative with a combination of silk business ties and leather restraints before! — and getting to plunge myself into two guys. Making their faces contort with pleasure as I go deep on one whilst warming up the other with my free hand and a rock-hard realistic dildo made me feel like a real-life Christian Grey, albeit a gay one. When it came to finishing off my husband, I wanted to show off, so I placed a pillow beneath the small of his back and took out a small vibrator, placing it gently on his penis. I skilfully and rhythmically thrust into him, focusing on his prostate and I was able to bring him to orgasm without the need for him to touch himself.

Truthfully though, there’s always room for more pleasure, anything to enhance my ability to make my partner writhe in pure euphoria whilst fulfilling every little fantasy. It’s a passion of mine, I want him to think that nobody can do it better.

Submitted by Troy from Montrose, VIC, Australia

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