Romance is in the air! - Sexynews #80

There's even more reason to appreciate this Valentine's Day with Sexyland turning 21 this Sunday! What better way to appreciate the most romantic day of the year than to celebrate with Sexyland, Australia’s leading expert in couples' fun?

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Toy Gifts for Beginners - Sexynews #79

Whether you’re a solo explorer or a curious couple, choosing your first sex toy should be a fun and exciting experience! The massive range of orgasmic gadgets on the market can be a wonderland of choice for some people, but it can be confusing or intimidating for others. With Valentine’s Day approaching, we wanted to show our first-time buyers the ropes with our beginner’s guide to all things sex toys!

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Toys That Travel - Sexynews #72

Which sex toys should you take travelling? Getting ready for the holidays and want something compact and discreet to spice things up while you’re away from home? Vacation is all about pleasure so why not bring along a few sexy fun travel buddies that will keep you buzzing along!

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Summer Lovin' Holiday Fun - Sexynews #71

Christmas has come and gone and summer is finally here! We made it! We are finally nearing the end of this crazy year. Let’s celebrate and bring 2020 to an orgasmic ending!

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Happy Horny New Year! - Sexynews #70

Don’t look now but 2021 is almost here! If you’re like many Australians, the new year can’t come soon enough! What a crazy year 2020 has been! Let’s hope the new year brings us a fresh new start and heaps of sexy adventures!

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Twas the Night Before Christmas - Sexynews #69

It's Christmas Eve and Sexyland would like to share a humourous little spin on the Night Before Christmas for a few giggles. We hope you have a safe and happy Christmas holiday!

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Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas - Sexynews #68

We’re down to the last few days before Christmas and the clock is ticking! With so little time left to shop, we have some last minute gift ideas that are sure to create a buzz in your stocking on Christmas morning!

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Christmas Sex Wish - Sexynews #67

The year 2020 is nearly over and many of us have some special Christmas wishes we'd love to be fulfilled. Before you ask Santa to bring you pressies, see what this playful lady has in mind.

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