Toy Gifts for Beginners - Sexynews #79

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Toy Gifts for Beginners - Sexynews #79

Whether you’re a solo explorer or a curious couple, choosing your first sex toy should be a fun and exciting experience!

The massive range of orgasmic gadgets on the market can be a wonderland of choice for some people, but it can be confusing or intimidating for others. With Valentine’s Day approaching, we wanted to show our first-time buyers the ropes with our beginner’s guide to all things sex toys!

Prioritise your personal preferences

Just like starting out with any other new experience, finding your perfect sex toy can be a hit or miss, especially if you’re not quite sure what you’re after. Your level of satisfaction ultimately depends on your personal preferences and expectations when it comes to factors like stimulation type, what area of your body you want to stimulate, whether you’ll be inserting anything, and so on. Only you know what's right for your body, whether you’re planning to play on your own or with a partner, so take this opportunity to ponder what gives you sexual pleasure and use this to decide what you want more of.

What do you need your sex toy to do?

Need help narrowing down the options? This handy checklist has some questions that will help any sex toy newbie decide on their first tantalising toy:

  • What sorts of stimulation and pleasurable sensations does your body respond to best?
  • Do you want a device that works its magic internally, externally, or both?
  • Which part(s) of your body do you want to tease and please?
  • Are you playing with a partner or flying solo?
  • Does your body crave something that vibrates, sucks, wiggles, thrusts, rotates, throbs or is non-powered
  • Is noise level a concern for you?
  • Do you prefer something that resembles a realistic part of human anatomy or something non-gender specific?
  • Do you foresee your toy travelling with you frequently?

Once you’ve figured out what leaves you in a state of breathless bliss, everything else will fall into place and selecting your preferred criteria will be a cinch! The next step is to...

Research the range of raunchy goodies

With so many types of sex toys available, it goes a long way to familiarise yourself with them and what they do before buying. Many first-timers aren’t aware of how diverse the options are and those who are might feel a bit overwhelmed. Sex toys come in all shapes, sizes, colours and functionalities, so here’s a comprehensive breakdown of different types of sex toys you might want to choose from when starting out:

Beginner-friendly sex toys to try

  1. Vibrators: The sex toy staple in bedside drawers around the world! Lots of toys have vibrating functions in different speeds, patterns, and intensities to suit your preferred level of stimulation. Vibrators come in a wide range of styles, from classic vibrators to rabbit vibratorsmini-vibratorspanty vibratorsfinger vibrators and more. See our full range here! 
  2. Stimulators: These toys are typically designed to stimulate specific parts of the body, such as the clitoris or P-spot. They usually offer more functions that just vibration, such as mind-blowing suction, pleasurable pulsing, and even licking sensations that rival the best oral sex of your life. Toys of this type can stimulate you internally, externally, or both depending on what you like, and can include female stimulatorsprostate stimulators and couples stimulatorsShop the collection here! 
  3. Bullets & Eggs: The mini but mighty vibrators that you can carry in your pocket, bag, or wear in public for discreetly dirty fun! These are great for precise stimulation of external erogenous zones such as the clitoris and nipples. They won’t reach very deep for internal stimulation, but don't be fooled – these petite devices are powerhouses of pleasure that can bring out your O-face like any of the bigger buzzing beasts.. Browse bullets & eggs here! 
  4. Body Wands: Powerful, multi-purpose vibrating toys that deliver deliciously deep vibrations all over your body for sensual massages or external stimulation of erogenous zones. Vibrating body wands are often fan favourites thanks to their incredible unmatched strength. See the power for yourself! 
  5. Dildos & Dongs: Dreaming of a more realistic penetration sensation? These phallic toys are designed to be inserted for internal stimulation and are available with or without vibrating functions. There is a huge variety of sizes, shapes, and looks, including ultra-veiny designs, squirting versions, and thrusting models. Many of these toys come equipped with suction cup bases so you can enjoy hands-free riding, and some are compatible with strap-on harnesses for standard or double penetration. Shop dildos & dongs! 
  6. Strap-ons: Spice things up with your lover with a strap-on! These harnesses are designed to wear with a dildo or dong for penetration with a partner. They can come with toys built-in or as combo sets with interchangeable attachments, and are also available in solid, hollow, and strapless designs to suit the anatomy of the wearer. Check out our strap-ons for sale here! 
  7. Anal Toys: These toys are designed for internal use in the anus and can include butt plugsprostate stimulators and anal beads. While butt stuff can seem intimidating or taboo in general, many people love the full feeling anal toys provide Explore our range of anal toys here! 
  8. Cockrings: These toys slip around the base of his penis, restricting blood flow away from the area to help erections stay harder and last longer. Men can use them during solo masturbation sessions to intensify their orgasms or to enhance sex with a lucky lover. Check out our collection of cockrings here! 
  9. Sleeves: Wanting a boost in the boudoir? Extension sleeves are condom-like toys that add extra girth and/or length to his erection and help you enjoy fuller, deeper penetration during sex. See our penis extension sleeves here! 
  10. Masturbators: Also referred to as 'strokers', these male toys simulate the feeling of penetrative sex. They come in a variety of forms including vaginal, oral, and anal openings, plus non-specific orifice designs. Shop male masturbators online with us! 
  11. Lubricants: The final touch in any sexy setting is a good lubricant to make your experience smooth and comfortable, which is especially important when trying a sex toy for the first time. Water-based lubricant is the best formula for using with all sex toys and condoms - grab yours here!

What sex toys are suitable for beginners?

There are no right or wrong toys to start with since everybody is different and it all depends on your willingness to try new things. For those who want to ease themselves into (or onto) sex toys, we recommend starting with toys that are less intimidating such as Bullet & Egg Vibrators, Classic or Mini Vibrators, Anal Beads (if you’re trying backdoor play), or Masturbators (for men).

Here are our top picks for starter sex toys:

Getting started with your new toy

So you’ve taken the plunge and you can't wait to try out your new toy! Remember that it’s all about having fun and that it's okay to take things slowly. This is especially true when it comes to penetration, particularly if it’s anal. Inserting anything into your body should be done with care, caution, and plenty of Personal Lubricant!

The slow and steady climb to climax

If your toy has any sort of vibration, suction, or other powered functions, start on the lowest settings and work your way up. Some settings can be quite intense but they're perfectly safe as long as you use the toy as intended. It is possible to overstimulate yourself but the sensation is short-term and will wear off. If the lowest settings are still too intense, try putting a barrier between you and the toy such as a towel.

Proper toy care & storage

When the fun is over and you’re ready to put your new friend away for the night, be sure to clean it properly with toy cleaner and warm water after every use. Store it safely in a storage pouch, which will keep out dust and prying eyes. For more information on how to properly clean and care for your sex toys, see our Sex Toy Care article. Proper toy care and maintenance will help prolong the life of your toy so it can keep you coming...back for more that is!


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