Non-penetrative Sex - Sexynews #78

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Non-penetrative Sex - Sexynews #78

Sex Without Penetration

When it comes to arousal and intimacy, we tend to focus on penetration as the objective, but we rarely consider the value of non-penetrative sex (a.k.a. outercourse). Sex without penetration can be an incredibly sensual experience that every couple should try at least once!

What is outercourse?

Outercourse is any sexual activity that involves sexual stimulation without actual penetration (such as vaginal, anal, or oral), with the end goal simply being to give and receive sexual pleasure. You and your partner might already have engaged in outercourse as it can take many forms, like mutual masturbation, kissing, touching, massaging, external toy play, and frottage (dry humping). All of these are excellent ways to engage in sexual intimacy without full-on penetration.

Why do people choose outercourse over intercourse?

There are many reasons why people of all genders and orientations may choose to have sex without penetration. Outercourse enables couples to prolong sexual intimacy, which can be helpful for men who struggle to maintain erections. Penetrative sex can also be painful for women due to conditions such as endometriosis, vaginismus, or sexual trauma, so outercourse gives them a pain-free way to enjoy sexual intimacy with a partner. Some people may choose to avoid intercourse because they’re not ready for it or are abstinent. Finally, outercourse is safer than intercourse as there is virtually no risk of STDs (sexually transmitted diseases) or pregnancy.

Can women experience sexual satisfaction without penetration?

Absolutely! Just because a woman’s body is biologically designed for penetrative sex does not mean penetration needs to happen for her to feel sexually fulfilled. In fact, most women only need clitoral stimulation to reach their pinnacle of pleasure. The clitoris spans from the external portion of the vagina to approximately 5 inches within a woman’s body, meaning she can experience stimulation both internally and externally. More often than not, external stimulation is what a woman needs to achieve orgasm, and some even prefer clitoral orgasms over penetrative orgasms.

What are the benefits of sex without penetration?

The benefits of sex without penetration may vary, depending on your circumstances and reasons for abstaining from penetration. The advantages of outercourse over intercourse can include:

  • Giving couples a way to share and maintain sexual intimacy without having to go all the way
  • Lack of penetration significantly reducing risk of unwanted pregnancy and STDs 
  • Effective alternative for couples who have no form of protection but want to be sexually intimate 
  • Helping couples express their passion physically when they aren’t ready to have sex yet or are practising abstinence 
  • Teaching new foreplay methods and ways to incorporate them 
  • Suitable substitute for women who are on their period or have a UTI (urinary tract infection)

How to climax without penetration

It’s easy to think that sex = penetration, but sex is about what satisfies you. Many couples who try outercourse find it to be a rewarding way to fulfill their sexual urges, as well as a door-opener to exploring new avenues of pleasure. Plenty of people can’t achieve orgasm from penetrative sex alone anyway, so introducing new sensations, methods, and experiences to your love life might be exactly the kind of spice you never even knew you were craving!

The Pulse Duo Control Couples Masturbator is a must-have sex toy for couples looking for an intimate way to connect sexually without penetration. This versatile toy features a pair of curved silicone wings that expand to wrap around the shaft, encasing it vibrations that ripple blasts of stimulation all over him and through to a partner on the other side of the toy.

Hot outercourse activities you can try

  1. Mutual masturbation: Touching yourselves in full view of your partner can be extremely erotic, whether you’re in the same room or a video chat.
  2. Direct stimulation: The human body is full of erogenous zones, and applying the right amount of pressure to the right ones can deliver mind-blowing orgasms. Need inspiration? Check out the erotic stimulation techniques in our Jingle His Balls and Tease & Please Her Clitoris newsletters! 
  3. Non-penetrative sex toys: The sex toy industry know that achieving orgasm is more about stimulation than penetration (especially for women), and the massive selection of Stimulators on the market is a testament to this fact. Clitoral stimulation is how a lot of women reach the finish line, with or without penetration, which is why toys like the Womanizer Premium have taken the world by storm. For men, the Fun Factory Manta is a great way to target vibration during masturbation. Toys like the Iroha Temari Mizu can be used by anyone and are perfect for stimulating external erogenous zones. 
  4. Dry humping: Sometimes the simple act of thrusting and rubbing your genitals against something or someone is enough to send you over the edge. You can add a bit of Lubricant to enhance the sensation further and make dry humping a slick and slippery ride! If you’re dry humping with clothes on, try placing a Body Wand Vibrator between your body and the object or person you’re humping for additional stimulation. 
  5. Perineum pleasure: The perineum is the patch of skin located between the anus and his scrotum or her vagina, and stimulating this area can actually push you to orgasm. For more sensation, slip on a Finger Vibrator and use light stroking motions, starting with soft vibrations and slowly working your way up in intensity. 
  6. Sensual massage: The sensual touching associated with erotic massage is a wonderful way to relax your partner while building sexual tensions that can lead to a happy ending. Take things to the next level with the soothing sensation of a Sensual Massage Oil, or try out some exciting temperature play for extra stimulation. 
  7. Challenge yourselves: Stimulating the mind is as important as stimulating the body, so build up anticipation by abstaining from all sexual contact for a week or two. Slowly start reintroducing sensual touching and kissing until you can’t take it anymore. Don’t be afraid to try new external stimulation techniques, explore each other’s bodies, and experiment with accessories that build suspense, like blindfolds. This is a fantastic opportunity to tease and flirt with each other to keep your lover on their toes!

When it comes to non-penetrative sex, thinking outside the box will get you further than thinking about getting inside the box, if you catch our drift. It’s totally possible for both men and women to be completely sexually satisfied without any penetration at all. Just be open about trying new things and when you find something that feels right, go with the flow! Use your imaginations, don’t be afraid to experiment with new sensations, and enjoy yourselves!


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