Tips & Tricks to Polyamory + Threesome Dynamics

Hey y’all, Nora Jo here again to level with you about polyamorous relationships and threesomes. There’s a lot of common misconceptions about both, but it’s okay if you’ve ever been or still are under the impression that they’re not misconceptions — everybody has to start somewhere, and learning on your journey is all part of the ethical non-monogamy process! 💕

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Incorporating Sex Toys into Your Journey to Sexual Well-Being

Everybody deserves pleasure. Sexyland’s mission has always been to take the taboo out of sex toys, as both intimacy aides and for self-care purposes. Sexual health, well-being, and pleasure are all inherently linked together, so using sex toys can produce a multitude of benefits for stress relief and relaxation. After all, what better way to unwind than with an ultra-pleasurable release and floating in the afterglow?

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How to Get Your Sex Toys Squeaky Clean After Getting Down & Dirty

We know it’s tempting to let your afterglow wipe all other thoughts from your mind after a satisfying orgasm, but alas, plonking a used sex toy back in your goodie drawer without cleaning it is doing a disservice to both your toy and you. Your adult toys take good care of you, so why not return the favour? Not only is cleaning sex toys an essential practice to maintain good sexual health for yourself and any partners you’re sharing toys with, it will also help your sex toys last longer so they can keep pleasing you for ages to come! As far as cleaning chores go, it definitely beats scrubbing the shower grout, and we reckon you get way more in return for it 😋

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Navigating Relationships as a Pansexual Person: Challenges & Opportunities

Hi all, Nora Jo here again with a more personal article to kick off Pride Month! Like many queer folk, I figured out that maybe I wasn’t totally straight when I was in my mid-to-late teens. At first, I thought bisexuality summed me up pretty well. I liked boys, and I liked girls. That meant I was bi. Done and dusted, right?

As I would find out later in my life, not so much 🤷

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A Hole New World — How To Take The Next Step In Anal Play To Pegging

Butt stuff. Whether it comes in the form of fingering, using anal toys like butt plugs, or using your tongue to ‘rim’ the anus, it’s an area of sex that has a tantalising air of taboo around it. This is particularly the case when hetero and hetero-passing couples decide to try spicing up anal sex for the first time by swapping the penetration dynamic between partners!

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Sex Ed 101 - Debunking Popular Myths on Sexual Health - Sexynews #84

Popular Sexual Health Myths That People Still Get Wrong

Long gone are the days of our poor P.E teachers trying to get a classroom full of giggling teenagers to pay attention to the birds and the bees discussion! You might be among the many people who heed the health advice of medical-oriented blogs, lifestyle magazines, or even social media influencers. However, when it comes to sexual health, there’s a lot of ‘fake news’ circulating online, and rapid information sharing via the internet makes it easier to spread misinformation. The Fun Specialists at Sexyland are here to set the record straight on a few things!

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Sexynews #51 - Sex After Hysterectomy

The effects a hysterectomy has on a woman’s sex life largely depends on what organs and nerves are affected during the procedure. It can vary from woman to woman.

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Sexynews #50 - Sex After Menopause

The word is out! Women still have sex after menopause! *gasp! For whatever reason there's a stigma about older people having sex, like it's gross and should never be talked about, let alone mentioned. The propaganda that only younger people have a fulfilling and healthy Sex Life is a fallacy.

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