Sex After Menopause - Sexynews #50

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Sexynews #50 - Sex After Menopause

The word is out! Women still have sex after menopause! *gasp! For whatever reason there's a stigma about older people having sex, like it's gross and should never be talked about, let alone mentioned. The propaganda that only younger people have a fulfilling and healthy Sex Life is a fallacy.

Not everything must change

Turning 50 doesn't automatically turn off everything that makes us human such as the need for intimacy and connection with our significant other. That said, with what comes with age, also comes the hormonal and physical changes to our bodies and sex will be different, but that doesn't mean it has to come to an end altogether. This article discusses what changes to expect and how you can have a fulfilling, safe and loving Sex Life, no matter what age you are.

Sex & masturbation is good for menopause

Aside from a bottle of wine, there aren’t many things that can get better with age, but sex is one of them. We already know that sex has a long list of health benefits, but menopausal women can reap even more benefits (yes, it’s possible) from the obvious stress relief to the not so obvious, better orgasms.

  • Stress relief: If you think that premenstrual mood swings are bad, wait until you experience menopausal mood swings. They’re brutal. The good news is that sex is a natural stress reliever and can sooth anxiety as much as a good chocolate can. 
  • Vaginal atrophy: The old saying goes ‘use it or lose it’ and this also rings true with your vagina. Without good blood flow, you have an increased chance of having a vaginal atrophy. Having a healthy sex life during perimenopause and after menopause helps maintain the blood flow keep the vaginal tissue healthy.  
  • Strengthens your pelvic floor: Many women experience incontinence in their lives with most instances occurring after childbirth and after menopause. Just in case you need anymore reasons to have sex, when you orgasm, the pelvic floor muscles contract which strengthens them. This goes a long way in helping to maintain strong Kegel muscles and avoid incontinence. In conjunction with sex and orgasms, the use of Kegal Balls can also help to not only strengthen the pelvic floor muscles to prevent incontinence, they can also help give you more intense and pleasurable orgasms. They’re a win-win! Our new Fantasy For Her Remote Kegel Excite Her not only helps to keep your pelvic floor toned but it is an effective workout that can intensify intimate arousal too.
  • Better G spot Orgasms: That’s right, you heard it here! Thanks to the thinning of the vaginal tissue during menopause, the tissues surrounding your vaginal wall thins, exposing the now not-so -elusive ‘G spot’. With stimulation, this inevitably gives you better orgasms. Choosing sex positions that predominantly stimulate the G spot or using a specially shaped Vibrator that’s designed for that kind of stimulation, is ideal for more intense orgasms that you may not have been able to achieve during penetrative sex before menopause. Our Lelo - MONA Wave and Osci 2 By Lovense are purposely designed to stimulate the G spot. Have a look at our huge range of G-spot Vibrators.

The lowdown on lubricants

After menopause, the level of estrogen and testosterone in your body decline, leading to vaginal atrophy (thinning of the vaginal tissue), irritation, swelling and dryness. Menopause is often the first time women start to feel pain or discomfort during intercourse. There are a number of Lubricants that can help. Some lubricants can cause burning and irritation, and with that area being more sensitive after menopause, we recommend a natural, Water Based Lubricant such as Swiss Navy Water Based Lubricant. We also carry an extensive range of lubricants specifically formulated Just for Her.

Low libido

One of the biggest issues that women face post menopause is a low libido, or the lack of sex drive. Low libido can result from a hormonal imbalance and can often be associated with night sweats, insomnia, mood swings and anxiety. Some women worry about the decreased sex drive but once hormones come back into balance, it often increases again. Some women also find that their sex drive goes through the stratosphere once their hormones are settled. Until then, there are measures you can take to help boost your low sex drive. The use of a Female Sexual Enhancer can help give that nudge your sex drive needs to rev up to a level that you’re satisfied with. Our Raw Essentials Tea-Menopause uses fine, natural ingredients, which are blended masterfully to create teas and tisanes that nourish and rebalance and assist with normalising hormones, reducing hot flashes and vaginal dryness.

Alternatives to sex

Sometimes sex can be painful for post-menopausal women. Sex without intercourse involves the same sensual, loving, whole body caressing the couples of all ages enjoy, but it instead focuses on alternative ways couples can still make love. Sex without intercourse means taking new paths to mutual pleasure. This can involve sensual massages, oral sex and mutual masturbation. Not only are sensual Massages and oral sex readily appreciated by aging couples, they’re more likely to bring a woman to orgasm too.

Sex toys to the rescue!

Some fun ways of having sex without intercourse includes incorporating Sex Toys for mutual Masturbation. The Finger Vibrator and the Intimate Play Rechargeable Finger Bunny are excellent choices. For some women, who find penetration too painful after menopause, the use of a Stimulator is ideal as it stimulates the clitoral region without the penetration that might be painful or unpleasant to her. Our Lelo - SONA™ 2 Cruise delivers fast, yet gentle stimulation for mind-blowing pleasure. If the main objective is to enjoy penetrative sex again, we suggest trying Dilators. These typically come in sets with graduated sizes to help restore and revive vaginal strength.

With older age comes the benefits of self confidence, knowing what you want and knowing how to get it. Women have conquered a lot in their lives by the time they reach their mid-life years, and menopause is absolutely no reason not to continue being the sensual, sexy, confident woman you have always been. With a little education, better understanding of what is happening to your body and how to deal with you, you can conquer menopause and have the fulfilling sex life you’ve always had.


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