Ethical Non-Monogamy & Sexual Health

It may be awkward, but fostering open dialogue and honest conversations about STIs is important, and besides, Sexual Health wouldn’t be Sexual Health without talking about STIs, right? After all, the key to maintaining good sexual health is to take the taboo out of talking about it and destigmatise living with STIs.

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The Penis Sleeve: Adding Girth & Length for Extra Satisfaction & Confidence!

It might sound like another magic pill or super herb like those spam emails promise, but penis sleeves and extenders do actually work to increase penis size naturally, and can also enhance sexual satisfaction with unique textures! There are plenty of different reasons someone might choose to wear a penis sleeve or use a penis extender, and there’s no shame in any of them. After all, everyone deserves to feel confident in their body and enjoy pleasure, and if a penis sleeve gives someone the confidence boost they need to experience these things, then more power to them, we say!

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Incorporating Sex Toys into Your Journey to Sexual Well-Being

Everybody deserves pleasure. Sexyland’s mission has always been to take the taboo out of sex toys, as both intimacy aides and for self-care purposes. Sexual health, well-being, and pleasure are all inherently linked together, so using sex toys can produce a multitude of benefits for stress relief and relaxation. After all, what better way to unwind than with an ultra-pleasurable release and floating in the afterglow?

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Sex Ed 101 - Debunking Popular Myths on Sexual Health - Sexynews #84

Popular Sexual Health Myths That People Still Get Wrong

Long gone are the days of our poor P.E teachers trying to get a classroom full of giggling teenagers to pay attention to the birds and the bees discussion! You might be among the many people who heed the health advice of medical-oriented blogs, lifestyle magazines, or even social media influencers. However, when it comes to sexual health, there’s a lot of ‘fake news’ circulating online, and rapid information sharing via the internet makes it easier to spread misinformation. The Fun Specialists at Sexyland are here to set the record straight on a few things!

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Sexynews #60 - Jingle His Balls

Tis the season to jingle his balls! The month of MOvember is nearly over so let’s talk about some helpful techniques that will last the whole year long. Did you know that playing with his testicles is not only pleasurable for him but also important for his health?

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 Sexynews #58 - Tease & Please His Prostate

There’s no better time than Movember to show the men in our lives some appreciation for all their efforts in finding our G-spots and other erogenous zones than to give his P-spot some love and attention and help to improve his physical and mental health. By P-spot, we mean his prostate gland.

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Sexynews #55 - Using Pleasure to Improve His Health

MOvember is the perfect time to put sex on top of the priority list & reap the benefits of a healthy sex life for men and their partners. What many couples don’t understand is that what happens inside the bedroom, affects what happens outside of the bedroom.

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Sexynews #54 - Grow a MO to Save a Bro

It’s November and you may be noticing a number of men suddenly growing a beard or moustache. It could be that they have decided to go for the hipster trend, or that now restrictions are easing, they may be wanting to sport a new look. But it’s most likely that they are sprouting new facial hair to raise awareness for MOvember.

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