Sexynews #54 - Grow a MO to Save a Bro

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Sexynews #54 - Grow a MO to Save a Bro

It’s November and you may be noticing a number of men suddenly growing a beard or moustache. It could be that they have decided to go for the hipster trend, or that now restrictions are easing, they may be wanting to sport a new look. But it’s most likely that they are sprouting new facial hair to raise awareness for MOvember.

What is MOvember?

MOvember, in case you haven’t heard by now, is the global campaign that started right here in Australia, Melbourne to be specific. This event aims to reduce the number of men dying prematurely by 25% and halving the amount of men dying from prostate and testicular cancer by 2030. Besides these two insidious cancers, the focus of the MOvember Foundation is also on men's mental health and suicide prevention. 

Why grow a MO?

Growing a beard or moustache tends to be a conversation starter, and can help get a conversation going that could potentially save lives. After such a long period of COVID lockdowns, especially in the hometown of MOvember, Melbourne, the rate of mental illness amongst men has risen and they’re also more likely to have neglected their routine checkups due to COVID restrictions. So this year more than ever, it’s extremely important that we open up a dialogue and get our men talking and helping them to look after themselves.   

How can you get involved?

  • Firstly, you can sign up and throw your support behind a team or an individual. A simple google search on MOvember will show you many ways you can get involved in your local area. You can complete challenges in your workplace, club or community.  
  • For those who are physically active or those who can move for MOvember, commit to running or walking 60km over the course of the month. Create a team or go solo, but you can move at your own pace.  
  • Host a MO-ment! Gather a crew and do something fun! Host a naughty Games Night or a Costume Party for a good cause!  
  • Grow a MO! Men are challenged to grow a MO or sprout any facial hair they can to encourage fundraising and get others talking! 
  • If the ladies want to get involved with the hair growing, you could do something fun and support your man and shape your pubic region into a landing strip or something more exotic. Unless you’re capable of growing facial hair, and that’s completely fine too. :P  Awaken the senses with the DONA Scented Shave Gel featuring a blend of aphrodisiacs & pheromones that will leave your skin silky soft to the touch and is gentle enough for intimate areas.

Tips on how to grow facial hair

It may sound as simple as stashing your razor away for a few weeks and letting the hair grow as it will. If growing facial hair is foreign to you, there may be some changes that you aren’t used to. 

  • Moisturise! I can’t begin to state this enough. Growing facial hair can cause an unbearable itch! Having a good moisturiser on hand is essential. Talk to your barber about what shape and type of facial hair would suit your face best. Some men may be happy with the Bear Grylls look, but others, especially those who work in a professional setting, may prefer to groom their facial-do.  Keep it fresh and tidy. Use a razor or trimmer to neaten the edges and tidy up those flyaways. The JO Total Body Shave is good for anyone looking to keep a neatly trimmed beard and can be used on intimate areas too.Keep it clean! Crumbs, dust and dirt easily gets trapped in facial follicles, so use a sensitive shampoo or a soap specifically designed for facial hair. The skin on your face is more sensitive to the skin on your head so it’s important to keep this in mind when cleaning your mo. Make beard oil your friend. This helps prevent split ends and keeps the flyaways in check.

What are some challenges men face?

Being born into a world that favours men being strong and capable of taking on every task thrown at him can be a daunting shoe to fill for anyone. While many things are rapidly changing, it has culturally been the expectation of men to be the main breadwinner, to not show signs of weakness and to be the rock his family leans on when times get tough. It's no wonder men are at a higher risk of suicide but that's not the only challenge men face. Like women, men also face sex linked health issues that can devastate his life. Prostate cancer and testicular cancer in particular are two leading cancers that men must be mindful of and check regularly to stay healthy. While it may not be possible to prevent these cancers, there is much he can do to lower his risk of long-term complications. Getting checked regularly and early detection are most important. Some sex toys like Prostate Stimulators have shown to be beneficial in helping to maintain a healthy prostate which in turn can reduce his risk of prostate cancer. We'll discuss more in coming newsletters.

How can you help the men in your life? 

Reaching out and communicating is often a huge hurdle for men but we have to stand together and make it easier for men to feel comfortable reaching out for help and taking care of themselves. Some men can be so caught up in work and family commitments that they often overlook the importance of looking after their own mental and physical well-being. Even though society is more open to men's emotional well-being, there’s still the stigma that men should tough it out and bloke on. 

Let him know you support him

Each of us have an important role to play in supporting the men in our lives. To do this, we must try to understand the challenges he faces and let him know that we are there to support him when he needs help, and that it really is OK to ask for help and it’s OK for us to offer it, and this includes encouraging him to get the doctors check-ups needed to make sure that he’s in optimum health. Allowing us to help him doesn't make him any less manly.  


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