A Beginner's Guide to Using Butt Plugs

It’s normal to be curious about the backdoor bliss that an anal plug can provide — after all, there are lots of butt-related sexual kinks out there, and plenty of allure around the anal orgasm — but it’s also normal to be apprehensive about it. However, it’s easy to safely explore the wonders of anal play and experience mind-blowing posterior pleasure as long as you remember the importance of hygiene and use your best judgement!

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How to introduce sex toys into the bedroom

Whether you're a curious beginner or a seasoned explorer, incorporating sex toys into the bedroom is a fun way to spice up your sex life! However, it’s normal to be nervous or feel a little uncomfortable about bringing up the idea of using sex toys with your partner, If you’re wondering how to start the conversation, just remember: communication is key.

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A Hole New World — How To Take The Next Step In Anal Play To Pegging

Butt stuff. Whether it comes in the form of fingering, using anal toys like butt plugs, or using your tongue to ‘rim’ the anus, it’s an area of sex that has a tantalising air of taboo around it. This is particularly the case when hetero and hetero-passing couples decide to try spicing up anal sex for the first time by swapping the penetration dynamic between partners!

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Your Guide To All Things Anal


If you consider it your duty to pleasure the booty, this week’s article is for you! Anal sex has become less taboo in recent times thanks to a combination of its rising prevalence in pop culture, increasingly sex-positive attitudes in society, and the evolution of pornographic tastes. If you’re curious about having some *ahem* cheeky fun in the bedroom, here’s what you need to know before moving playtime to the derriere area!

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The Lowdown on Anal Sex - Sexynews #83

Anal sex has become less of a controversial topic in recent times thanks to a combination of the rising prevalence of LGBTQIA+ communities, increasingly sex-positive attitudes in society, and the evolution of pornographic tastes.

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 Sexynews #58 - Tease & Please His Prostate

There’s no better time than Movember to show the men in our lives some appreciation for all their efforts in finding our G-spots and other erogenous zones than to give his P-spot some love and attention and help to improve his physical and mental health. By P-spot, we mean his prostate gland.

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