The Lowdown on Anal Sex - Sexynews #83

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The Lowdown on Anal Sex - Sexynews #83

Anal sex has become less of a controversial topic in recent times thanks to a combination of the rising prevalence of LGBTQIA+ communities, increasingly sex-positive attitudes in society, and the evolution of pornographic tastes.

The Lowdown on Anal Sex

There’s something oh-so-arousing about the thought of exploring a new erotic territory, but if you’re a backdoor beginner with reservations, you’re not alone. Curious about giving it a go? Here’s the lowdown on getting down and dirty in the derriere area!

What makes anal sex so appealing for the receiving partner?

It’s pretty obvious why the giver is going to have a good time, but what about the other person? Well, the anus consists of two tight rings of muscles (also referred to as the outer and inner anal sphincter) that are chockablock full of sensitive nerve endings, meaning there’s a lot of potential for orgasmic sensations like no other if stimulated just right. Keep in mind that there’s also the potential to experience pain, so anal sex is something you should ease into slowly while being generous with a good quality Anal Lubricant. On the mental side of things, many people still consider anal sex taboo, and nothing intensifies sexual pleasure quite like enjoying forbidden fruit! The naughty nature of it all adds an element of eroticism to the experience, and just the thought of doing something out of the ordinary can be a thrilling turn on. Couple that with the intense physical sensations experienced during anal and you’ve got a recipe for unreal raunchy fun!

How does anal sex feel compared to vaginal sex?

It really depends on who you ask since there are varying degrees of enthusiasm from different women. Those who enjoy it will often tell you they experience a much more intense orgasm than through vaginal penetration alone but this isn’t always the case. Most women will tell you that anal sex feels completely different from vaginal sex. Unlike vaginal sex, the initial phase of penetration isn’t where the most intense pleasure is usually experienced, and can actually be a little uncomfortable at first. Your body’s natural reflex is to push things out of the anus, so it might feel a bit like ‘pooping in reverse’ when you first start. But once your body is relaxed and has adjusted to the penetration, that’s where the feel-good sensations begin.

Why do some women prefer anal sex to vaginal sex?

Every woman is different and some women really do prefer anal penetration to vaginal, with reasons varying from one person to the next, as with anything. Many women describe the intense feeling of fullness as being a huge, driving factor behind their preference for backdoor play. Anal penetration can also indirectly stimulate a woman’s ‘G-spot’ through the wall that separates her rectum and vaginal organs. These factors, combined with the simultaneous stimulation of the sensitive nerve endings in the anus, are enough to bring many women to earth-shattering climaxes that blow all other orgasms out of the water!

Why do men like anal sex?

The answer to this question depends on whether he’s topping (giving) or bottoming (receiving), and it definitely varies from man to man. Men who enjoy giving anal sex usually do because it feels tighter than vaginal sex, and a tighter grip on his penis is an automatic trigger for a more intense climax. What man doesn’t want that?

On the other hand, men who like receiving anal sex usually enjoy the direct stimulation of the prostate. Anal penetration allows him to experience an incredible level of stimulation internally that can’t be achieved through external stimulation alone. We carry a multitude of Prostate Stimulators designed to deliver pleasure directly to his deepest pleasure spots - some will even give him the best of both worlds and stimulate him internally and externally!

What are the pros of anal sex?

  • No risk of pregnancy: As long as no sperm enters the vaginal cavity, neither partner will ever have to worry about an unwanted pregnancy.  
  • It feels incredible: For those who enjoy the sensations, it’s intensely pleasurable, and there’s really no other sensation like it. If you just want to dip your toe in before diving deep, test out the sensation with a Butt Plug before you try it with a partner. 
  • Can be a substitute for vaginal sex: For anyone abstaining from vaginal intercourse, anal sex can be an excellent alternative. For example, some women prefer anal sex during their periods.
  •  Increases the chance and intensity of orgasms: According to a study published in the 2010 Journal of Sexual Medicine, 94% of the women surveyed (who participated in anal sex) reported that anal brings them to orgasm. Most men and women will tell you how anal helps them experience a huge increase in their orgasm intensity too!
  •  Allows for double penetration: With the help of a some hot Anal Toys (or even another lucky lover), women can enjoy the benefits of double penetration and the satisfying feeling of fullness from both orifices. If you’re feeling especially adventurous, the giving partner can even take the anal entrance while she goes to town on herself with a Rabbit Vibrator for triple the pleasure!

What are the risks involved with anal sex?

As with any sexual activity, there are risks to consider before engaging in anal sex. It’s important to take the right precautions so that this experience is safe and enjoyable for both parties.

  • Infections: The anal canal is naturally full of bacteria, so it’s essential to practice proper hygiene to avoid infections like UTIs. We recommend using an Anal Douche to help cleanse the anus internally to help eliminate any nasties before anal play. Condoms can also reduce these risks. Always avoid vaginal penetration after anal sex until properly cleaned to prevent introducing bacteria into the vagina. 
  • Injury: Unlike the vagina, the anus isn’t naturally lubricated, which is why anal sex increases your risk of anal fissures (tears in the tissue of your anus). Not only can this be painful, the broken tissue allows bacteria and viruses to enter the bloodstream more easily, increasing the risk of STD transmission (especially if the giving partner isn’t wearing a condom). The key to preventing tears and discomfort is using a lubricant designed specifically for anal sex and not to be stingy with it - better to have too much than not enough! Our top pick for making your next intimate anal experience as comfortable as it is pleasurable is the pjur Back Door - Relaxing Silicone Anal Glide
  • Weakened sphincter: Repetitive anal sex can weaken the anal sphincter, resulting in poor bowel function and control. If you’re an avid fan of anal, kegel exercises can help you keep those anal muscles strong and healthy, not to mention tantalisingly tight for your lucky lover. Why not make your exercises more exciting by introducing some Kegel Toys?

How to have great anal sex

Now that you understand why anal sex is so amazing and what things to consider beforehand, you might be prepared to take the next step and give your partner the good news! Here are some tips to get you started:

  1. Talk about it: If you’re a couple that enjoys spontaneity, it might be more exciting to spring it on him or her in the heat of the moment, but it doesn’t hurt to have a discussion about it ahead of time. For some couples, this is probably the best course of action as it helps to prepare each other for what to expect and what your boundaries are. 
  2. Prepare your erotic equipment: Make sure you have the necessary lubricant, douche, condoms, sex toys, and anything else necessary on hand before you take the plunge into posterior play. 
  3. Treat that tush: Take the time to massage the backside and relax any tense muscles before getting down to business. A sensual massage using some scented Massage Oils is an excellent way to set the mood and prepare his or her anus for further exploration. A bit of foreplay with your hands and mouth can go a long way too! 
  4. Lube up: Apply heaps of lubricant to the anus and whatever is being inserted anally, whether it be fingers, a penis, or a sex toy (making sure that your toys and lubricant are compatible). It’s best to use lubricant that has been specifically formulated for anal play - in this case, there is no such thing as ‘too much lube’! 
  5. Go slow: Have him or her (if using a strap-on) ease into the anus slowly. Don’t rush into it and make sure to give the receiving partner plenty of time to relax and adjust to it. It also helps to try working your way up with a Butt Plug Training Kit or Anal Beads first to help loosen up the anus and get used to the feeling of anal penetration.  
  6. Begin thrusting gently: Once you’re past the sphincter and the receiving partner is comfortable, you can start slow and shallow thrusts. Only increase intensity if the receiving partner is ready.

Don’t knock it ‘til you’ve tried it!

Anal sex isn’t for everyone, but you’ll never know if you like it if you don’t try it. It doesn’t have to be as hardcore as what you see in porn for it to be an exciting and very intimate way to share your bodies with each other. Anal sex can also open the door for new sexual adventures, and can be enjoyed by both men and women, no matter your sexual orientation. All that matters is that two consenting adults are communicating with each other and having fun!


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