Tips & Tricks to Polyamory + Threesome Dynamics

Hey y’all, Nora Jo here again to level with you about polyamorous relationships and threesomes. There’s a lot of common misconceptions about both, but it’s okay if you’ve ever been or still are under the impression that they’re not misconceptions — everybody has to start somewhere, and learning on your journey is all part of the ethical non-monogamy process! 💕

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Dr Lurve Blog - A Relationship Expert tells you how to incorporate toys into the bedroom

Communication and intimacy (both physical and emotional) are the cornerstones of a healthy, thriving relationship. While there are various ways to enhance these aspects of your partnership, one often overlooked avenue is incorporating toys into the bedroom. As a relationship expert, Dr Lurve believes that open and honest conversations about sexual preferences and desires are essential, and adult toys can help you explore them together in a fun, pressure-free environment.

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When you think of sex toys, a dildo might just be the first thing that comes to mind, and that’s no surprise with the sheer versatility of dildos! From beautiful crystal dildos that look as good as they feel to double-ended dildos that penetrate both partners at once, Sexyland has dildos to suit everyone at our adult shops!

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The Penis Sleeve: Adding Girth & Length for Extra Satisfaction & Confidence!

It might sound like another magic pill or super herb like those spam emails promise, but penis sleeves and extenders do actually work to increase penis size naturally, and can also enhance sexual satisfaction with unique textures! There are plenty of different reasons someone might choose to wear a penis sleeve or use a penis extender, and there’s no shame in any of them. After all, everyone deserves to feel confident in their body and enjoy pleasure, and if a penis sleeve gives someone the confidence boost they need to experience these things, then more power to them, we say!

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Navigating Relationships as a Pansexual Person: Challenges & Opportunities

Hi all, Nora Jo here again with a more personal article to kick off Pride Month! Like many queer folk, I figured out that maybe I wasn’t totally straight when I was in my mid-to-late teens. At first, I thought bisexuality summed me up pretty well. I liked boys, and I liked girls. That meant I was bi. Done and dusted, right?

As I would find out later in my life, not so much 🤷

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A Hole New World — How To Take The Next Step In Anal Play To Pegging

Butt stuff. Whether it comes in the form of fingering, using anal toys like butt plugs, or using your tongue to ‘rim’ the anus, it’s an area of sex that has a tantalising air of taboo around it. This is particularly the case when hetero and hetero-passing couples decide to try spicing up anal sex for the first time by swapping the penetration dynamic between partners!

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Toys For Everyone & Every Body


Traditionally, adult toys have been marketed with clear gender distinctions under a pretty binary view of who can use what toys, with little consideration of trans and non-gender-conforming folks. However, the adult industry has come a long way in terms of cultural awareness and acceptance of gender-neutrality. Many of the toys being made these days are now designed for multi-purpose use for bodies of all shapes, sizes, and identities. After all, everyone deserves to be able to live their best sex life, and sex toys don’t discriminate — they’re made for anyone who wants them, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity! 

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5 Benefits of Masturbation


They say April showers bring May flowers, but with Masturbation May fast approaching, we have a feeling that flowers aren’t the only things that will be coming… 😉

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