Explore the World of Dildos: Types, Materials & Uses

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When you think of sex toys, a dildo might just be the first thing that comes to mind, and that’s no surprise with the sheer versatility of dildos! From beautiful crystal dildos that look as good as they feel to double-ended dildos that penetrate both partners at once, Sexyland has dildos to suit everyone at our adult shops!

Introduction to dildos: what is a dildo?

In the broadest sense, a dildo is an insertable object that goes inside an orifice of your body, which can be your mouth, vagina, and/or anus. Dildos come in a huge variety of shapes, sizes, and materials, giving you plenty of options when it comes to deciding how realistic or unrealistic you want your dildo to look and feel. They’re one of the best sex toys for female, male, and non-gender-conforming folks, and are also one of the most versatile sex toys for couples of all sexual orientation pairings.

How do I choose the right material for a dildo?

Just like all sex toys, Sexyland recommends dildos that are made from body-safe materials, like silicone, which is our top dildo material pick as it offers the best flexibility and flesh-like feeling without compromising on shape or hygiene. If you prefer a firmer feeling, Sexyland also carries crystal dildos made from break-resistant glass and dildos made from metal, which are completely non-porous and can be fully sanitised in boiling water or in the top rack of the dishwasher (as long as your dildo isn’t motorised).

If you prefer a softer, more flesh-like texture spectrum, you can choose from softer dildos made of PVC, jelly, and thermoplastic elastomer/rubber (TPE/TPR), though it’s important to remember that these materials are porous and can harbour bacteria over time. As such, we recommend using any sex toys made of these materials with a condom.

Can the shape and texture of a dildo impact the experience?

Absolutely! The shape determines how the dildo can be used — for example, a straight double-ended dildo is can be used with a partner or folded in half for double penetration, while a strapless strap-on, which is essentially an L-shaped double-ended dildo is specifically designed for partnered use. Dildos with suction cups are also compatible with strap-on harnesses so they can be used during partnered play.

The shape of your dildo also affects whether or not it’s suitable for anal use — dildos without a flared base like a suction cup, sculpted testicles, or some other kind of wide stopper can slip too deep inside the anus and be hard to retrieve and believe us, that’s not what you want. If you’re planning to use your dildo back there, make sure it has a plug-like stopper to save yourself the stress and embarrassment of an awkward trip to the hospital!

Meanwhile, the texture of a dildo offers different sensations against the user’s inner walls. Realistic dildos resemble real penises and have phallic heads with veiny shafts for that lifelike feeling. Realistic dildos can be moulded directly from real people like pornstars, or even yourself or a partner with a DIY dildo moulding kit like the Clone-A-Willy® Penis Moulding Kit! Alternatively, you can go the fantasy route and enjoy some unique, unusual textures like bumps, ribs, and ridges that you wouldn’t be able to experience with a partner. 

Creative Ways to Use Dildos for Stimulation

If you’re looking to spice things up beyond what a basic inanimate dildo can do, have a think about what extra sensations you might like to experience. There are vibrating, rotating, thrusting, and squirting options to deliver extra stimulation, and you can enjoy it all hands-free if your dildo comes with a remote control! If you’re thrusting the dildo manually, you can also experiment with depth, angles, and speed when you feel ready — a suction cup will also let you do this hands-free if you mount the cup to a firm, flat surface.

One of Sexyland’s favourite dildos that does it all is the multifunctional Escapade Commander, which vibrates in 10 modes and has 3 speeds of rotation and thrusting that you or a partner can control with the wireless remote so you can get the best of all worlds! The silicone material is a texture with skin-like folds and a phallic head to stimulate your G-spot or P-spot, and it’s also waterproof for easy cleaning after playtime! 

For a seriously realistic dildo experience, Sexyland’s customers can’t get enough of the Emperor Ultra Realistic 6" Dildo With Bouncing Balls, which is perfectly sculpted from lifelike PureSkin material and has swinging testicles that bounce against your body, just like the real deal!

Sexyland’s range of dildos and dongs is sure to hit the spot for all your penetrative pleasure needs, so shop our adult toys in-store or online! Our friendly Fun Specialists are always happy to help, either in-person or over our online chat.


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