Ethical Non-Monogamy & Sexual Health

It may be awkward, but fostering open dialogue and honest conversations about STIs is important, and besides, Sexual Health wouldn’t be Sexual Health without talking about STIs, right? After all, the key to maintaining good sexual health is to take the taboo out of talking about it and destigmatise living with STIs.

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Exploring Sexyland’s New Toys

You asked, we listened, and now the countdown is over! 🥳

At long last, Sexyland has ventured into the manufacturing side of things and we’re incredibly excited to announce our own range of adult toys! We’ve been dying to try our hand at it and give everyone in Australia access to sex toys from a trusted pleasure brand that’s been in the game for over 20 years, and we’re so proud of how the launch of the line is going. This first batch of beauties has been a long time coming and are inspired by our existing bestsellers, with a sprinkle of thrilling ingenuity on top to give our toys some unique features we think you’ll love…

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Sexyland Mother’s Day Buyers Guide: Sexyland Wants Mothers To Feel Sexy

With Mother’s Day fast approaching, so is the perennial pressure of choosing the perfect Mother’s Day gift for her.

Whilst we hope that your love for your maternal figures extends beyond one day of the year, Mother’s Day is another reason to show your partner or your pal that you love them by showering them adoration (plus a gift in hand). 

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Sexynews #50 - Sex After Menopause

The word is out! Women still have sex after menopause! *gasp! For whatever reason there's a stigma about older people having sex, like it's gross and should never be talked about, let alone mentioned. The propaganda that only younger people have a fulfilling and healthy Sex Life is a fallacy.

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 Sexynews #49 - Sex After Childbirth

Making the baby is the fun part. Once your bundle of joy arrives, everything changes. Life as we knew it has changed completely due to COVID-19 but adding a baby to the mix will definitely add some new complexities to your life.

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People have been locked-in, life has slowed down. There has been time to plan and think about having a baby. If you've become a part of the lockdown baby boom, there are some things you may want to consider about your sex life during pregnancy.

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As women, we experience a multitude of mental & physical issues that come with care-giving, providing for and raising children, keeping the house in order, hormone & mood imbalances (thanks to our menstrual cycle) and some of us work from home too! The corona-virus lockdown measures have amplified women's’ workloads, thus increasing mental health concerns. Read more...

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Sexynews #36  Keeping Fit with Sexercise

No Personal Trainer Required: It’s hard to imagine a more enjoyable way to burn calories than having sex. Most people would happily trade in that run on the treadmill for a romp between the sheets. Being restricted to activities in lockdown is no excuse for not keeping up the cardio! Every movement you make is burning calories, and the more vigorous you move, the higher your heart rate goes and the more calories you burn! 

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