Exploring Sexyland’s New Toys

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Exploring Sexyland’s New Toys

You asked, we listened, and now the countdown is over! 🥳

At long last, Sexyland has ventured into the manufacturing side of things and we’re incredibly excited to announce our own range of adult toys! We’ve been dying to try our hand at it and give everyone in Australia access to sex toys from a trusted pleasure brand that’s been in the game for over 20 years, and we’re so proud of how the launch of the line is going. This first batch of beauties has been a long time coming and are inspired by our existing bestsellers, with a sprinkle of thrilling ingenuity on top to give our toys some unique features we think you’ll love…

Sexyland’s take on the rose suction vibrator

Meet the Rose Ravish, a 2-in-1 clitoral suction toy that takes TikTok’s viral Rose Vibrator to the next level! Just like other clitoral stimulators, you use this sex toy by placing the hollow chamber around your clitoris. This small hole is where the magic happens — pulsing suction surrounds your clitoris (or you can use it over your nipple if you like nipple stimulation), providing contactless stimulation via fluctuating waves of air pressure rather than making direct contact with the sensitive clitoral tissue. The suction, fluttering, and vibration sensations feel like you’re receiving some seriously incredible oral action, and you can cycle through 6 suction modes with just one push of the control button.

Craving more intense, direct stimulation? Flip the Rose Ravish clitoral stimulator over and use the flickering tongue to treat yourself to 6 of the most luscious licking settings of your life! Don’t forget to add some water-based lubricant to keep the fun flowing smoothly and those orgasms blooming all night long…🌹

A clitoral-sucking G-spot vibrator to help you get closer to yourself

If you’re well-versed in contactless clitoral suction and now you’re curious about internal stimulation, the beginner-friendly Embrace G-spot vibrator from Sexyland is the perfect toy for you! It has a petite insertable shaft that’s comfortable to insert and puts 10 vibration modes right where your G-spot needs it for truly targeted stimulation.

Not sure where the G-spot is? The easiest way to find your G-spot is to lie on your back and insert a curved finger that you can stroke back and forth over your upper wall. The G-spot is usually about a third of the way up that wall, but it may be higher or lower depending on your body. It’s quite common for the G-spot to feel rougher than the surrounding tissue and is sometimes described as having a similar texture to an orange peel, so it may end up being quite easy for you to find!

Once you’ve got the Embrace G-spot vibrator in place, the ribbed texture on the G-spot head offers a light massage to your inner walls, while the flexible neck lets you bend the vibrator so the hollow chamber can surround your clitoris. From here, you can use the intuitive 3-button control panel to cycle through the 10 G-spot vibration modes plus 7 clitoral suction settings separately from each other or together for your ultimate satisfaction!

The Sexyland rabbit vibrator that does more than double-duty

For seasoned G-spot stimulation lovers, this sleek, flexible rabbit vibe is bound to be your new obsession. Sexyland’s Rumble Double Thumping G-Spot Rabbit Vibrator features a unique double-sided design with an oscillating pad on either side of the insertable shaft, which thumps deliciously back and forth against your walls to target your G-spot! The shaft itself has a sensual ribbed texture all over for divine stimulation as it enters your body, perfect for thrusting in and out of yourself. The tongue-shaped clitoral stimulator dances over your most sensitive sweet spot while underneath that, the intuitive 3-button control panel lets you decide how you’d like to be pleased — toggle the 7 thumping modes on their own, or combine them with the 7 vibration modes! The whisper-quiet vibrations reverberate through the G-spot head and clitoral teaser for an unforgettable dual-stimulation experience that’ll bring the thunder under your sheets!

The pocket-sized pleasure powerhouse clitoral suction toy

Can’t bear to be without a clitoral suction toy no matter where you are? You’re sure to get excited about Sexyland’s Excite Discreet Clitoral Suction Stimulator! This compact clitoris sucker has 10 levels of high-speed suction for whisper-quiet, contactless sensations you can enjoy anywhere, anytime. The ergonomically curved shape fits neatly into your hand during use and is super-compact to fit in any bag, pocket, or purse. The Excite Clitoral Stimulator is a great sex toy for beginners and experts alike and is also the perfect travel companion, whether you’re just out for the day or trotting the globe! 

A G-spot & clitoral stimulator to indulge yourself, inside & out

For the best of both worlds, you can’t go past the Pamper G-Spot Thumping & Clitoral Suction Stimulator — this dual-stimulation toy has been flying off the shelves in Sexyland’s adult shops. Once you get one in your hands, it’ll be no surprise why!

This whisper-quiet dual vibrator has a ribbed texture on its insertable head that gives your inner walls a delightful massage as it nestles into place against your G-spot. The oscillating pad at the end of the shaft thumps against the G-spot in 10 tantalising modes while the hollow suction chamber surrounds your clitoris with 10 separate suction settings! The flexible neck lets you bend this toy to suit your body, and there’s a 3-button operation panel to let you control over 100 combinations of internal thumping and external suction to find your perfect pleasure…

All of the Sexyland toys are made from plush, body-safe silicone for that dreamy glide against your intimate assets (especially with a water-based lubricant) and are rechargeable, so you never have to worry about running out of juice in the heat of the moment. These exciting new sex toys are available to buy at every one of Sexyland’s adult stores, or you can shop online and have them on your doorstep in a matter of hours thanks to our lightning-fast 2hr Delivery service!


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