Beauty Meets Pleasure: The Most Aesthetic Sex Toys of 2024

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If you’re used to the sex toys of old with clunky battery packs, plastic-y buttons, and just plain ugly designs, get ready for a new wave of pleasure aesthetics that you won’t want to hide in your bedside drawers! New sex toy design trends are leaving behind those awkward, unappealing aesthetics and moving towards beautiful sex toys that look as good as they’ll make you feel, because if you’re going to treat yourself to some self-love, you might as well ~treat~ yourself. Some of the more innovative sex toys could even be considered works of art with their high-end designs (but not necessarily high-end price tags)...

What makes a sex toy 'aesthetic'?

As of late, the sexual wellness industry has been upping its aesthetic game to elevate intimacy for singles and couples everywhere — after all, you may not find a good-looking toy to be a turn on, but a toy that looks unappealing can easily kill the vibe. When it comes to personal pleasure, sex toys are not just functional tools, but rather, extensions of our desires and expressions of our individuality. Just like how we choose clothes that make us feel confident and attractive, the visual appeal of sex toys can help people express themselves in a way that feels empowering. What makes a sex toy ‘aesthetic’ differs from person to person based on their tastes, but in general, sophisticated colour palettes, sleek designs, and luxurious materials with modern textures in good-quality materials can all help sex toys look more aesthetically pleasing, which creates a more pleasurable and satisfying experience overall.

Material Matters: The Evolution of Sex Toy Aesthetics

A huge aspect of sex toy design is what material it’s made of as this not only affects the look of the toy, but also the feel, texture, and body-safety. Lower-quality, cheaper materials like TPE/TPR (thermoplastic elastomer/rubber) and PVC jelly do feel plush and soft, but over time, these materials can break down or harbour harmful germs in the pores of the material, especially if they don’t get cleaned regularly. Silicone sex toys are becoming increasingly more popular due to their hygienic, non-porous qualities and lusciously smooth finish, though manufacturers can also mould this material into various textures for extra stimulation as it rubs against your intimate areas, or even for extra grip if the texture is on the handle. Silicone can also be dual-layered to produce a super-realistic erection-like effect with a soft, fleshy outer around a firm core, which is great for creating anatomically correct dildos and other lifelike toys.

If you’re after something firmer, glass and metal sex toys offer a luxury finish that’s completely non-porous so it’s easy to fully sterilise for a super-hygienic clean, and the materials are also excellent conductors of heat and cold so you can experiment with temperature play! One of Sexyland’s favourite glass sex toys of 2024 is this Hand-Blown Double-Ended Glass Dildo by Secret Kisses, which is adorned on either end with a tapered bulb that’s perfect for G-spot stimulation. The smooth black glass is decorated with gold floral markings and is compatible with all types of lubricant for a dreamy glide against your intimate pleasure zones…

2024's Standout Aesthetic Sex Toys

What are the latest design trends in sex toys for 2024?

Trendy sex toys of 2024 continue to follow the footsteps of TikTok’s viral Rose Vibrator with floral-themed designs, and it’s started to extend beyond clitoral suction toys to other toy types, like the Silicone Rose Anal Plug from CalExotics’s® Forbidden™ collection (available in small and large).

Sexyland’s Fun Specialists are also seeing a rise in sex toys that look discreet, either because they’re designed to look like other things or because they come with subtle cases that keep them protected from dust and prying eyes. We-Vibe’s® newest sex toys include a travel version of the ever-popular Sync couples vibrator, the Sync Go, which comes with a discreet black travel case, and Womanizer™ has recently released the updated Liberty 2 Travel-Ready Clitoral Stimulator with the signature magnetic hygiene cover in all-new colours. CalExotics is also getting in on the action with their new Ovation™ range, which comes with sleek silver caps to disguise the toys. There are also plenty of toys being made in fun, modern shapes that don’t resemble adult toys at all, like the Pixies Exciter Mini Vibrator, which is shaped like a cute little mushroom, Sugar Pop’s Jewel Hidden Clitoral Stimulator for lovers of all things glamorous, and the seashell-shaped Revel Starlet Clitoral Air Pulse Stimulator for fans of sex toys that keep your pleasure confiden-shell… 😉

Colour Trends & Textures: What's New in 2024

At Sexyland, we’ve also noticed the steady rise of iridescent materials, from the new Royals vibrator range with its gorgeous shimmery metallic silicone finish to luxury metal sex toys like the Doxy Wand collection and the Rear Assets Gem Butt Plugs. Other designer sex toys from brands like Le Wand and Leto are taking a leaf out of the cult-favourite Satisfyer Pro 2’s book with matte rose gold finishes on some of their toys.

Ready to add a touch of sex toy art to your bedroom fun? Shop our range of beautiful sex toys in-person at Sexyland’s adult stores, or shop Sexyland online and get 2-hour delivery on some of our bestselling adult pleasure goodies!


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