Exploring Sexyland’s New Toys

You asked, we listened, and now the countdown is over! 🥳

At long last, Sexyland has ventured into the manufacturing side of things and we’re incredibly excited to announce our own range of adult toys! We’ve been dying to try our hand at it and give everyone in Australia access to sex toys from a trusted pleasure brand that’s been in the game for over 20 years, and we’re so proud of how the launch of the line is going. This first batch of beauties has been a long time coming and are inspired by our existing bestsellers, with a sprinkle of thrilling ingenuity on top to give our toys some unique features we think you’ll love…

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Romance is in the air! - Sexynews #80

There's even more reason to appreciate this Valentine's Day with Sexyland turning 21 this Sunday! What better way to appreciate the most romantic day of the year than to celebrate with Sexyland, Australia’s leading expert in couples' fun?

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Toy Gifts for Beginners - Sexynews #79

Whether you’re a solo explorer or a curious couple, choosing your first sex toy should be a fun and exciting experience! The massive range of orgasmic gadgets on the market can be a wonderland of choice for some people, but it can be confusing or intimidating for others. With Valentine’s Day approaching, we wanted to show our first-time buyers the ropes with our beginner’s guide to all things sex toys!

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Non-penetrative Sex - Sexynews #78

When it comes to arousal and intimacy, we tend to focus on penetration as the objective, but we rarely consider the value of non-penetrative sex (a.k.a. outercourse). Sex without penetration can be an incredibly sensual experience that every couple should try at least once!

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The Fleshlight Experience - Sexynews #77

Tired of boring self-administered handjobs? How about a raunchy romp with a male masturbator, skilfully crafted to emulate the precise feeling of having real sex! The Fleshlight is the #1 selling masturbator in the world!

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Throughout your life, you’re probably going to have all kinds of sex. There will most likely be novel worthy ‘love making passion’, a few regrettable decisions, experiments that didn't turn out as planned, quickies on the sly or those moments when pleasure and pain are intertwined into some BDSM fetish fun. 

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With Easter upon us, a time where families and friends usually come together and celebrate, social distancing can make things extremely difficult. However staying confined to the four walls of your home doesn't mean that you can't have fun. Who needs to hoard all the toilet paper when you can hoard sex toys!

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What are Clitoral Stimulators?

Clitoral Stimulators come in a variety of shapes, sizes and styles with a multitude of speeds and functionalities, designed specifically to stimulate the clitoris, one of a woman's most erogenous zones.

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