Ethical Non-Monogamy & Sexual Health

It may be awkward, but fostering open dialogue and honest conversations about STIs is important, and besides, Sexual Health wouldn’t be Sexual Health without talking about STIs, right? After all, the key to maintaining good sexual health is to take the taboo out of talking about it and destigmatise living with STIs.

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The Penis Sleeve: Adding Girth & Length for Extra Satisfaction & Confidence!

It might sound like another magic pill or super herb like those spam emails promise, but penis sleeves and extenders do actually work to increase penis size naturally, and can also enhance sexual satisfaction with unique textures! There are plenty of different reasons someone might choose to wear a penis sleeve or use a penis extender, and there’s no shame in any of them. After all, everyone deserves to feel confident in their body and enjoy pleasure, and if a penis sleeve gives someone the confidence boost they need to experience these things, then more power to them, we say!

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Incorporating Sex Toys into Your Journey to Sexual Well-Being

Everybody deserves pleasure. Sexyland’s mission has always been to take the taboo out of sex toys, as both intimacy aides and for self-care purposes. Sexual health, well-being, and pleasure are all inherently linked together, so using sex toys can produce a multitude of benefits for stress relief and relaxation. After all, what better way to unwind than with an ultra-pleasurable release and floating in the afterglow?

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Sexynews #55 - Using Pleasure to Improve His Health

MOvember is the perfect time to put sex on top of the priority list & reap the benefits of a healthy sex life for men and their partners. What many couples don’t understand is that what happens inside the bedroom, affects what happens outside of the bedroom.

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Sexynews #51 - Sex After Hysterectomy

The effects a hysterectomy has on a woman’s sex life largely depends on what organs and nerves are affected during the procedure. It can vary from woman to woman.

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Men's sexual health and wellbeing is often overlooked and not talked about. Because it’s seen as such a taboo issue or a reason to feel shame, many men suffer a range of sexual health disorders in silence. This has a negative impact on not only his overall health and wellbeing, but on his mental health and often, his intimate relationships.

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Sexynews #40 | Sexual Health Week - Let's Talk Ladies!

In today’s society, we tend to see sex as something that is more important to men than it is to women but this is simply not the case. What is true is that women often feel more shame in talking about it. This is typically due to historical trends that have shaped how society views sex.

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Sexynews #36  Keeping Fit with Sexercise

No Personal Trainer Required: It’s hard to imagine a more enjoyable way to burn calories than having sex. Most people would happily trade in that run on the treadmill for a romp between the sheets. Being restricted to activities in lockdown is no excuse for not keeping up the cardio! Every movement you make is burning calories, and the more vigorous you move, the higher your heart rate goes and the more calories you burn! 

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