The Penis Sleeve: Adding Girth & Length for Extra Satisfaction & Confidence!

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The Penis Sleeve: Adding Girth & Length for Extra Satisfaction & Confidence!

It might sound like another magic pill or super herb like those spam emails promise, but penis sleeves and extenders do actually work to increase penis size naturally, and can also enhance sexual satisfaction with unique textures! There are plenty of different reasons someone might choose to wear a penis sleeve or use a penis extender, and there’s no shame in any of them. After all, everyone deserves to feel confident in their body and enjoy pleasure, and if a penis sleeve gives someone the confidence boost they need to experience these things, then more power to them, we say!

What are penis sleeves?

Penis sleeves go by many names, including cock sleeves, penis extensions, penis enhancers, penis sheaths, and external penile prosthetics. Whatever you like to call them, they’re a sex toy device that slips over the wearer’s penis to increase their length and/or girth and act as an extension of the penis. They come in realistic and textured designs to offer a different variety of sensations to a partner during sex. Many of them roll on like condoms or simply slip over the top, and some have straps built-in for a secure fit around the testicles to ensure the sleeve doesn’t budge during play.

What are penis sleeves used for?

Penis sleeves are great for satisfying a partner, boosting one’s own self-esteem, increasing flaccid and erect length and girth, and addressing concerns about premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction.


Increasing penis length and girth without surgery

One of the main reasons couples choose to introduce a penis extender sleeve into their sex lives is to add length and width of the wearer’s penis without surgical penis enlargement or medication. This is great for not only pleasing a partner if they enjoy more filling penetration, but also alleviating low self-esteem if the wearer is self-conscious about not being able to satisfy their partner. Wearing an extension sleeve can give the user the confidence they need to perform their best in the bedroom, meaning everybody enjoys themselves more!


Changing the texture for enhanced sensations

There are heaps of different designs of cock sleeves on the market to pick from — some are lifelike replicas of larger penises while others can be lined with ticklers, nodes, ribs, or even exaggerated veins for enhanced sexual satisfaction! These thrilling new sensations aren’t just for the receiver either, as some sleeves have internal textures to give the wearer extra pleasure during use.


Delaying ejaculation and increasing stamina

A penis sleeve essentially acts as a barrier between the wearer’s penis and their partner’s vaginal or anal walls, decreasing overall stimulation for the wearer and helping them last longer during sex. This can be particularly useful for couples affected by premature ejaculation, as the lower sensitivity can help prolong the time it takes for the wearer to orgasm.


If you don’t want to miss out on the closer physical sensations of sex, there are also open-tip sleeve styles that leave the head of the penis exposed so the wearer can still feel and experience their partner during play.


Helping maintain an erection or overcome erectile dysfunction (ED)

Some penis sleeves are designed to be worn while at half-mast or while fully erect and help the wearer stay harder for longer (like a cock ring), while others are designed to help someone with a flaccid penis still enjoy penetrative sex (like a hollow dildo). Depending on the design, some penis sleeves are thick or firm enough for the wearer to keep the fun going even after they’ve climaxed, which is also handy for folks living with premature ejaculation.

How to use a penis extender sleeve

When it comes to putting on a penis sleeve, there are two methods you can use depending on whether you have an erection or not.

How to put on a penis sleeve when flaccid

This method involves rolling the sleeve up like a new condom, placing the head of your penis at the top end of the sleeve, then rolling the sleeve back down your penis.

How to put on a penis sleeve when erect

This method requires you to slide the sleeve over your erection simply. We recommend using some water-based lubricant all over the tip and the upper half of the shaft, plus the sleeve’s entrance, before simply pushing the sleeve over yourself.

Once the sleeve is on, apply some more lubricant to the outside of the sleeve, then insert the sleeve into your partner. Don’t forget to use the ball strap if your sleeve has one so that it stays in place while you get down to business!

Need help picking out the perfect penis sleeve for you? Visit one of Sexyland’s adult shops and get tailored advice from our Fun Specialists, or chat with us online when shopping for penis sleeves online!


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