Toys For Everyone & Every Body

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Toys For Everyone & Every Body


Traditionally, adult toys have been marketed with clear gender distinctions under a pretty binary view of who can use what toys, with little consideration of trans and non-gender-conforming folks. However, the adult industry has come a long way in terms of cultural awareness and acceptance of gender-neutrality. Many of the toys being made these days are now designed for multi-purpose use for bodies of all shapes, sizes, and identities. After all, everyone deserves to be able to live their best sex life, and sex toys don’t discriminate — they’re made for anyone who wants them, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity! 

What are gender-neutral sex toys?

A gender-neutral sex toy refers to an adult pleasure device that everyone can use, regardless of what gender they identify as or what anatomy they have. Often, they’ll have discreet, flexible designs with lots of curvy shapes, and will almost never resemble an anatomical part of a human being — you won’t find any ultra-realistic phallic dildos or masturbator sleeves moulded from pornstars in this category!

These toys can stimulate all the sensitive sweet spots and are often suitable for both solo or partnered play. Some great examples are wand massagers, tongue vibrators, finger vibrators, and lay-on vibrators, because vibration feels good for everyone! You just have to figure out where you or your partner might enjoy it most, and what’s more fun than exploring your bodies together? 😉

Why are gender-neutral sex toys important?

Sex is often spoken about in heteronormative (focused on straight, male-female couples) and cisnormative ways (focused on people who fit the gender they were assigned at birth), which can make it seem like inclusivity is something that only benefits those who don’t fit in those parameters. The truth is that inclusivity is actually good for all of us because it opens up more options for playful, pleasurable sex-ploration, which means everyone is more likely to find the stimulation that suits their unique desires! More diverse representation also removes limits on people’s access to pleasure based on outdated views on what types of pleasure ‘belong’ to what body types.

What is a multi-purpose sex toy?

A toy that’s gender-neutral has more bases to cover (so to speak), so they’re usually designed with more body types in mind and can do more, for more people. This can refer to a toy that has multiple functions, such as vibration, rotation, warming, and so on, or it can refer to a toy that can stimulate multiple parts of the body depending on how it’s held or used. Either way, these toys deliver a lot of bang for buck!

One of Sexyland’s favourites that we want to give a shoutout to is the Luddi Ziggy Multi-Purpose Vibrator, which seriously impressed us with its versatility when it landed on our shelves. This flexible T-shaped device has been designed by a team of health professionals and product engineers to cater to all users across the spectrums of accessibility and gender diversity for everyone to enjoy! It has 8 modes of near-silent vibration that you can enjoy vaginally and anally, around a penis as a stroker, flat against sensitive areas while the user is seated or lying down, sandwiched between two people…the possibilities are plentiful with this one. Add in the braille interface, magnetic wireless charging station (which can hold a whopping 40 hours of charge), and the fact that the toy itself weighs less than 200 grams, and this little pleasure powerhouse can do it all, for all bodies.

Where can I buy gender-neutral sex toys?

Sexyland has always been an LGBTQ-friendly sex shop and is proud to provide gender-inclusive toy options that offer something real sexy for everyone. We’re always on the lookout for new, innovative options to stock, because we don’t want to leave any of our customers behind.

Even if you don’t feel like you’re part of a toy’s particular target audience, either because it specifies a body part you don’t have or the marketing is heavily skewed to a gender you don’t identify as, don’t let that stop you from trying it out if it otherwise sounds like something you’d enjoy. We’ve spoken previously about how certain sex toys can work for more than just the target group they’re marketed to, and there’s something to be said about how limiting adult toy marketing can be in general. In fact, we’ve said this before and we’ll say it again: a lot of the time, the only difference between toys marketed to cis people and those marketed to gender-diverse folks with the same genitals is the marketing itself.

If you’d like specific advice on how to choose the right gender-neutral sex toy for yourself, Sexyland’s Fun Specialists are always happy to help in-person or via online chat. Come visit us at one of Sexyland’s adult stores, or jump on the web to browse our range of gender-neutral sex toys online!


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