Gender-Inclusive & Body-Positive! Sex Toys For Everybody & Every Body

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Gender-Inclusive & Body-Positive! Sex Toys For Everybody & Every Body

Even though Pride Month may be coming to a close, at Sexyland we always celebrate the diversity of humans everywhere and their different desires and body types. After all, just like humans, adult toys come in all sorts of shapes and sizes! Even though many toys are designed with users of a specific gender or with certain anatomy in mind, there are lots of ways you can have fun with sex toys outside of how they’re traditionally marketed. 

Here are Sexyland’s best adult toys for couples and singles within the rainbow community, because pleasure is for everybody, and every body!

Wearable couples’ vibrators

These C- and U-shaped sex toys for couples provide dual G-spot and clitoral stimulation, so they’re usually marketed towards cisgender women or heterosexual couples. However, these adult toys are also great for anal use thanks to their flexible, adjustable designs where the G-spot head goes inside the anus and the arm that would normally sit on the clitoris sits on the perineum instead. This delivers both internal and external stimulation while also providing an anchor and retrieval handle that keeps the toy at a safe depth between your cheeks.

One of Sexyland’s fave couples’ toys that fits the bill here is the Winyi Helen Remote Control G-Spot & Clitoral Stimulator, which has 10 vibration modes built-in and comes with a wireless remote that works from up to 8 metres away. Both the toy and remote are waterproof and rechargeable, letting you play anywhere, anytime, and keep both elements’ power topped up so you can jump straight into the action!

Air pulse & clitoral suction toys

If you’ve had any interest in adult pleasure toys at all over the last several years, you’ve probably heard of clitoris-sucking toys like the Satisfyer Pro 2, which has reached viral heights of cult-like popularity and spawned dozens of toys with similar functionality (despite being based off another popular clitoris-sucking toy itself). The concept behind them that has pleased women and other people with clitorises for so long is the contactless stimulation via changes in air pressure waves, which doesn’t overwhelm the sensitive tissue in the area like traditional vibration sometimes can, especially if the user is particularly sensitive.

All of this is not to say air pulse stimulation is just for people with clitorises though! The Arcwave™ Ion Pleasure Air™ Stroker takes the same contactless air pressure stimulation and puts it into a masturbator-style toy for people with penises. It aims the air pulse functions at the frenulum, the ‘banjo string’ that connects the underside of the head of the penis to the shaft. This produces a completely different sensation to stroking alone and results in orgasms that many users and reviewers have described as ‘the male equivalent of the female orgasm’!

For trans men, there are even some air pulse toys with large enough nozzles that can accommodate your bottom growth (if you’ve been taking testosterone) so you don’t have to miss out on the fun! The LELO Sila™ Sonic Wave Clitoral Massager has a sleek and discreet design with a chamber that’s wide enough to fit an AA battery with room to spare and provides quiet, ‘thuddy’ air pressure stimulation that also hits the deeper nerves surrounding the exposed part of the clitoris. There’s also the LELO Sila Cruise, which comes with LELO’s automatic Cruise Control™ function that maintains the stimulation intensity when you press the toy hard against your body. This is a normal bodily reaction as you get closer to orgasm, so the Cruise Control function helps to keep the powerful sensations going when you need them most!

Rabbit vibrators

This is another popular group of adult sex toys that are marketed towards cisgender women, famed for their appearance on Sex And the City and beloved for their ability to provide independent or synchronised G-spot and clitoral stimulation. However, just like the wearable couples’ vibrators, these can also be used anally thanks to the external clitoral arm that prevents the toy from slipping in too deep. If the external arm is the right shape and size, it can also provide perineal stimulation while the insertable G-spot head (which is normally bulbous and curved) tickles the A-spot just right!

Sexyland’s top adult toys that tick the boxes for anal rabbit vibrators are:

As with any sex toy, remember to thoroughly sanitise your rabbit vibrator with a good toy cleaner between uses and before switching between the vagina and anus, or partners.

Feeling inspired by all the new categories of toys that just opened up for you and maybe even a lucky lover? Shop sex toys for couples, men, women, and gender-neutral folks online or in-store with Sexyland, and don’t be afraid to consult our friendly Fun Specialists for helpful advice on new pleasures you can experience with more adult toys than ever before!


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