10 Mind-Blowing Vibrators That Hit The O-M-G Spot Every Time

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10 Mind-Blowing Vibrators That Hit The O-M-G Spot Every Time

When you think of the most quintessential adult sex toys for women, men, and non-binary folks alike, vibrators are probably one of the first sex toys that come to mind. They come in all shapes and sizes, from realistically phallic cock vibrators to vibrators that look like roses and dolphins, so there’s sure to be something that suits your preferences! Here’s a comprehensive look at the best vibrators to buy at Sexyland, whether you’re a newcomer or an expert.

How do vibrators work?

Curious about how vibrators work their magic? Here’s the lowdown. All vibrators contain at least one motor, depending on its shape and function, and the motor can be one that vibrates, rotates, thumps, thrusts, or varies pressure for contactless suction-like sensations, so there’s something for everyone! Some run on batteries, either rechargeable lithium-ion batteries or replaceable batteries, while some vibrators like wands require lots of power and plug directly into the wall so you never have to worry about your toy running out of juice in the heat of the moment. Depending on how many functions your vibrator has, there’s usually a small circuit board as well so you can pick what setting you want to experience, from variable speeds and pulsing pattern modes. If you’re really into techy sex toys, some vibrators contain Bluetooth receivers so you or your lover can control them from near or far, and even program in custom patterns for pleasure that’s tailor-made for you!

The best vibrator sex toys for women

How to use rabbit vibrators

Rabbit vibrators offer both internal and external sensations, with an insertable shaft that’s normally curved with a bulbous shape to target the G-spot and an external arm that stimulates the clitoris. The dual stimulation can provide a unique kind of orgasm known as a blended orgasm, which is a great way to cross the finish line, especially if you (like most women and people with vulvas) require more than just vaginal penetration to climax. To position a rabbit vibrator correctly, start by inserting the main head as deep as you’re comfortable with, then align the external head with your clitoris before turning on any of the vibrator’s settings.

Since everybody’s body is different, you may want to consider the shape and size of your rabbit vibrator before buying one. For example, is the clitoral arm long or short? How large is the insertable portion? How curved is the main shaft?

If you want to save yourself the guesswork of getting the perfect fit for your body, check out one of Sexyland’s newest vibrators, the ultra-flexible Winyi Chloe Rabbit Vibrator! This sex toy’s design bends with your body to offer constant contact between your G-spot and clitoris so you don’t miss a second of that dual stimulation.

Want even more sensation? Get your booty involved in your blended bliss with The Beaded D.P. Rabbit™ Vibrator by The Rabbit Company™! This double penetration rabbit vibrator also has rotating beads in its shaft, as well as graduating anal beads so you can enjoy triple stimulation and pleasure yourself to the max…

How to use clitoral vibrators

Not feeling the internal stimulation? You’re not alone. The most common type of female orgasm comes from clitoral stimulation, not penetration, so it makes sense that there are lots of clitoris-focused vibrators out there! These sex toys are usually quite compact since they only need to target a small area of the body, so they fit quite easily in the hand or in a bag. Just hold your vibrator against your clitoris and let the vibes get to work!

Love the idea of setting and forgetting a hands-free clitoral vibrator? The Twitch Innovation Hands-Free Suction & Vibration Toy is the perfect addition to your bedside drawer collection, with a sucking function that takes hold against your body and massages you with a series of soft, vibrating silicone ticklers!

Prefer contactless stimulation? Sexyland’s ever-popular Rose Vibrator uses internal vibration to generate rotating airflow that perfectly mimics oral sex-like suction to keep those orgasms blooming.

The best vibrator sex toys for men

How to use prostate & anal vibrators for men

Everyone can use anal vibrators, but those designed for men and people with prostates often have extra features or design elements that keep the P-spot in mind, such as a bulbous shafts of a certain length. Anal sex toys will also have flared bases that keep the toy at a safe depth between your cheeks so it doesn’t get lost inside your body. To use them, start with a water-based anal lubricant for a slick glide and slowly insert the main head inside your anus. If you’re using anal beads, you don’t have to go all the way to the base straight away, but can choose which ball to stop at, especially if your toy’s design increases in size the further down you go.

One of Sexyland’s bestselling anal vibrators for men is the Lovense Edge 2 Bluetooth Prostate Massager, which is app-compatible for even more ways to play! Set your own custom vibration patterns, vibe to the beat of your favourite songs, or let your partner take control of your pleasure from near or far!

No prostate? No problem. Everyone can enjoy thrilling backdoor vibes with the Booty Call® Booty Vibro Kit With Anal Plug, Beads & Bullet Vibrator! Both the probe and beads in this anal sex toy kit have a ring-shaped base that accommodates the included bullet vibrator so you can enjoy a sensational multispeed buzz back there.

How to use cock ring vibrators

Cock rings work by restricting blood flow from the shaft to keep erections harder for longer, and adding vibration into the mix can increase the fun for both the wearer and a partner if you’re playing together. Some cock rings have elongated designs or attachments that stimulate the wearer’s perineum or their partner’s clitoris so both of you can ride the wave! Simply stretch the ring over your shaft and fit it around the base, and if your cock ring is a dual cock-and-ball ring, stretch the other ring around the base of your testicles for a secure fit. Once it’s in place, switch on the vibrations and enjoy!

To treat yourself to all the pleasure, the We-Vibe® Verge Vibrating Cock Ring has an elongated curved design that tickles your perineum just right. It has 10 built-in vibration modes and is also app-compatible for more ways to play, and one reviewer has even said it’s great for fun in public!

The best vibrator sex toys for everyone

How to use bullet vibrators

These compact adult sex toys might look small and unassuming, but they can definitely keep up with their full-sized counterparts, and have the added bonus of being easy to take on the go with you. Their petite shape makes them easy to use anywhere on your or your lover’s body, including small erogenous zones like the clitoris, nipples, or perineum for maximum versatility.

Get the most out of your bullet while out and about with the MyPod™ Wireless Charging Bullet Vibrator! This tapered 7-mode vibrating bullet comes with its own wireless charging case, which uses UV light to double as a toy sanitiser so your bullet will be clean and ready to go again in just 20 minutes.

How to use wand vibrators

These pleasure powerhouses are unrivalled when it comes to vibration strength, especially the traditional corded ones that plug directly into AC power. The wireless options are usually more lightweight and easier to navigate around the body so your wand vibrator can double as an adult sex toy or a full-body massager to soothe those tired muscles — just hold the wand head where you want to feel the vibes!

If you crave the power of a plug-in wand vibrator, you can’t go past the Original Vibrating Massager by Bodywand™! It has an easy-to-use scroll wheel that you can dial up or down with just one finger to customise the vibration intensity to your liking for tightly curled toes and spectacular O-faces.

Need a wand vibrator with more freedom of movement? Sexyland’s customers can’t get enough of the Romp™ Flip Rechargeable Cordless Wand Vibrator, which has 10 whisper-quiet vibration modes that’ll leave you breathless in just minutes if our reviewers are to be believed!


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