5 Benefits of Masturbation

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5 Benefits of Masturbation


They say April showers bring May flowers, but with Masturbation May fast approaching, we have a feeling that flowers aren’t the only things that will be coming… 😉

What is masturbation?

Masturbation is usually considered the act of touching, rubbing, or stroking one’s genitals for sexual pleasure, though it can also include stimulating the body’s other erogenous zones, like the breasts and nipples, neck, earlobes, and more. It’s a sexual activity that anyone can participate in, regardless of gender, relationship status, or sexual orientation, and is also a common sexual outlet for people who are practising abstinence from sex. There’s not really a one-size-fits-all consensus on how much masturbation could be considered ‘excessive’, as it can be normal for people to enjoy it anywhere from multiple times a day to once in a while to not at all.

Why do we celebrate Masturbation May?

While most standard calendars probably won’t highlight Masturbation May as a must-know date, it’s important to acknowledge the benefits of self-pleasure and self-love. International Masturbation Month began as a form of social activism in the mid-90s, where Joycelyn Elders (the first Black U.S. Surgeon General), advocated for everyone’s right to take control of their sexuality. In recent years, society has made strides towards adopting a more sex-positive attitude, and Masturbation May has now evolved into a time of celebrating everybody’s right to self-pleasure and embracing their own sexuality in a way that empowers each individual.

Why is masturbation good for you?

Self-love and self-pleasure have been shown to provide plenty of mental and physical benefits, no matter how you like to play!

1. Masturbation helps you figure out what you like during sex

Nobody understands your body better than you do, so it definitely pays to spend your me-time getting to know yourself! Take the opportunity to explore your body in a private, pressure-free environment and experiment with what kinds of stimulation you like, as well as where you like them. Did you know there are 31 erogenous zones? You do now.

If you play with a partner, you’ll be their first port of call when it comes to pleasing you, and they’re sure to appreciate any help you can give them to understand what your body craves and enjoys.

2. Masturbation is one of the safest ways to explore sexual pleasure

It’s normal to be curious about exploring your body at any stage of life, and masturbating is a safe alternative to any other type of sexual experience since there’s no risk of unplanned pregnancy or STI transmission if you’re the only one involved. You can experience super-realistic sensations with lifelike sex toys such as the Pipedream Extreme® Fuck Me Silly™ Mega Masturbator Life-Size Pelvis and realistically phallic dildos, or experiment with stimulation outside of what you or a partner could provide, such as vibration, rotation, rolling beads, and more!

In the case of masturbating with a partner (AKA mutual masturbation), remember to use condoms with any sex toys you’re sharing, and wash your hands before and after touching each other’s genitals and your own.

3. Masturbating provides an opportunity to practise your sex techniques

Practice makes perfect, right? Masturbation can help you get your moves just right to impress a partner when the heat of the moment calls for it, and can also help people who have a penis last longer during sex with orgasm control techniques like edging. This trains the body and mind to delay orgasms by building awareness of one’s own body’s responses to sexual stimulation so they can recognise symptoms of impending orgasm and learn to control the process.

If you masturbate with sex toys that you intend to use with a partner, you can even get a bit of a head start on getting used to the sensations and being able to hold out! Something like the Fleshlight® Quickshot™ Vantage Open-Ended Masturbator provides stroking pleasure with a tight, textured interior that feels like real skin, perfect for solo or partnered play. Meanwhile, the compact, open-ended design lets your playmate tend to the sensitive head of the penis so they can join the fun orally!

4. Masturbating reduces stress levels

There’s a reason the physical release of an orgasm, self-induced or otherwise, feels as good as it does — your body produces feel-good chemicals like dopamine and oxytocin (which are also present whenever you feel happy), contributing to a boosted mood! Oxytocin also reduces your stress hormone levels (cortisol), making masturbation a great method of stress relief. And perhaps most obviously, your mind will likely be elsewhere, focusing on arousing things while you’re masturbating, and setting you free from thoughts that are bringing your vibe down.

5. Masturbation improves sleep quality

Ever noticed after a powerful climax that you just seem to nod off more easily? The relationship between sex and sleep is actually more critical than you might think. Orgasms help you get a better night’s sleep for similar reasons as to why they reduce stress too — all those happy hormones flooding your body include serotonin and vasopressin, both of which are linked to upping the quality of your sleep!

But before you let the afterglow carry you away on a comfy cloud, why not grab some shiny new sex toys to spice up masturbation? Sexyland’s adult shops carry a huge range of male and female masturbation toys to suit everybody’s needs, so pop into one of our adult stores or shop online and get 2-hour delivery on our bestsellers!


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