Tease & Please His Prostate - Sexynews #58

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 Sexynews #58 - Tease & Please His Prostate

There’s no better time than Movember to show the men in our lives some appreciation for all their efforts in finding our G-spots and other erogenous zones than to give his P-spot some love and attention and help to improve his physical and mental health. By P-spot, we mean his prostate gland.

Where is his prostate?

His prostate is that little walnut-sized gland located about two inches inside his rectum, and sits just under his bladder. It produces seminal fluid found when he ejaculates. His prostate is one of the most important things for your man's sexual health and it thrives from being massaged with a Prostate Stimulator and by living a healthy lifestyle. It is generally recommended that men have sex regularly to reduce the risk of prostate cancer. Regular ejaculation cleanses the prostate of any harmful bacteria caused by stagnant seminal fluid which can cause prostatitis.

Lend him a hand... or a finger!

He’s going to enjoy this so much more if you’re involved and giving him that additional nudge of sexual stimulation to push him over the edge. Talk about it before trying it because there are a few things you’ll want to take into consideration before diving in. A bit of preparation beforehand will ensure the likelihood of a positive experience for you both. Before you begin, make sure that your hands are cleaned and your nails are short and don't have any jagged edges. Some people prepare using an Enema first to clean his anal cavity to avoid any unpleasantries. Starting in the shower together is a great way to get clean and get the show started.

Prepare him for prostate stimulation

There are different techniques you can try when massaging his prostate. Some couples choose to use a finger or two while others incorporate Anal Sex Toys specially designed for the job. Before you start, make sure you have some good quality Anal Lubricant on hand to make the experience more pleasurable. Play some relaxing music and light some scented Candles to set the mood. Gently massage lubricant over his buttocks, sliding your hands seductively around his testicles and anal cavity. If you find he enjoys this experience, he will likely be more receptive of what comes next. Apply a generous amount of anal lubricant and slowly ease your finger or a sex toy into his anus until you reach his prostate region.

Techniques to try

It’s a good idea to try a few techniques and experiment with pressure and speed to find out what feels best. Depending on whether you’re using your fingers or a sex toy, there are different things you can try. Don't forget to use plenty of Anal Lubricant!

Using fingers:

  • Circling: You insert your lubed index finger into his anus and use the finger pad to circle around the prostate, changing pressure and speed until you find what feels best for him. 
  • Come hither: To do this, you curl your finger in an upward motion towards the belly button repeatedly while gradually increasing pressure. 
  • Doorbell: Simply press his prostate gland like a doorbell, gradually increasing pressure and speed.

Using a sex toy: We stock a large range of Prostate Stimulators that are specifically designed to give him an explosive prostate orgasm. We also stock an amazing range of Anal Beads & Anal Plugs for men who want a different type of experience.

  • Anal Beads: A favourite among beginners as they allow him to gradually insert one bead at a time until he's reached his maximum comfort level then slowly release each bead and enjoy the sensation as each bead passes across the sphincter muscles. These are a great way to introduce him to the thrills of anal sex play. These Satisfyer Beads are perfect for beginners.
  • Anal Plugs: These provide a feeling of fullness in the anal cavity and come in a range of sizes from beginner to advanced. Plugs can be used by both men and women and aren't sex specific but are also great to use for prostate stimulation. We recommend beginners try the Silicone Anal Starter Kit as it comes with 3 graduated tapered plugs.
  • Prostate Massagers: Made specifically for massaging his prostate gland. Beginners should probably start with a non-vibrating massager that is smaller in size and work their way up until they've found what works best. Some prostate stimulators such as the Remote Control Vibrating Prostate Stimulator-Rolling Ball have an external stimulator to massage your perineum so his prostate can get massaged internally as well as externally.

Importance of prostate health

The prostate is prone to three diseases that generally occur during different stages of life. Younger men generally get prostatitis which is inflammation of the prostate. Middle aged men can suffer from Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH) or prostate enlargement and older men are at risk of prostate cancer. Maintaining a healthy sex life contributes to ensuring his prostate stays happy and healthy while reducing his risk for these conditions. Tis the season for giving so give your man the gift of love this year and help him discover new ways to tease and please his prostate.

Get him a prostate stimulator this Christmas

The world of sex toys for men have taken huge leaps in the past years and have really rolled out some amazing new options. Prostate Stimulators like the Aneros MGX Helix Syn Trident are great for beginners & advanced users alike. Another great option is the Renegade Orbit that features a rotating top for maximum prostate stimulation and a vibrating testicles finger that heats up and keeps you warm and cosy. If you're looking for something unique with an explosive impact, a prostate stimulator is undoubtedly the toy for him.

The truth about prostate stimulation

The prostate is one of the largest erogenous zones in the male body and it’s time to erase the stigma about heterosexual prostate massage. Prostate stimulation can offer men orgasms that are much stronger and longer than penile orgasms. Plenty of hetero men enjoy prostate play with their partners and it’s something that all men deserve to experience at least once in their life!


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