Tease & Please Her Clitoris - Sexynews #59

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Sexynews #59 - Tease & Please Her Clitoris

Tis the season to be giving and when it comes to sexual gratification, we can’t think of a better time to focus on giving her that mind-blowing orgasm she deserves. Clitoral stimulation is paramount to sexual arousal.

These are the nerves she needs you to get onto...

Penetration is great… I mean… really great but most women need some form of clitoral stimulation to take her to the brink and beyond. Because it is loaded with nerve endings, screaming for your attention, the clitoris is the most sensitive erogenous zone on a woman’s body. With approximately 8,000 nerve endings in total, her clitoris contains double the number as a penis has and extends up to 5 inches inside her body which is believed to actually be connected to her g-spot.

Keep it consistent

Every woman’s body responds to sexual stimulation differently which means some techniques may work better for some women than others. Fortunately, the fun part of sex is often the exploration of each other’s bodies and discovering what excites each other. When you find something that works, it’s usually a good idea to stay pretty consistent with it and try not to switch things up much unless she asks you to. Women really don’t need you to try every trick in the book to make her orgasm. She just needs you to discover the tricks that work for her. It doesn’t hurt to try new things but don’t treat it like a marathon and move too quickly between tactics. Consistency is key.

Surprise her tonight

If you haven't already tried the following techniques, surprise her tonight with some new clitoral stimulation tricks and we promise, she will thank you for it!

  • Rabbit Ears: Make a V shape with your index finger and middle finger. Add a bit of lubricant and slide them up and down just inside the outer lips. The Screaming O Screamin’ Demon is the perfect companion for this little trick.
  • Draw Circles: Trace small circles around her clitoris using a sex toy, your fingers or your tongue. Be sure to trace from the bottom of her clitoris up to the top. Use a finger vibrator like the Pretty Love Hobgoblin for an even more explosive sensation.
  • Tap That: Simulate the sensations of a vibrator by tapping her clitoris in different rhythms. If you know morse code, now’s the time to tell her how much she means to you… except, tap that message where she’s going to feel it most.
  • Tease It: Stimulate all of the areas around her clitoris, giving her the impression that you’re going to reach her magic button any second. Briefly brush over it every so often, just to give her that slight sense of satisfaction she needs before continuing to tease her. Nothing sends a woman into a frenzy faster than the build up of anticipation.
  • Dive Deeper: Her clitoris extends 5 inches inside of her body so be sure to stimulate her internally as well. This usually works best if you stimulate her externally and occasionally slip inside for a bit of a tease, applying just enough pressure to push her closer to the edge. In fact, make this your power play and use it once she’s been properly teased externally to reward her every so often. Be sure to continue the external stimulation while doing this.
  • Come Hither: Curl your finger upward just inside of her vagina while you use your thumb to stroke her clitoris. Move your finger back and forth as though you’re motioning for her to come to you.
  • Penis Massage: Let’s face it… most women want that deep penetration so it stands to reason that this is a very powerful instrument in clitoral stimulation. Rub your penis against her clitoris and tease her unmercifully with it. When you finally do enter her, she’ll be so revved up that she’ll likely be ready to explode.
  • Sex Toys: This is definitely the time to bring out the toys. When it comes to clitoral stimulation, Bullets & Eggs can easily get the job done. They are usually compact in size, allowing for precise stimulation. Clitoral Stimulators are also excellent choices. Kick things up a notch with Little Vicky, the ultimate clitoral experience. 
  • Pussy Pumps: Yes! Pumps for women really are a thing! These magical devices increase the sensitivity to the clitoris by increasing her blood flow.
  • Arousal Oils: Some women may need a little extra stimulation to get her senses tingling. On for Her creates a buzzing sensation that heightens her sensations.

Vibrators are our friend

Most women respond well to vibrations and Vibrators are almost always going to be her very best friend. Don’t fear the vibrator… for it is really your friend too. Why make a task difficult when you can have a bit of rumbly assistance? With so many different varieties of vibrators to choose from, it can be hard to decide. This is where knowing her body well and what turns her on comes in handy.

Clitoral stimulators are the best

Many women want that penetrative fullness for internal stimulation but we guarantee you’re going to get her to the finish line a lot faster and with a more explosive ending if you incorporate a Clitoral Stimulator. For this purpose, we recommend Couples Sex Toys like the We-Vibe Sync that stimulates her g-spot and clitoris simultaneously while she enjoys a fuller penetrative experience by her partner. Vibrating cockrings like the We-Vibe Pivot also give her that clitoral stimulation during sexual intercourse that many women need.d.

No two women are alike

Stimulating the clitoris intensifies a woman's orgasms ten fold, sending ripples of pleasure coursing throughout her body. Not every woman orgasms the same way and for some, achieving a clitoral orgasm is the only way they can climax while for others, it dramatically enhances the climatic sensation. Clitoral orgasms often open the door for deeper, more satisfying orgasms and before you know it, she might even find herself experiencing multiple orgasms, every woman's favourite!

Give her the ultimate gift of love this Christmas

With the Christmas season upon us, there really is no better time to invest in a pleasure device that’s going to leave her singing sex carols all year long. Browse our extensive collection of Female Stimulators for the perfect clitoral vibrator sex toy to meet her every desire.


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