Naughty Advent Calendar - Sexynews #57

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 Sexynews #57 - Naughty Advent Calendar

It might seem a bit early to be thinking about Advent Calendars but it's best to start now if you want to fill your partner's calendar up with the naughtiest hot toys in time for Christmas!

Advent calendars are for adults too!

Why not put a sexy fun spin on the traditional advent calendar and fill your partner's boxes up with heaps of naughty sex toys and lollies? Why stop there? We have an amazing range of adult products perfect for a little holiday fun with endless possibilities. What better way to countdown the days until Christmas than by giving your partner a sexy new treat each day? Start the month off with small, inexpensive lollies or novelties and slowly build your way up until the final day where you give your best pressie yet.

Gag Gifts & Lollies

Brighten your partner's day by adding a kinky twist to each new day. The fun part about advent calendars is the element of surprise. You never know what is hiding behind the door when you open it. Don't hold back any punches! Make each day as unique and exciting as possible. We suggest browsing our Naughty Edibles and Novelties for gifts to fill your early calendar days. If you're on a tight budget, we recommend a pack of lollies to fill many of your calendar boxes. Our Boobie Bites and Pecker Bites come in packs of 16 and are perfect for the occasion. Each day, throw in a sexual suggestion with these X-Rated Candies for an added spark of kinky fun. You can make each day as unique as possible and change things up. We think it would be much more fun if you do!

Check out some other cheeky gift ideas:

Build up the suspense

Make your advent more exciting by slowly building up to the big reward, the final gift. Buy gifts that can be separated and split up into individual gifts. Maybe place a charging cord or batteries in the box for one day to make your partner wonder what comes next. Each day, add little bits that build up to the big surprise. Get creative with it! The SK Midnight Special Set is a perfect example of a gift set you can split up. Take it to the next level with an Ouch! Advanced Bondage Kit. For a bit of sexy couples play, the Silicone Remote Foreplay Set is incredibly versatile and comes with everything you'll need to build up the suspense... and the orgasmic explosion!

Make it a treasure hunt

Typically, we think of gifts that fit neatly into our advent calendar's slot but not every gift idea is going to fit and that's not really going to be as much fun. A little imagination and improvisation and you can turn this into a bit of a treasure hunt! In lieu of a sexy surprise, leave little love notes in each box with clues about where to find the advent calendar gift. (Don't forget the X-Rated Candies with sexy suggestions). Think of places your partner wouldn't normally look that would be fun to find a sex toy or other naughty gift idea then come up with a cheeky hint and let the fun begin! Of course, if your intention is to get him or her into the bed, you know that's where you need to hide those gifts!

Gift ideas that fit the box

If you're looking for some cheeky gift ideas that are going to fit your calendar boxes, we have some ideas that just might do the trick! Obviously, you'll want to think small but small doesn't always have to mean small pleasures. For example, the On for Her, Ultra really packs a punch in getting her senses tingling. Apply a dab of this to her clitoris and she'll be buzzing and ready to go in no time. Big things sometimes really do come in small packages! Before this month is over, there's a good chance he or she is going to amass a nice collection of sex toys. A Sexyland Toy Bag might just be the thing you need and it will pack neatly into your advent calendar. Depending on the size of your calendar, this DONA Let Me Kiss You Massage Set can be split into multiple days worth of gifts. Kinky Love Dice are an absolute must to any advent calendar and there are endless possibilities to the sexy fun you can have with these. Rings of Fire Nipple Presses are delicious torture devices that allow you to inflict pleasure and pain. Cockrings are always a winner for both partners. The Screaming O Ringo Ritz Cockring should fit any advent calendar box... and what goes in her box too! Four Seasons Glow n Dark Condoms will light up your holiday evenings!

The Big O

Let's just think of the last and final gift as the Big O.... because let's face it... that's what we're after at the end of this, right? Think of the month of December as a month-long foreplay event that ends in an explosive Grand Finale. If Santa doesn't come Christmas Eve, let's make sure somebody does! Gift ideas for the Big O can be almost anything really but for the sake of togetherness, we suggest making it a Couple's Sex Toy that you both can enjoy. If you're looking for something with versatility, the Tease + Please Premium Couples Stimulator Kit is the ultimate in orgasmic satisfaction, delivering powerful stimulation to you both simultaneously. Even better, with the We-Connect app, you can play with your partner from anywhere in the world. Vibrating Cockrings are always a winner for sex play together as they offer sexual stimulation to both partners while making his erection bigger and last longer.

Put some jingle in your jangle

Advent calendars are one of those time tested traditions that make Christmas so much more exciting and fun. If you thought opening your calendar treats every day as a child was fun, just wait until you try a naughty advent calendar! If you weren't on Santa's naughty list before, we're sure you will be after this year!


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