Witch Way to the Sex & Candy? - Sexynews #53

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Sexynews #53 - Witch Way to the Sex & Candy?

Halloween celebrations may look a little different this year due to covid restrictions, but that doesn't mean that you have to give up on dressing up in your wildest costume and indulging in a beverage... or more if you're keen to.

Not just for kids!

When we think of Halloween, we usually automatically think of our kids dressing up in their scariest costumes and going trick or treating through the neighbourhood. But why should the kids have all the fun? This year has been tough for all of us and Halloween is the perfect opportunity for us to celebrate and have some well earned fun of our own. It may be better to put off having a big bash until next year, but restrictions permitted, we may still be able to have a select few of our favourite, freakish friends over for some Halloween fun.  

Adult Halloween fun

Some of the main differences between the traditional kids Halloween and the Adult Halloween activities are that the adult Costumes can get a lot naughtier, the games can be a little spookier and there’s often some alcoholic beverages involved. If you don’t consume alcohol, that’s OK too. You don’t need alcohol to have fun, just a wicked sense of adventure and you're good to go! :P   We've got some fun ideas for your adult Halloween celebrations.

Trick or treat shots

This game involves serving your guests some beverages in our Rude Shot Glasses. Set the shot glasses out and fill them with juice, but spike every second one with an alcoholic beverage of your choice. The non alcoholic ones are the trick, and the spiked ones are the treat. (Please be sure that you warn your guests about alcohol first, especially if they are driving home afterwards).

Bobbing for sex toys

Bobbing for sex toys. This game is in lieu of the traditional bobbing for apples. Purchase some of our waterproof Sex Toys and fill a large bucket or bathtub with water. Your guests then have to bob the heads under the water and try to pick up a sex toy with their teeth. Some great waterproof sex toy ideas include:

Please check out our amazing range of Waterproof Toys that would be suitable for this fun game! 

Costume Contest

What good is getting dressed up for Halloween without a good old fashioned Costume contest? We carry an exciting array of Accessories to add those finishing touches to your costume! You could give out prizes for the sexiest costume, the scariest, the most creative or the funniest! Naturally, we're going to tell you that sex toys make fantastic prizes! Bullets & Eggs are the perfect choices.  We also have an amazing range of Adult Novelties that are not only great prize ideas but also perfect for spicing the party up!

Cock rings on a stick

The aim of the game is to place an equal number of our Screaming O-Ring O Cock Rings on the handle of 2 or 3 brooms, depending on how many people you have participating. 2-3 cockrings per person is ideal. Push them all down to the end of the broom towards the broom heads. Have teams with equal players and cuff their hands behind their backs. We suggest trying our Candy Cuffs for this game. Each broom is held at waist height by one team member with the broom head end closest to them. The other member of each team has to race on their knees and drag a cockring down the broom handle and off the open end using their teeth. The first team to pull all of the cock rings off gets to keep them. 

Traditional games

You can never go wrong with games at an adult party... unless they're not naughty enough of course! We've got the hottest selection of Adult Games suitable for any party or event. Our Drinking Games are especially popular choices for adult parties. Card Games like Cards Against Humanity are sure to keep your guests in stitches and might even give you some naughty fun ideas for after the party!

Sexy treats

No Halloween party is complete without heaps of lollies to snack on! But why not make this party an event to remember by stocking up on some of our hilarious tasty Adult Lollies. Do up your party the right way with the Edible Pecker Bouquet! Six delectable flavours of Edible pecker candy fun. They are great tasting naughty treats that are as much fun to play with as they are to eat! Rainbow Pecker Bites or Pussy Bites are a great ice breaker in awkward encounters, are great for adult parties, cake toppers or any fun-filled adventures! With warmer weather on the way, you may be tempted to serve up some ice cream. We absolutely recommend serving up some Flavoured Lubricant as toppings for this tasty treat! And of course, NO Halloween Party should go without these naughty Halloweenies!! Check out our full range of Edible Treats for more great ideas!

With the nights warming up but still cool enough, this is also a great time to take advantage of backyard bonfires. So grab yourselves some marshmallows for a tasty roast and get out those barbeques. Make this Halloween one to remember.


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