Cheeky Halloween Fun - Sexynews #52

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Sexynews #52 - Cheeky Halloween Fun

Halloween doesn't have to mean that kids have all the fun. It’s the perfect time to revamp Halloween and replace the sugar fuelled fun you enjoyed as a kid, with the pheromone-laced action you want as an adult. Leave the white sheets in the cupboard and replace the scary masks with some spooky, yet sexy outfits and release your inner demons inside the bedroom.

Sexy role play

Halloween is the one time of year when dressing up is the whole point of the celebration and it is also the ultimate time to get freaky inside the bedroom and finally do that role play you’ve been fantasising about. Role Play is an excuse to be someone different for the night and to try those ‘WTF was that?’ things you’ve always wanted to try. Why not use your costume as an excuse to finally try them? If you’re wondering how to amp up your sexy Halloween this year, we have you covered. Here’s how to make your Role Play sex fun and maybe just a little bit freaky. Don't forget to accessorise the look! We have an amazing assortment of wigs, masks, head wear, gloves, bondage bling and more!

Have a discussion

There’s no bigger mood killer than someone deciding right in the heat of the moment, that they want to try something new or different. Leading up to Halloween, have a discussion with your partner about what fantasises you’d like to try out and invite your partner to be open about something they’d like to try too. You can also take this opportunity to discuss the idea of bringing sex toys for Him and Her or some BDSM into the relationship, if you haven’t already.

Set boundaries

Once you’ve had a discussion about what you’d like to try, set some clear boundaries that you both agree to follow. If you decide to try some Bondage, be clear about what type you’d be comfortable trying. You may be OK with being Handcuffed but not being Whipped or Spanked. Set a safe word such as using the traffic light system; green means go, yellow means slow and red, obviously means stop and take a break. Remember that this is a judgement free zone, especially while in costume, so you should both remember to try this with a little understanding and a willingness to learn. You may just find that this is something you’d like to incorporate into your bedroom routine on a more regular basis!    

Plan and prepare your costume

Once you have decided the fantasy you want to play out, choose the Costume that will go with it. You may decide to go as a naughty nurse with this Ophelia Payne Nurse Costume Set and try some sexy experiments on your patient. Or you can bring your Frankenstein to life with some Electro Play with this Fetish Fantasy Shock Therapy Pleasure Probe. This would also be the perfect opportunity to try Urethral Sounding, for something new and different. Or... you could give your partner the punishment they deserve with this Foreplay - Racy Reinforcement Sexy Cop Costume. You will just need some Restraints to make sure your prisoner doesn’t escape. Have a look at our huge range of fun and sexy Costumes that’ll be perfect for your frighteningly sexy night! 

Fun games for couples

It’s easy to take advantage of the Halloween atmosphere and turn it into a romantic night for two. Here’s some ideas that you could incorporate into your evening.

  • There’s no better excuse to cosy up to bae than watching a scary movie together. Make it more interesting by watching a Halloween themed Adult Movie. 
  • Trick-or-treat on your partner's body using some of our Edible Wearable Treats such as our Lovers Candy G-String.  
  • Role Play according to your costumes. Dress up as a sexy fireman or firewoman and put each other's fires out.  
  • Play the adult version of Trick-Or-Treat. Ask your partner if they would like a trick or treat. If they decide the trick, you get to decide what fun sex toys you want to use on them while they’re blindfolded. If they decide to take the treat, they’re still blindfolded but they direct you to what fun sex toys you have to use on them. You could use this opportunity to surprise each other with a completely new sex toy that you know that they haven’t tried before. We recommend browsing our extensive collection of sex toys for Him and Her for some naughty fun ideas. Take it in turns in pleasuring each other until the night ends in screams of pleasure, instead of screams of fright! Personally, I can’t think of a better way to spend Halloween.  

Don't forget the treats!

No Halloween is complete without the treats! We have quite a selection of edibles to make your sexy Halloween even more fun. We recommend always choosing the treat over the trick!

  • Edible Candy G-StringsBrasLove Rings and Candy Cuffs are especially fun ways to make each other the naughty treat!
  • If you're into the BDSM play, you'll DEFINITELY want to include the Candy Ball Gag! Your sub will be begging for this mouth-watering fun! 
  • Turn each other into an edible piece of art and lick your way to the finish line with these delectable Dark & Milk Chocolate Play Pens
  • Maybe you'd like to be able to rip your lover's undies off and enjoy every bite? Try our Eat Me Gummy Thong & Bra and see how quickly you can devour what's covering her sweeter spots? 
  • If your lover is in for a trick, the BJ Blast Oral Sex Candy is the perfect way to surprise him or her. Imagine the erotic sensations your lover will experience as these fizz, pop and explode on their genitals. 
  • Why not give your lover a trick and a treat all in one with the X-Rated Candies. Put one in each hand and let them choose for a little extra fun. And if he or she gets one that says to 'eat pussy' or 'blow me', make sure they oblige! 
  • Give him the fellatio of his life with the Handipop Hand-job Massage Gel for an ultra slippery, extra-long hand stroke before turning him into a delicious lollipop. 
  • Flavoured Lubricant is a must have for those with a sweet tooth this Halloween. Our range includes sugar-free and all-natural options also.  
  • Don't forget the After Sex Mints! Once all the sex fun is over, settle in with one of these to finish off the night of naughty tricks and treats. The last thing you want after a long session of hard sex is bad breath!

Feel sexy and have fun!

Sex can be nerve-wrecking at the best of times, and trying new things such as role play can make it downright awkward. Sometimes sex can be silly and it is OK to laugh but it’s important that you’re feeling sexy and confident. Complimenting each other on how sexy they look and how good what they’re doing feels, will help you both to loosen up and let go. Role play is silly, fun, hot, sexy and sometimes even a little weird. Things don't always go as you played out in your head so don’t put pressure on yourselves. Let go of your inhibitions, have fun and treat yourselves to a monster Halloween night! 


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