Jingle His Balls - Sexynews #60

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Sexynews #60 - Jingle His Balls

Tis the season to jingle his balls! The month of MOvember is nearly over so let’s talk about some helpful techniques that will last the whole year long. Did you know that playing with his testicles is not only pleasurable for him but also important for his health?

Benefits of testicle play

If you ever needed a good reason to reach down and give his testicles a bit of love, we’ve got a few for you to consider. For starters, it feels good. Aside from the obvious, stimulating his testicles helps to improve blood circulation and can also help boost sperm production. This could be helpful if you’re trying to start a family.

We’ve all heard before that men should regularly check their testicles for odd lumps and bumps but there’s no reason his partner can’t get in on the action and make this a fun experience for you both. Playing with your man’s testicles can help you become more familiar with them. You’ll be able to identify any irregular changes that might potentially be of concern. Testicular cancer is the most common cancer among young men so early detection is critical. Fortunately, early detection can be a lot of fun so dive in and give it a tug!

Go ahead and touch them

Most men love having their testicles touched and played with but not every man will have the same reaction and no two testicles are the same. Like with any sensitive area of the body, the timing has to be right and so does the technique. Some men may find having his testicles played with to be more ticklish than erotic. That can also depend on the timing and technique, so experiment a bit and see what works and what doesn’t. It’s important that you both communicate and discuss what feels good.

Handle with care

Before you begin, it might be a good idea to remove any jewellery that might pinch or pull the skin of his testicles the wrong way. Also, consider trimming and shaping your nails so there are no sharp edges or hang nails that might accidentally cut into him or scratch his sensitive skin. Use a bit of Lubricant to make things smoother and enhance the sensations for him. Touch gently at first but get him to communicate and let you know what he likes. Some men like to be handled roughly while some prefer to be handled gently. Ask him to show you how much pressure he likes applied and go from there. Whatever you do, don't twist them. Although it might feel like they are, they really aren't just floating aimlessly and too much movement can be painful.

Stimulation techniques to try

Testicular stimulation is going to vary from man to man. What works best for one won't necessarily work for another. Most men will agree, however, that this is a very sensitive zone so play carefully.

  • Use your mouth: Most men love the sensations of feeling lips and tongue against his skin. Try licking his testicles but keep your tongue wide and flat. Suck each testicle into your mouth and let him feel your tongue swirl around them, one by one. Avoid using your teeth unless he asks you to.
  • Play with the seam: Find the area that runs between his two testicles and slide your fingers or tongue up and down the length of it.
  • Simultaneous play: You don’t just have to focus solely on his testicles. Make time to tend to them during sex, fellatio or other sex activities too.
  • Use a cockring: While many Cockrings are designed to go around his shaft, many can be used on his testicles too. Most are designed for him to pull his testicles through and if you add in one with vibrations, he’s really going to love that.
  • Hand play: Try gently pulling each one and squeezing carefully for added sensation. Cup and stroke each one using a downward motion. Rolling them like dice can also be pleasurable or tapping a rhythm with your fingers. You could probably practice some of these techniques with our Testicle Stress Balls even!
  • Stroke his perineum: This area is the patch of skin between his testicles and anus and it’s very sensitive to touch! When stroking his balls, be sure to gently massage his perineum as well. This technique is a non-penetrative way to massage his prostate which can lead to some explosive orgasms.

Use sex toys!

There are many awesome toys on the market made specifically for testicular stimulation. Many other sex toys that vibrate are also excellent choices for testicular stimulation. Bullet Vibrators are an excellent toy to start with. They are small and less intimidating, which is a good thing when it comes to his delicate parts. Finger Vibrators are always a winner no matter what the sex play activity. Below are some more of our top picks:

MOvember Christmas preprations

Gentlemen, the month of MOvember may be nearly over but you don't have to let those MOvember Beards go to waste! If you've given it a good shot and grown your MO to a good length, try sprucing it up with some festive Christmas ornaments as we move closer to Christmas. This should really get the conversations started and what better way to promote the MOvember awareness event? You can also try adding festive hair colouring and tinsel for added effects.

We hope you have a ball.... or two this Christmas!

Let the Christmas festivities begin with some sexy fun ideas to share with your partner. Let's face it. We've had a really rough year this year but we have persevered and come out on top. Let's finish this year off with some fun and excitement. Spoil yourself and your partner with some sexy new toys. You deserve it!


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