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Sexynews #61 - Masturbation Techniques

Most people have experimented and found masturbation techniques that work quite well for them but part of the fun is experimenting and trying new things. Switching things up can make masturbation more exciting.

Our bodies are hard-wired for pleasure

We are biologically programmed to seek pleasure and when it comes to sexual pleasures, our primal side tends to win out. Sexual activity tends to awaken a side of us that is bolder and less inhibited. It's almost like the logical side of your brain takes a holiday and vacates. During sexual activity, the part of your brain that is responsible for reasoning and decision making becomes less active while the regions of your brain that sends and receives signals related to touch, sensory and pleasure lights up light a Christmas tree.

Our brains respond to sexual activity

When having sex, your brainwaves literally change how they process information to and from the body and signals related to pleasure and pain are suddenly on a different playing field. Your body becomes less sensitive to pain which makes more primal sexual urges such as spankings, hair pulling, pinching and other similar activities more pleasurable. Once you reach orgasm, your brain tends to slow down but releases a chemical, serotonin that promotes better moods and helps you to relax. Sexual activity also release happy hormones known as oxytocin and dopamine. These three chemicals are responsible for the emotional bonds and feelings of satisfaction we get after enjoying a pleasurable experience.

Benefits of masturbation

Many people don't realise many of the benefits of masturbation, although they know they enjoy the experience. There are many other great reasons we should be enjoying masturbation as often as we can!

  • Masturbation helps to relieve pain: Because it activates the feel-good hormones and blocks pain receptors, it can help you increase your pain tolerance dramatically.
  • Masturbation relieves period cramps: Contracting the muscles in the uterus can help shed the endometrial lining which speeds the process along. That coupled with the increase in pain tolerance can make a huge difference for a woman experiencing pain.
  • Masturbation helps you sleep: Because it relaxes your body, you're able to fall asleep easier. The release of the feel-good hormones help your body get into REM cycles better which in turn promotes a more restful sleep.
  • Masturbation burns calories: It might not be equivalent to going to the gym but you're definitely going to burn some calories and flex some muscles which also counts as a bit of aerobic exercise.
  • Masturbation strengthens your pelvic floor: The muscles you contract in order to build up and reach orgasm include the group that work together to support your pelvic organs. Woman can benefit from Kegal Sex Toys to help her strengthen these muscles while men will benefit from Masturbators.
  • Masturbation improves cognitive function: It has been found that frequent masturbation is linked to better cognitive abilities such as memory and verbal frequency.
  • Masturbation is safe sex: You never have to worry about a pregnancy or STD occurring when you masturbate. You can even enjoy mutual masturbation and still reap the benefits without risking anyone's health.

Masturbation techniques for everyone

Men and women are made differently but there are some techniques that are simply good for anyone to try. Whether your'e going solo or with a partner, these tricks will help you get to the mark and beyond.

  • Tease yourself: Just like having a bit of foreplay with a partner, you should also enjoy a bit of foreplay with yourself. It helps to build up to the momentum by teasing your erogenous zones. Stimulators and Finger Vibrators are perfect companions. 
  • Edging: To edge, you essentially push yourself to the brink of orgasm multiple times but pull back just before you reach climax. Keep doing this and then finally let go. This can often lead to an explosive finale that is well worth the wait. 
  • Use Lubricant: There's something especially exotic about the slick feeling of Lubricant on your genitals. While a bit of friction can feel nice, the slick sensations can really spice things up. Try some JO 2 To Tango Lubricant for an even more exciting experience. It's designed to add an extra dimension of sensation to your sexual experience. 
  • Visual Stimulation: There is something sexually arousing about watching other people have sex. Porn is often a favourite for getting the juices flowing so be sure to pull out your favourite Adult DVD collection before you begin. Erotic Novels also work well. Your most important sex organ is your brain. Stimulation truly starts there so get something that gives you the right amount of visual and/or audio stimulation and with a story line that stokes your imagination and see how quickly your body will respond.
  • Nipple Stimulation: Nipples are very sensitive, erogenous zones on both men and women and stimulation goes a long way to increasing your arousal. Using some Nipple Plumper often helps heighten the sensitivity of nipples during intimate play. Nipple Clamps are also great choices as they restrict the blood flow which can lend to a sharp euphoric rush when released.
  • Try Anal Play: The anal cavity is full of sensitive nerve endings for both men and women. Men have the advantage of stimulating his prostate for an even more explosive orgasmic experience while women can achieve deep internal orgasms due to the close proximity her anal cavity has to her internal sexual organs. We recommend browsing our selection of Anal Sex Toys.
  • Don't rush it: Unless you're aiming for a quickie, it's usually best to take your time and build up the momentum slowly. This is where teasing comes into play best. Take the time to tantalise your senses for a more explosive climax. Yes, a quickie can be climatic, if you're already in the right frame of mind but if you're not, you need time to build up to it.
  • Set the mood: Try setting the mood by lighting some Massage Candles (can be used on yourself during sexploration) and playing some music that gets you in the mood. Maybe soak in a hot bubble bath before or during. Think of ways you can create an environment that promotes sexual energy and make the effort to make it happen.

Masturbation techniques for women

Society is slowly coming around to the idea of women masturbating. While it has long been considered a taboo topic, it is becoming more widely accepted and YES, women need masturbation just as much as men do! Here are some tricks she can try.

  • Sex toys: Let's just state the obvious right up front. There is simply no better way to enjoy masturbation than by using a Sex Toy and with so many options to choose from, you could have a masturbation marathon and still never run out of new toys to try. We recommend starting with a trusty Vibrator and buy one that is going to hit not only her G spot but stimulates her clitoris too. Rabbit Vibrators are especially good at handling the job.
  • Dry hump: Rubbing your clitoris can create some seriously orgasmic sensations and push you to the brink. Grinding your vulva against something helps to stimulate the hood of your clitoris without direct clitoral stimulation. Many women often discover their first orgasms by trying this technique but it works no matter what age you are. You can even try dry humping with a Vibrator placed against your clitoris for added sensation.
  • Stimulate the clitoris: Her clitoris is easily one of the most sensitive erogenous zones on her body. She can attain a mind-shattering orgasm from clitoral stimulation alone so it stands to reason that much attention should be given to this region of her anatomy. Female Stimulators will apply the right amount of stimulation precisely where she needs it most and many are quite versatile in what else they can do.
  • Use penetration: While a woman can easily reach climax from clitoral stimulation alone, her best orgasms are going to come when she experiences internal and external release and using penetrative techniques are going to best help her reach that goal. She should try rubbing her clitoris in a teasing way and occasionally dipping in deeper into her vagina and move between the two to build up the experience. A Finger Vibrator is especially useful here.

Masturbation techniques for men

We've discussed the benefits of masturbation for men previously but it bares repeating. Masturbation helps reduce his risk of prostate cancer so it makes sense to consider ways to spice things up and make it more enjoyable each time.

  • Explore your body: To put it bluntly, our bodies are wired for pleasure. Because we don't all respond the same to the same stimuli, it's important to explore your body and discover what feels good and what doesn't. Use Sex Toys to stimulate those regions and see how your sexual organs respond.
  • Get with the rhythm: Experiment with different strokes until you find a rhythm you enjoy best. Some men prefer rapid strokes while some like it slower. Consistency is important to reaching that orgasmic pinnacle. It doesn't hurt to add some variety. Sometimes a tried and tested rhythm gets boring or maybe you're just in the mood to try something new. Don't be afraid to experiment more and find new strokes that get your juices pumping. Try stroking with a Masturbator for added variations. Many are designed and shaped just like real body parts for added stimulation.
  • Stimulate the prostate: We can't recommend this enough. Get a good Prostate Stimulator and experience a different and more intense kind of orgasm. If you're not game for internal stimulation, we recommend a perineum massage. As mentioned previously, this is the patch of skin between his testicles and anus and this is a non-invasive way to massage his prostate externally. Bullet Vibrators can be helpful in stimulating him externally.
  • Massage the testicles: Come on man! Give your testicles some love. Start by rubbing them gently with one hand while the other is busy stroking the penis. Try alternating between the two if simultaneous stimulation is a bit much. Sex toys like the Fun Factory Laya II can be of some assistance if you'd like to add some vibrations to your play.

Pleasure seeking is only natural

Self-gratification comes in many forms. Masturbation is probably at the top of the list and for good reason. It not only feels good but it also helps to alleviate stress and anxiety which helps your body to relax. Many sex therapists will tell you that you should masturbate regularly. With our brains being hard-wired to reward us for our pleasurable experiences, it's only natural that we live our lives seeking opportunities to receive these biological rewards.


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