Bad Santa - Sexynews #62

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Sexynews #62 - Bad Santa

Are you going to an all adult Christmas party this year and you’re stuck on ideas for your Bad Santa gift? We have some naughty and hilarious gift ideas that will surely be the life of the party!

Getting ready for the Christmas Parties?

Depending on the kind of party you’re attending, there’s a lot of fun you can have with your Bad Santa gift exchanges! You might be asking yourself what sort of perverted trouble we’re getting you into but we promise, it’s the perfect time to rediscover your twisted sense of humour and have some laughs with your mates. A Bad Santa Gift Exchange can be as naughty and perverted as you and your party companions want it to be.

What is Bad Santa?

Well, there’s one way to look at this and then there’s the Sexyland way. Let’s talk about the way most people know first. You might have heard this hilariously fun game referred to as 'Dirty Santa'. Well, it's essentially the same thing! When you do a Bad Santa Gift Exchange, each person who comes to the party must buy one gift that is appropriate for anyone involved in the exchange. It must be wrapped well, so nobody can guess what’s inside. Consider wrapping your gift in an oversized box or in multiple layers of wrapping. The heavier your gift feels after all the wrapping bits are added, the more valuable it will feel. Deception is the art of the game here!

How to play Bad Santa

If you are thinking about hosting a Christmas party this year and want some fun ideas, we can’t think of a better idea than a Bad Santa Gift Exchange. Here’s what you do!

  1. Price limit: Set a price limit or a price range for what to spend on the gift.
  2. Buy gift: Everyone brings one gift to the party so each person will leave with a gift.
  3. Wrap it well: Wrap your gift very well! Remember, deception is key here.
  4. Order of operation: Choose what order your players will take turns opening and stealing gifts.
  5. The fun begins: Each player opens one unopened gift in the pile or they can choose to steal from someone who has already opened a gift. If someone steals your gift, you get to steal from someone else when it's your turn or choose another gift to open. You can’t steal your gift back until the next round.
  6. Optional endings: You can set a timer to identify the end of the game or stretch the game out to ensure all gifts have been opened. You may choose to put a limit on the number of times a gift gets stolen before a winner gets to go home with it. 
  7. Up the ante: Some people aren’t good gift givers. One way to encourage everyone to put a bit of thought into their gift is to give an awesome reward gift at the end of the game, to the gifter who brought the best gift.

Sexyland’s Bad Santa gift ideas

Now that you know how the Bad Santa gift exchange works, let us tell you how we’d do it! Take your gift exchange to the next level by encouraging your guests to think outside of the box and come to the party with something only adults can enjoy. If you’re lucky enough to be gift exchanging with a naughty group of friends who are open to some kinky gift ideas, we’ve definitely got you covered! In fact, you might even be using some of these gift ideas before the night is over with the whole crowd…. No, we’re not talking about an all out orgy here… unless you want one of course. *wink*

Funny gift ideas

No Bad Santa gift exchange is complete without some hilariously fun gifts in the mix. Give your mates the gift of laughter with some of these cheeky gift ideas. You might even want to try a gag gift or two. We've got a few of those too!

  1. Adult Coffee Mugs - The perfect gift idea for the person with a twisted sense of humour!
  2. Unicorn Lip Gloss - Did you know that unicorns are so magical that they poop vanilla scented lip gloss? Experience the magic of soft, luscious lips thanks to this cute little one horned horse.
  3. F*cked Drinking Hat - This plastic hard hat is a novelty item designed to look like a construction helmet and proudly proclaims the level of drunkenness you and your friends are aiming for. 
  4. F*ckin’ Funny Stubby Holders -  Keep your drink cool and your hands dry in style and with attitude. There's a message for every personality, though a cheeky sense of humour is a must!
  5. Boobs 3D Mug - Feel perky every morning when you have your morning coffee!
  6. Willy 3D Mug - Want to achieve morning glory? Get a grip on this mug to start your day!
  7. Christmas Toilet Paper - Bring the jokes back to the party after returning from your trip to the toilet and become the jolly joker that gets everyone giggling!

Adult party games

A naughty game is always a perfect choice for gift giving! In fact, these games will make perfect entertainment options during the party too so you might want to grab some extras for a bit of cheeky game play after the gift exchange.

  1. Cards Against Humanity - Unlike most of the party games you've played before, this game is as despicable and awkward as you and your friends.
  2. Adult Loaded Questions - This card game involves fun questions, unexpected answers, and a whole lot of laughs! 
  3. Hot Seat - Find out who your real friends are. Hear the stories your friends were hoping everyone forgot and discover who knows you the best.
  4. Bottle Cap Darts - A game of skill and drinking! The more you drink, the more darts you have.
  5. Spin the Bottle Drinking Game - Take turns spinning the bottle and taking the challenge the bottle lands on.
  6. What the F*ck? - When you believe players are not admitting to something f*cked up that you know they've done, you get to coerce them into taking their drinks.
  7. Incohearent Game - The adult party game that will get you talking.

Sexy gift ideas

If you've got an open-minded crowd of mates at your party, these gift ideas will be a lot of fun too! These will be especially popular with couples who attend your shindig!

  1. Santa’s Secret Sex Positions - Each coupon offers a unique Karma Sutra sexual position that is great for spicing up Christmas with your lover! 
  2. Clone-A-Willy Kits - Contains everything you need to create a life-size, highly detailed dildo from any your own home. 
  3. Sexy Vouchers for Her - Each booklet contains sexual favours & erotic pleasures ready for redemption.
  4. Bondage Vouchers - Bondage vouchers are perfect for couples who like to switch between the roles of dominant and submissive, making it fun to exchange power in the bedroom!
  5. XXX Vouchers - In the tear-out booklet you get 10 hot, saucy & raunchy vouchers that can be redeemed at any time and at any place or however you choose to use them.
  6. Sexyland Gift Vouchers - You can’t go wrong when you give a gift voucher!

Have a Naughty Christmas!

Every party needs some delicious treats for the guests to nibble on. Be sure to browse our selection of naughty Adult Edibles and add a flare of fun and excitement. For more great gift ideas, see our entire stock of Games & Novelties. If you’re group is even more hardcore and sex is the theme, well, you’ll definitely want to shop our sex toys for Men and Women for other great ideas. Before choosing your Bad Santa gift, make sure the party guests all have a wicked sense of humour.


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