Sex Toy Care - Sexynews #75

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Sex Toy Care - Sexynews #75

Like it, love it, use it, then clean it!

One of the most important factors when owning and using a sex toy is keeping it clean and properly cared for.

New & used… keep them clean!?

Using a dirty sex toy isn’t just poor practice, it’s also hygienically very bad for you. Be sure to properly clean your toys after each use to ensure your toy is squeaky clean and ready for the next round of play. Most sex toys come with cleaning instructions either on the packaging or in the user manual. Be sure to read this carefully before using and cleaning. Just like you would with new underwear or clothing you will want to clean all new sex toys for the first time before use. Even a new sex toy could be contaminated with dust and harmful bacteria.

Why should I clean my sex toys?

Even the slightest bit of bacteria can quickly multiply and become a much bigger problem. So it stands to reason with all of the additional dampness and sweating from daily activities, this area is going to be a hotspot for bacteria. There are many ways men and women can develop bacterial infections such as thrush that aren’t always associated with sexual intercourse. Keeping your genitals clean and well ventilated will help prevent bacteria from growing but even with all precautions taken, you can never be too sure so WASH YOUR TOYS!! We carry an excellent range of well ventilated Panties & Briefs that look as sexy as they feel.

Can I catch an STD from a sex toy?

Sexually transmitted diseases CAN be spread by using shared sex toys that have not been properly cleaned and even that isn’t foolproof. Because many sex toys have a porous surface, it may be impossible to eliminate all bacteria and other nasties. It’s not typically recommended to share a sex toy with someone you’re not having monogamous sex with unless you take the right precautions. The safest way to prevent spreading is to use a Condom on the toy. If you’re planning on sharing your toy with others, we recommend sex toys that are made of nonporous materials such as Silicone Vibrators or glass dildos. These are typically the easiest to sterilise and keep clean.

    How do I clean my sex toys?

    How you clean your sex toy largely depends on the type of sex toy and materials it’s made from. This is something you will want to consider before you buy your toy. As mentioned previously, porous sex toys such as those made with cyberskin, nylon, neoprene, jelly rubber, vinyl and leather are more likely to cling to bacteria, therefore we recommend always using a condom. It will make your life much easier. Otherwise, warm, soapy water works in many cases, however, a specialised Sex Toy Cleaner is going to be your best method. Some people choose to use wipes but this isn’t as effective as using a proper cleaner or warm, soapy water. You can use UV light to sterilise your toys and they do work quite well in killing bacteria but you will still need to wipe your toy down to remove bodily fluids and bacteria left behind after use.

      How do I clean my non-waterproof toy?

      This is where UV lighting and wipes might come in handy. Fortunately, most sex toys these days are waterproof but if you get one that isn’t, you’ll need to take special care to avoid submerging it into water or allowing water to seep into the mechanisms inside. A spray on Sex Toy Cleaner like the JO Fresh Scent Misting Toy Cleaner works best for these types of toys. In most cases, you simply spray it on the toy, let it sit for about a minute then rinse clean. You’ll want to be careful not to let water get into the cracks and crevices where the mechanical bits are when you rinse. Alternatively, you can also wipe away the cleaner with a wet wipe but make sure you’ve wiped it thoroughly. Most toy cleaners are body safe so be sure to check that it is before you buy.

      Can I use boiling water or the dishwasher?

      For many, this may sound unconventional, but there is growing interest in these cleaning methods for sex toys. Some nonporous toys such as those made of pure silicone, glass or stainless steel can safely be boiled but you will want to make sure it’s waterproof first and doesn’t have a motor inside. If you use the dishwasher, just bare in mind that dish soap can leave behind a residue and in many cases, this can trigger an allergic reaction.

      What kind of soaps or cleaning products are safe to clean with?

      Considering the sex toy is going to be touching the most intimate parts of your body, we do not recommend using anything that you wouldn’t place directly onto your body to clean your sex toys. The exception to this rule are Sex Toy Cleaners specifically designed to clean sex toys. Using scented soaps and anything not intended to be used on human skin can cause skin irritations and be quite unpleasant, even if rinsed carefully.

      Should I dry my sex toys after cleaning?

      Yes! It’s typically recommended that you allow them to dry before storing. When wiping them down, avoid materials that can leave behind any debris or particles. Air drying works too as long as you keep them in a well ventilated area where no water can get into the toy’s internal mechanisms. Storing your toys away before allowing them to dry properly can lead to conditions that could damage your toy so yes, make sure your toy is dry after cleaning.

      How should I store my sex toys?

      Keep ‘em separated! You wouldn’t want to clean a sex toy and put it back in with other toys that may be dirty. You’re best to invest in some Cases or Toy Bags to store your toys individually. Keeping them stored separately can help reduce the chances of bacterial cross-contamination while preventing toys from damaging each other. Storing sex toys made of different materials together can cause issues such as discoloration, melting and shape changing.

      Caring for battery operated toys versus USB rechargeable

      If your toy is battery operated, you’ll want to make sure you remove the batteries when not in use. Battery powered toys may drain energy when inactive which can reduce your sex toy’s overall longevity. Batteries may also leak acid, especially if being left inactive for long periods of time. This can cause your toy’s internal mechanisms to erode and become unusable. If you choose to use rechargeable batteries, bare in mind they can be larger than normal batteries and may not fit well. Be sure they are fully recharged and ready to go before you need them.

      As with using rechargeable batteries, it is usually going to take time for your toy to recharge. However, overcharging your toy can kill the battery cells so always make sure you follow the manufacturer’s recommendations on charging time. In fact, you need to make sure your toy is switched off completely while it’s charging. Most toys have an indicator light that will let you know when your toy is fully charged.

      In closing...

      Keeping your sex toys clean and maintained is as important as taking care of your health. Not only will keeping your toys clean protect you from infections and other dangerous diseases, it will also go a long way to ensuring your toy lasts longer. See our Buyer’s Guide for more information on Sex Toy Care.


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