Christmas Sex Wish - Sexynews #67

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Christmas Sex Wish - Sexynews #67

The year 2020 is nearly over and many of us have some special Christmas wishes we'd love to be fulfilled. Before you ask Santa to bring you pressies, see what this playful lady has in mind.

Dear Santa

Dear Santa Clause, it's almost Christmas time again and I have a list of sexy wishes I want to have fulfilled. I've been a bit naughty this year but I promise I'll be really good too if you bring me some extra fun, adults only pressies this Christmas! I've been giving it some thought and I have some sexy fun gift ideas I'd like you to consider.

Boring Lockdowns

It's been a rough year! I've spent this past year stuck at home and it's been so very boring! It was really hard being home, all alone. I spent the entire lockdown dating online with nobody else to play with except strangers over the internet. My Vive Kyra Ribbed Rabbit Vibrator saved me from losing my mind. As soon as the first lockdown was eased, I went straight out and had as much sexy fun as I could! It was great! But then the next lockdown came and I was stuck at home again. 

Sexyland Shopping

So the next thing I did was I logged onto and started doing some lockdown shopping. I couldn't go shopping in the Sexyland store anymore because everything was shut down for a few weeks but lucky for me, the Sexyland website was more than accommodating. They had so many amazing toys and things! I filled my sex toy drawer up with as many awesome toys as I could. In fact, I had to clear out space to make room in another drawer! My very favourite toy was the Womanizer Premium Clitoral Stimulator. It was the most orgasmic experience of my life! At least until I met my next best friend, the ergonomic Womanizer Duo! I could never tell you how intensely satisfying this toy was! WOW!

Free Again!

Now that the lockdowns have eased and we're finally heading into summer again, I'm feeling recharged and ready to enjoy the summer heat in style. I would really appreciate it if you would be such a sweetie and consider fulfilling a few of my Christmas Sex Wishes so that I can enjoy my lockdown freedom in the most fun and thrilling of ways!

Sexy Lingerie

My very first wish is to have a wardrobe of deliciously sexy Lingerie! I've always loved the look and feel of a Babydoll because they're made to hug a woman's figure loosely which means my curvy shape will get plenty of attention without all of my flaws being obvious. I also love the ones with the silky sheer material that drape down my figure, showing only enough of my body underneath to tantalise my lover's senses. I would also love it if you could bring me a sexy Dress and I don't mean just any old dress either! I want something that says daring and bold, that I can wear to my favourite nightclubs and for a bit of fun after! Now that everything is opening back up, I can't wait for a night out on the town! This Sunspice Dress will do just fine Santa! And don't forget the Stockings and Stilettos! A playful lady like me MUST have those!

Sex Toys for Me

My sex toy box might be a bit full but there's always room for just a few more! I've saved my biggest wants for you Santa. I hope you won't mind indulging me a bit. A woman can never have too many toys, after-all! The Lelo Inya Wave Vibrator makes my legs quiver, just looking at it. Just imagining the high performance of the internal vibration is almost too much to bare. It's also the perfect toy for a lady on the go and I do plan to travel as much as possible this summer! The other Vibrator that sets my pulses racing is the Fun Factory Tiger! I just looove its curvy shape and tiger-like ridges! I bet this toy would really release the animal within me! 

Sex Machine

Now there's one toy that I've always wanted to try but I've always been a little intimidated. I think I'm ready to give it a try now. Sexyland has a Mod Love Deluxe Thruster Sex Machine Kit that really makes me weak at the knees. I can only imagine how much fun I could have with one of these!

Fetish Toys

As a woman who likes to feel empowered, I can't imagine a better way to break out of my lockdown chains than to engage in a bit of Fetish Play! It's one of my deepest desires to cuff someone to the bed and have my wicked way with them. Of course, I need some WhipsCuffs and Ticklers for the best fun. Sexyland has some ripper all-in-one Bondage Kits that will have everything I need and more!

Thank you so much for your time and I really hope you'll accommodate my extensive list of sexy goodies this year! We playful people need to look after each other! Merry Christmas Santa!

Yours Sincerely,



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