12 Fun Sex Positions of Christmas - Sexynews #66

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12 Fun Sex Positions of Christmas - Sexynews #66

Christmas gift giving can be a lot of fun but it can be even more fun when shared between the sheets! We’ve compiled a short but sweet list of festive fun sex positions you can try over the holidays and all year long!

Jingle All the Way!

Tis the season to give and receive and we can’t imagine a better way to do this than to share the love this season by adding a bit of holiday spark to the bedroom sex play. These 12 fun sex positions and sex acts will have you and your partner jingling all the way to and from the bedroom.

12 Fun Sex Positions of Christmas

  1. The Tree Stand: Push your partner against the wall and lift your partner's leg up around your waist. This allows for easy penetration while standing and facing each other. This is a standing position that is perfect for that holiday quickie. If you enjoy spur of the moment spontaneity, you’ll probably want to try the Lush 2 by Lovense for some erotic fun while away from home. 
  2. Sleigh Rider: Have your partner lay flat on their back with their legs dangling off the side of the bed and enter from behind with your hands gripping your partner’s waist. This is one sleigh ride you’ll not want to miss! 
  3. Santa’s Little Helper: Try this holiday spin on the traditional spooning position. Both partners lay on their sides with one positioned behind the other. This is the perfect position for intimacy while incorporating a sex toy ‘aka: Santa’s Little Helper’ like the We-Vibe Tango Vibrator
  4. Jingle Balls: While straddling him in the cowgirl position, lean back slowly and brace yourself on one hand while using the other to gently play with his testicles. Slower movements make it easier to get a deeper penetration, thus maximising pleasure for you both. Include a Sexual Enhancer for even more intense pleasure. 
  5. Naughty Santa: This year, taking sitting in Santa’s lap to the next level. Position your Santa on a chair or the couch while you sit on his lap with your back facing toward him for penetration. This is a great position for him to feel all of your curves while kissing your neck intimately. 
  6. Naughty Elf on the Shelf: Find a solid table, counter or shelf and have one partner sit on the surface while the other enters while standing in front. Include the Satisfyer Mighty One Vibrating Cockring to add some additional holiday excitement to the mix. 
  7. Deck the Halls: Stand your partner up facing the wall with hands braced against the wall and enter from behind. This gives you the perfect angle to reach around your partner like you would when decorating a tree for some full frontal fondling with a Bullet Vibrator or some other fun device. 
  8. Stocking Stuffer: Have her sit on any hard surface with legs up over his shoulders. He stands in front of her elevated body and penetrates from the front. This position allows for deep penetration. 
  9. Reindeer Style: A holiday spin on the traditional doggy style position. Simply have your partner get on all fours their bottom in the air and enter from behind. He can reach around and play with her breasts and clitoris from this position. Up the ante by introducing a Stimulator to tease her clitoris simultaneously while penetrating from behind. 
  10. Santa Striptease: Dress your Santa up in some Santa themed lingerie or costume. You can go with or without the beard if you choose. Have him dance to a festive christmas tune while he strips his Santa suit off provocatively for you. Our Candy Striped Pantyhose for her and our Male Power Pure Comfort Shorts will go perfectly with your Christmas themed attire. See our Christmas Lingerie Collection for more festive ideas! 
  11. Frosty Foreplay: Put some On Ice for Her on her clitoris for a cool, tingling sensation that pulsates, vibrates and cools. You can also try the INTT Vibration Tingling Gel Ice on either of you, wherever it pleases you, for a frosty session of foreplay before warming things up between the sheets. 
  12. Let it Snow: Instead of a snow flurry outside, let the flurry happen in the bedroom by letting your partner reach a satisfying finish on your face.

Have a Merry Sexmas!

We hope this Christmas season brings you many pleasant sexperiences and that you have fun trying some or all of these exciting holiday inspired sex positions with your significant other! If you're looking for some erotic lingerie to wear for your Reindeer Romp, let us suggest some festive ideas! Have fun!


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