Seduce Your Santa with Festive Lingerie - Sexynews #65

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Seduce Your Santa with Festive Lingerie - Sexynews #65

Santa doesn't need milk & cookies this year. He likes his partner to be naughty instead. Seduce your Santa with some festive lingerie and we guarantee your Santa will leave you the very best presents!

Put a smile on your Santa's face

Wrap yourself up in some sexy, festive lingerie and give the Santa in your life a present he will never forget! It's no secret that men love a woman dressed in sexy lingerie. It's probably at the top of the list of things that will psychologically turn him on. Men are very visual so what she wears will make a huge impact on his sexual arousal. Attitude also plays a big part in her attractiveness to her mate and when she feels confident and sexy, it's going to show. Many men feel that sexy lingerie communicates her eagerness to have sex and a sense of sexual confidence in herself and for men, that is hot! While many women may choose to wear lingerie for personal reasons, when worn for a man, it sends a very clear message and he's definitely going to get it.

Lingerie amplifies her confidence

Lingerie tends to amplify a woman's confidence and enhances her powers of seduction ten fold. For a woman who is self conscious about her body, lingerie gives her a way to accentuate her best features while minimising her flaws. The point of wearing lingerie is to feel sexy and desirable. Sexuality is mostly a mental state of being that is easily triggered by visual stimulation. Setting the mood by selecting the right garments can easily turn a sexy evening into an unforgettable memory.

Choosing the right lingerie

Men like a visual tease so when choosing your lingerie, consider something that is suggestive of what's underneath without baring it all in one go. The art of seduction is all in the presentation. Lingerie should highlight and flatter the sensual areas of your body. Silhouettes of subtle curves beneath the material and naughty little glimpses of bare bottoms or a bit of cleavage can be a real turn on. The truth of the matter is, men are more attracted to your confidence and attitude. Dressing up might be visually appealing to him but none of this matters if you're not feeling the part yourself. So it's very important that what you choose to wear is comfortable for you and makes YOU feel good.

Types of lingerie

It's important to know a little about lingerie before buying, especially if this is your first time shopping for it. Let's talk about some of the basics.

  • Babydoll: Designed to by floaty with a bit of a swish in it its movement. Typically designed with a flowing material that gives it a flirty touch. They don't hug the waist-line which makes them an excellent option for ladies who are less confident about their figure. SHOP NOW!
  • Chemise: Similar to the babydoll but with a straighter cut and less floaty. Length can vary from a conservative longer cut to something short and flirty. SHOP NOW!
  • Teddy: A one-piece garment that is inclusive of the bra and panty and typically have no padding or underwire support. SHOP NOW!
  • Gowns & Robes: Robes are garments that open and tie in the front and are typically longer in length. They can be worn over other lingerie or by themselves. Gowns are similar to robes but without the opening. Both tend to cascade down toward the floor and add a touch of feminine flair to her look. SHOP NOW!
  • Corset: These are often worn to manipulate her silhouette and shape her curves by creating an hourglass shape. They help reduce the waste size while minimising unwanted bulges. Typically found in cotton, satin, leather & brocade materials. SHOP NOW!
  • Cincher: Similar to a corset but focuses more on slimming her shape rather than shaping it and comes in materials such as nylon, latex and spandex. SHOP NOW!
  • Bustier: Similar to the corset except it also lifts her breasts like a push-up bra would. SHOP NOW!
  • Suspenders: Also called garter belts, these straps hold her stockings up by clipping to her lingerie. Some lingerie come with suspenders already built in while some must be added separately. All she needs are the stockings. SHOP NOW!
  • Body Stocking: Made with a sheer and very revealing material that clings to her body from head to toe.Similar to leg stockings except it covers her entire body and usually includes lacy patterns and intricate designs. SHOP NOW!

Buying lingerie for her this Christmas?

Gentlemen, are you considering buying some sexy lingerie for your partner this Christmas and need some helpful tips? We totally understand! Lingerie is a gift that many women are thrilled to receive for Christmas but choosing the right garments can be a challenge if you don't know what to look for. It's important that you choose something that you both will enjoy and that means finding the right look, fit, materials and size. Below is a general guide to help get you started.

  • Size: There's nothing worse than buying something for someone, only to find out later that you selected the wrong size. Before buying, make sure you're prepared. The best way to secretly discover what size she wears is by sneaking a peak at the tags on her bra and panties in her lingerie drawer.
  • Observe: Study her style and take mental notes about what she already owns and wears. Most women have a pretty good sense about what they like and what they wear typically reflects that. Of course, you can take into consideration what you like but it's best if you can blend your taste in with what she likes. Before buying, if possible, take her out window shopping and see what catches her eye.
  • Style: Does she wear g-strings, high cut panties, boy cut or other? Do her bras have an underwire? Does she like a push-up bra or does she prefer something soft and supple? Does she require extra support or extra padding? Is she a lace and frills kind of girl or does she prefer sleek and simple? Would she be willing to try something more daring like the wetlook? What colours does she like to wear? All of these are things you should take into consideration before buying.
  • Material: It doesn't matter how gorgeous the lingerie is. If it doesn't feel good or it itches her skin, chances are, she won't wear it. Be sure to feel the material against your own skin first. See how it feels to you. If you find it scratchy or irritating, chances are, she will too. Also take into consideration what type of materials she currently wears. Does she prefer stretchy materials or does she enjoy a tight fit?

Naughty or nice? Only Santa knows!

We all know Santa really likes naughty ladies so shop Australia's hottest Festive Christmas Lingerie and we'll help you make it to the very top of his naughty list this year. Naughty ladies need love too!


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