Oral Sex Techniques - Sexynews #64

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Sexynews #63 - Oral Sex Techniques

Most men and women love feeling their lover’s tongue dancing around their most intimate body parts but it’s even better when it’s done just right!

Arousal is key

Sexual pleasure is at its best when both partners are fully aroused. Everyone is different in what turns them on but many people will agree that good oral sex is the fast-track to an explosive orgasm. The golden rule when warming each other up is to engage in heaps of erotic foreplay. Make it hot! Get intense. Intensity is overwhelmingly HOT! Make eye contact frequently. Get the edible hot wax out and drizzle trails of our delicious Kissable Massage Candle Wax down each other’s bodies to guide your tongue to the pinnacle of delight.

Pleasing her

Let’s start with her needs first. Women can take a bit of time to become aroused. Stimulating her mentally is the best way to get her in the mood for more. Many men make the mistake of going straight for her clitoris and going hard and fast. While getting straight to the point might work for men, women are wired a bit differently. Focus on stimulating her mind and arousing her senses by teasing and tantalising every part of her body first. Women need the arousal to build in intensity. Foreplay is essential here. 

Techniques to try on her

The clitoris is loaded with delicate nerve endings so while it’s certainly the most sensitive part of her sexual anatomy, it’s usually the last part of her body you will want to stimulate when performing oral sex. First, get her into a frenzy of heated arousal and push her to the brink before directly stimulating her clitoris. It will make the sensation feel so much more explosive when you do. Here are some techniques you can try:

  1. Blindfold her: Nothing heightens the sense quite like being blindfolded. The suspense alone is enough to build the tension which in turn will make her erogenous zones even more sensitive. The eroticism of the unknown and giving up control to her lover can be a huge turn on for her.
  2. Play through the panties: Teasing her sweet spots through her panties feels incredibly intense and is sure to make her hot with desire. Try breathing through the material and flicking your tongue around while kissing her through her panties. This will make her wild with anticipation, wanting to feel your tongue on her skin even more intensely.
  3. Lubricants & Stimulants: Not everyone enjoys the taste or aroma of oral sex. Try adding Flavoured Lubricants to spice up the flavour and make it more enjoyable for you both. You can also try the Jo Clitoral Warm & Buzzy Stimulation Gel to give her a buzzing sensation that will heighten the sensations during foreplay.
  4. Sex Toys: Don’t be afraid to bring some toys into the oral sex play! A buzzy companion can do wonders for helping her reach her climax while you do the rest with your tongue. The Jopen Pave Liz is perfect for such an occasion! And if you want something that will really make an impact, try the Lelo Ora 3, designed to feel more like oral sex on steroids!
  5. Tongue Action: When going down on her, try running your tongue from the bottom of her vagina up to the hood then back down. Do this repeatedly, making a conscious effort to bypass her clitoris until last. The art of seduction is anticipation. Keep her on edge by teasing and tantalising her senses. Spend some time licking the fleshy mound of skin above and surrounding her clitoris. You want to continue teasing her until she’s begging for mercy. Then slowly begin to include her clitoris, making sure to dip your tongue in and out of her slowly as you go. Her clitoris actually extends a few inches inside of her body so make an effort to stimulate internally and externally. To get her across the finish line, it helps to maintain a steady rhythm with a bit of teasing in between.

Pleasing him

Men are pretty straight forward when it comes to their wants and needs. They’re also very visual so a bit of visual foreplay can go a long way to getting your man to the finish line. Foreplay is just as important for him as it is for women. Teasing him to arousal is likely going to be a really good start to the oral sex play.

Techniques to try on him

Similar to women, the head of his penis is also loaded in sensitive nerve endings so paying special attention to this area is essential. If he has foreskin, make this work in your favour. Using your tongue to play with his foreskin, pushing it back as his erection grows can be a major turn on for him. Try some of these other techniques too:

  1. Licking: Men like a bit of rhythm and they really enjoy feeling a tongue gliding up and down the shaft. Go slowly to tease and tantalise his senses.
  2. Teasing: Essentially, you want to lick, stroke and kiss every inch of his penis and testicles until he’s practically begging for release. Never bite (unless he asks you to) but gently running your teeth along his skin can provide some intense sensations.
  3. Sucking: We can’t forget the obvious. Men love the sucking sensations. Because of this, the sex toy industry has certainly caught on and have created an incredible line of Masturbators designed to imitate this experience. But let’s face it, nothing beats the real thing. If you do want to try deep-throating but need help with your gag reflex, try the Deeply Love You Throat Relaxing Spray
  4. Massage his Perineum: While your mouth is busy on other parts, use your fingers to gently massage the patch of skin between his testicles and anus. This stimulates his prostate externally which can be a huge turn on and feel really good.
  5. Lubricants & Stimulants: Adding some Flavoured Lubricant is also an excellent choice when going down on him. Not only will it make the experience tasty for you, it will add a slippery sensation that will drive him wild. For even more intense sensations, try using a Cooling Lubricant. Even better, treat yourself to our Sizzle Lips Warming Gel, an edible gel that feels hot when you blow on it!
  6. Sex Toys: Men enjoy feeling the buzzy vibrations too, even when receiving oral sex. A simple Bullet Vibrator can add a whole new dimension to the sensations he experiences. This would be the perfect way to stimulate his prostate externally also!


Communication is key here. While the element of surprise can be a huge turn on, talking about what turns each other on beforehand is also beneficial. Rather than waste your time doing something you think the other will like only to find out it was a fruitless venture, it usually helps to hear it from your lover directly.


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