Toys That Travel - Sexynews #72

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Toys That Travel - Sexynews #72

Which sex toys should you take travelling? Getting ready for the holidays and want something compact and discreet to spice things up while you’re away from home? Vacation is all about pleasure so why not bring along a few sexy fun travel buddies that will keep you buzzing along!

Time to Unwind

We go away on holidays to relax, unwind and let go of our daily stresses. Sex is widely known to have positive health benefits for our mental health and also works as a stress reliever. It is a known fact that people have more sex while away on holidays. With the everyday responsibilities of laundry, work, and the usual rat race left behind at home, we’re left with plenty of time to unwind and play.

Packing Luggage

Holiday preparations can be daunting and choosing what to take and what to leave behind can be a challenge. Chances are, you’ve probably packed everything, including the kitchen sink and might not have much room left to consider your sex toy collection, but don’t let that spoil a good time! There are many compact solutions that will make bringing along a powerful sex toy the easiest thing to pack! 

Check-in or Carry-on?

If you’re travelling via plane, this might be one of your biggest questions when packing a sex toy. There have been many humorous stories from baggage handling crews about vibrators buzzing away when found in check-in luggage. In many cases, they would have to open your luggage to inspect and make sure everything is ok and you might not want some stranger handling your buzzy little friend! So, even though you can technically pack your toys away in your check-in luggage, if you’re keen to avoid any potentially embarrassing situations, opting to go with carry-on might be your best option. You also have to consider toys that might be considered a weapon such as a paddle, or anything that might resemble a sharp object. Items like these are best packed away as a check-in. 

TSA Sees All

It’s a well known fact that TSA sees nearly everything we pack in our luggage. There’s really no definite way to hide what you bring so, with that in mind, consider the best ways to pack your toys when travelling. It’s generally recommended that you pack your toys in their own dedicated bag. A clear bag is the best option, in case TSA requires an inspection. This way, everything is in clear sight and your toys are left untouched. Don’t fret if your sex toy preferences are exposed. Nobody is going to arrest you for having too much fun!

Packing Accessories & Lube

TSA generally won’t allow liquids larger than a certain volume to be carried onboard as a carry-on so make sure you check with the airport guidelines before packing. Lubricants are most certainly considered a liquid so you’ll likely want to pack these away in your check-in luggage if they exceed the size limitations. The JO Tri Me Triple Packs are typically the perfect size for carry-on travel. If you do check-in your toys, make sure you remove all batteries and pack them and cords away separately. If your toys hold their own charge, consider letting the charge run out before packing so there’s no chance of accidental buzzing when in flight.

Travelling Internationally? 

Even though COVID has stalled a lot of international travel plans for most, for anyone who is still considering this option, be sure you check and see what the laws are regarding sex toys in that country. Many countries have strict laws regarding pornography and sex toys and you just might find your buzzy companion isn’t allowed to travel with you!

Best Sex Toys for Travel

Now that we’ve covered some of the basics, let’s talk about what to bring! Small and compact will likely be your best bet no matter where you go. If you’re going as a couple, you’ll want to consider the needs for you both. If you only have room for one toy, choose one that is versatile and can be used together.

Recommended list of travel-friendly sex toys: 

  • CockringsThese are always small & compact and easy to carry. They’ll also please both partners & vibrating cockrings can be used as a hand-held stimulator also when not worn!
  • Mini Vibrators: Everything about these vibrators screams compact but that doesn’t mean they’re any less fun. You know the old saying, big power comes in small packages.
  • Finger VibratorsUsually small enough to fit comfortably on a finger, these toys are the perfect travel companion. The ergonomic design makes it easy to use on yourself for solo play or with a partner. 
  • Bullets & EggsSmall in size but big in power, these toys are very compact and travel very well. Best of all, they can be quite versatile in that both partners can enjoy the vibrations from these toys.
  • Nipple ClampsThese toys are usually quite compact and can be packed away easily for travel. Perfect for foreplay and stimulating your lover during sex, you’ll want these on hand when things heat up.
  • CuffsThese are easy enough to pack away and make restraining your lover a simple affair no matter where you are.
  • Couples Toys: Many toys designed for couples are also quite compact and make amazing travel companions. Some popular choices include the We-Vibe ChorusWe-Vibe MatchLelo Tiani 2 and the Pretty Love Letitia. You’ll really have to browse our entire collection to choose the right one for you!

Happy Horny Holidays!

At the end of the day, no matter where you travel or what you do during your holidays, there is no reason you can’t keep your sex life as interesting and fun as ever, and quite possibly, even more adventurous! We hope you have a fun and sexciting holiday!


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