Sex Hacks for Small Penises - Sexynews #73

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Sex Hacks for Small Penises - Sexynews #73

Bigger does not always mean better!

If you’re less than impressed with the hand you’ve been dealt, it’s still entirely possible to have mind blowing sex with your partner! Getting your partner to the finish line requires skill, not size and this is true for men of any size.

How do I give good sex even if I have a small penis?

Good sex involves more than just penetration so it should come as no suprise that the key to getting your partner to orgasm can be achieved long before you even attempt to insert your penis. Try putting more focus on the foreplay and pre-sex stimulation. This is where oral sex, fondling and Sex Toys come in handy! And if your partner really craves the feel of penetrative sex, there are still options!

Try a hollow sleeve, penis extender

There are a few different types of penis extensions you can try that will either help extend the size of your own penis or add to it. If you want to really increase the length and girth, you could always try a Hollow Penis Sleeve that slips on over your penis. This type of extension easily allows for fuller and deeper penetration while allowing you and your partner to experience the kind of intimacy most couples enjoy. You can choose the size based on what your needs are.

Penis pumps & extenders

If you’re keen to engage in skin on skin sexual encounters, you might find Penis Pumps & Extenders to be of use to you. Both help to enlarge the penis but use different methods. The Penis Pump increases his girth by creating a vacuum that enlarges the volume of corpora Cavernosa while increasing the blood flow to the penis. Penis Extenders apply a steady stretch to the penis which enables tissue cells to divide and multiply. This process is called cytokinesis and is a permanent growth that will help make him visibly longer and thicker. Stap-ons for Him are another effective way to extend his penis and are also great for men with erectile dysfunction issues.

Does a penis extender toy add pleasure for a woman?

It really depends on the woman but in all honesty, there’s a good chance it will indeed add pleasure for many girls, especially if she prefers a fuller sensation when having sex. Most women are pleasured through stimulation of her clitoris so as long as what you’re doing achieves this, it really won’t matter how big your penis is. There are Couples Toys designed specifically to stimulate her clitoris while enhancing the experience for both.

Couples toys that enhance the experience

Stimulators and Vibrating Cockrings are two of the most popular couples toys that enhance the sexual experience for both partners, no matter the size or girth of his penis. Stimulators that are worn by the female during intercourse will not only stimulate her clitoris and his penis, they will also add to a fuller sensation that many women crave. This will also help heighten the sensation he experiences with the added bonus of vibrations. Cockrings (aka couples rings) are worn on the man’s penis and press against her clitoris during intercourse, stimulating both with vibrations.

Thickening cream helps

Many men find the use of Thickening Creams to be beneficial in helping to increase his blood flow which will result in a stronger, bigger erection. These creams can be used in conjunction with sex toys and other methods mentioned and results typically improve with consistent use over time.

Sex toys to the rescue

Many men lack confidence in the size of their erections and with the right equipment, they can reach their maximum potential for better, more gratifying sexual encounters. At the end of the day, it’s not really the size of the penis that matters, it’s how he pleasures his partner that makes the experience orgasmic for both. Introducing sex toys can dramatically improve the overall experience for both and help to bring both partners even closer.


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