Summer Lovin' Holiday Fun - Sexynews #71

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Summer Lovin' Holiday Fun - Sexynews #71

Christmas has come and gone and summer is finally here! We made it! We are finally nearing the end of this crazy year. Let’s celebrate and bring 2020 to an orgasmic ending!

Summer Sex

Sure, you might have spent lockdown having heaps of crazy sex but now it’s time to get adventurous and rediscover new ways to have fun whilst enjoying all of that beautiful sunshine. There’s something invigorating about hitting the beaches and seeing all of those beautiful, scantily dressed bodies soaking up the sun. This is definitely the time to be thinking about some interesting new sexual adventures with your partner or loved one.

Go Skinny Dipping!

Find yourselves a secluded location away from any prying eyes and enjoy the slippery sensation of water surrounding you both as you slide against each other. If you have a pool in the backyard, even better! For people who don’t enjoy the sweaty sensation of sex in the summer heat, this could be the optimum way to enjoy your partner when things heat up! If you’re not adventurous enough to go the whole hog but still want to have a bit of fun, try bringing a Pretty Love Finger Bunny along for some playful teasing under the water.

Shower Sex

There’s never a better time to get in some satisfying shower sex! After a hot day in the blazing sun, come home and cool off together under a nice cool shower. Don’t forget to bring in a Waterproof Vibrator to add some extra excitement to your shower fun!

Slippery Sheets

Why not take advantage of the slippery sensation of two hot, sweaty bodies and adorn your bed in Scandal’s Super Sheet for a bit of erotic fun? It not only protects your bedding and furnishings from messy sexual adventures, but it makes for some very interesting sensations while having sex! This is the perfect occasion to add in some Massage & Sensual Oils to heighten the senses even more.

Sex Under the Stars

What could be more romantic than finding a secluded spot with your partner, throwing down some blankets and spending the evening making love under the stars? If you’re going camping, far away from others, this is the ultimate way to spend the night away from home! And if you’re not game to try this on the ground, the back of any old ute will do! Bring this sexy little Satisfyer Mini Vibrator along to tease and tantalise your lover’s senses while stargazing.

Ice Ice Baby!

Nothing cools a hot body off quicker than adding a bit of ice into the mix. Try running ice cubes all over each other’s bodies, taking extra time on erotic zones like nipples and genitals. If using actual ice cubes is a bit too much for you but you still want to try something with a cooling sensation, you could try the Main Squeeze Cooling Lubricant for him or the Wildfire Cooling Arousal Oil for Her.

Beach Sex

We’re pretty sure this is at the top of the list for most people looking for something adventurous to try in their sex lives. While it could be very risky, it can also be a very rewarding experience. Just be sure to bring a towel or a blanket to avoid sandy bums! The California Dreaming Laguna Beach Lover is the perfect toy to bring along for this occasion. If you’re bringing drinks along, the Sunscreen Stealth Flask looks and feels just like normal sunscreen but allows you to stow away your favourite drink for your beach escapades.

Sex in a Tent

It’s camping season and for many, having sex in a tent is hot in more ways than one! If you’re trying the sex on the beach idea above, you might find a popup tent might be handy for such an adventure as that as well. Tents are amazing! Get a tent and go camping this year! You won’t regret it. If you’re someone who likes to have something to do but camping means there’s no t.v. or other luxuries a night at home provides, bring along the You & Me Card Game to make your sexy camping trip even more erotic and exciting.

Happy Horny Holidays!

As you pack away your Christmas decor and prepare to hit the road for your summer holidays, make sure you plan to include some sensual fun in your adventures away from home. We wish you a safe and exciting summer holiday!


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