The New Recruit - Bedroom Fantasies #117

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The New Recruit - Bedroom Fantasies #117

Groundhog Day again, Sarah thought to herself. Starting at an entry-level office job, she had worked her way up the corporate ladder to achieve everything she thought she wanted. A job people would fight for, money, status, a great house, and a gentle boyfriend that just adored her.

There was just one problem: all of this bored her.

Every day was the same, there was no rush or excitement, and sex with her boyfriend Dean was brief and unfulfilling. She had almost forgotten what those emotions felt like. That was until she noticed The Recruit.

The new recruit walked into her office wearing a blue suit, a crisp white shirt with his manly hairy chest exposed slightly by an open top button. Sarah sat in her office, mouth agape, staring openly at The Recruit as he was shown around and introduced to the rude, repulsive older men of the office that had become like furniture in Sarah’s mind. When her mind caught up she realised she had been openly glaring at him.

Sarah could feel the heat rise in her body. She was getting so hot. She did not know what was happening. She was usually so in control. She left her office, catching the eye of The Recruit as she excused herself to the toilet.

She hurriedly walked to the bathroom, shutting her eyes as she closed the door. She pictured the things she would do with this man. The pressure of his hand as he touched her waist, the sound of his deep voice as he firmly commanded her to touch herself in front of him, instructing her to insert her fingers into her drenched pussy. She threw her head back against the wall, envisioning him whispering how he wanted to watch her get off in front of him. She was so compelled, she was touching herself in the way she imagined he wanted her to.

It was not enough. Sarah was wet and eager for his touch. As she was getting close to climax, she fantasised about The Recruit standing up, turning her around, unzipping his pants and thrusting his big cock in her wet pussy. She expelled a little moan as her hand worked on her clit. She was fantasising about the hard pounding from this man she did not even know. With a rush, her body started shaking as she came hard, leaning against the toilet door.

The post-orgasm haze subsided. She collected herself and looked at her face in the mirror. It was flushed and she had a post-sex glow about her. She washed her hands and walked outside to bump into the new recruit.

"Hi, my name is Matthew."

She smiled and offered the hand she had just used to get herself off to the very thought of this man to shake his hand.  

Submitted by Fiona from Brunswick, Victoria, Australia

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