Devilish Balls - Bedroom Fantasies #118

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Devilish Balls - Bedroom Fantasies #118

The text is brief. To the point. Arousing.

Be at the bar at 8pm. Order two drinks. Wear the balls.

I shiver imagining Sir's voice, gruff and sensual. Just the thought of holding those heavy objects inside me creates an instant slick in my underwear.

As I prepare, a small anxiety grows within me: I’ve never used the balls out of the house. And their movements, the vibrations when they kiss each other inside me, these will cause my internal muscles to grip them.

It will bring me to my knees.

I get the Ben Wa balls out, rotating and spinning them in my hand. I feel their weight, the cool of the metal against the blushing warmth of my palm. Not that I need it, but I ensure they’re well lubed before laying back. Pressing one ball and then the other against my opening, I exhale and relax, the balls slipping inside. Instantly filling. I shiver with arousal and sit up slowly, feeling the clink as the balls come together inside.

My phone buzzes. Sir has ordered me an Uber, which is outside.

I stand, pulling my underwear into place. Walking slowly, feeling the balls threaten to lose themselves. I wonder if the Uber driver notices my fidgeting, my wrestling against the movements of those devilish balls.

We pull up outside the bar. I farewell the Uber driver through flushed cheeks, hiding excited nipples. I make my way sheepishly into the bar while the spheres of steel orbit inside me. Teasing me.


I order two ciders. Ever-punctual, I feel His presence behind me.

"Hello, Princess," he coos to me from behind. He reaches around me to the bar to grab his cider, intentionally pushing himself against me, making sure I know he is rock-hard. His hand on my shoulder, massaging gently nearly melts me to my knees. I turn and he kisses me. Sliding his hand up into my hair, he pulls me close and growls into my ear.

"Now go to the bathroom, Princess, I want your underwear."

I clench the balls deep within me, feeling them try to escape. I murmur, "Yes Sir, and the...?"

He cuts me off. "No, what did I say?"

I blush deep, down my chest, almost down to my wet pussy...

He pulls me in close again, his breath hot in my ear. "I have plans for you tonight, and I need you ready."

Jolts of anticipation run through me. When he has plans, it's always going to be an amazing night. I look up at him and smiles. I take my leave to retrieve my lingerie for him, praying the balls don’t find their way onto the dance floor...

Submitted by Amanda from Thomastown, Victoria, Australia

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