The Fitting Room - Bedroom Fantasies #92

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The Fitting Room - Bedroom Fantasies #92

Several years ago when I was just starting university, I felt like a good responsible young man so I decided to spend some money on some new clothes to try to be more attractive to women. I went to a clothing store that had both men's and women's clothing. While browsing around the men's section, I saw a women's skirt laying around. It was mid-thigh and had a dark blue striped print. On a whim, I grabbed it on the way to the changing room.

The fitting room was staffed by a cute brunette whose name tag said her name was Beth. Beth gave me a smile and asked me how many items I had. She then led me towards one of the rooms towards the back and gestured me in with a sly look, saying, "Call out if you need to try on a different size."

As I was putting on a pair of khakis, there was a knock on the door. Beth said, "Here is something that I think will fit better." I opened the door a crack and Beth squeezed in, holding a miniskirt! Looking me in the eye, she told me 'that skirt that is a size 10 and you look like a size 8'. Stammering out my words, I asked her what she meant. Pointing to the skirt that I had brought in, Beth told me that I had good taste but that I needed a little help in sizing.

"Well, hurry, I want to see if I am right about that cute little ass," Beth commanded me. A good-looking girl wanting me to get undressed, even though it was to try on women's clothing, was enough to get me to drop my pants. Beth licked her lips as my khakis slid to the floor. Kneeling down, Beth helped me step into the skirt. As her hands guided the cloth up my legs, the feel of her hands started to make me erect. Fastening the hook at my waist, Beth stepped back and looked with a critical eye.

"Those briefs of yours are leaving the ugliest panty lines," Beth judged. "Pull them off."

She is the expert, I thought, so I lifted the hem and dropped my tighty-whities. My cock got fully hard at the thought of what we might do next. After all, here I was, in semi-privacy with a girl telling me to take off my undies.

Looking at the bulge in the front of the skirt, Beth told me, "Hold on, that just won't do. Wait here a minute while I go get something else." With that, she slipped out of the door.

Wow, I thought that I had stepped into the pages of a letter to Penthouse and knew that none of my friends would believe me when I told them about today. Hearing footsteps I stood up and tried to strike a cocky pose against the back wall.

Beth knocked against the door and said, "I have a nice surprise for you." Walking in, she was holding the hand of a blonde girl! "This is Valerie, and I think that you two will get along well together." Valerie was about 5'9", hair in a page boy cut, slim, about 55kgs, and had a B cup. She was much prettier than most of the girls back home. She was wearing a tight black tank top, a light red flouncy mid-thigh skirt, black trainers with platform soles, and cherry red lipstick. And she had the cutest little ass!

In her other hand, Beth was holding a short-sleeved blouse and a pair of blue panties. "Try these on. They should hold that tasty cock of yours in so that you don't ruin the lines of that outfit. After that, let's move to one of the larger rooms so that we aren't so crowded. Val, give him a hand." I definitely wasn't going to argue with that! Looking me in the eyes, Valerie held the panties open as I stepped into them and then she slid her hands up my legs, making sure that I was tucked in and the cloth wasn't bunched up. The feel of her touch felt wonderful. Smiling, Valerie stood up and gave me a peck on the cheek.

Looking out the door to make sure the way was clear, Beth led both of us down the hall to a room that was designed so that a stroller would fit inside with somebody. It felt titillating to be wearing women's clothes and holding the hands of two girls as I walked out in semi-public. When we got down to the other room, Beth locked the door behind us and said, "Val, show us your tits." Then she proceeded to open her own blouse. "Let's give this boy a threesome that will never forget!"

Stepping towards Valerie, Beth slid her own shirt from her shoulders, exposing her smooth white braless breasts and hard nipples. Then she reached out and lifted Valerie's top over her head. Val was wearing a white lacy demi-cup bra that showed off her perky nipples. The two girls quickly moved into a deep kiss that had them both moaning as their hands moved over each other. Breaking the kiss, Beth looked at me and said, "Now you two make out while I watch."

Valerie looked at me with lust, then closed her eyes as our lips meet. Her kiss was firm and her tongue wrestled with mine. Her hands slid the blouse from my shoulders as I reached up and cupped her breasts in my hands. Val's nipples felt hard as I pinched them, making her groan. Moving her lips from mine, she asked, "Would you mind if I sucked your cock? Then maybe you can return the favour." With that, she sank to her knees and lifted up my skirt. Hooking the hem of the panties underneath my balls, Valerie took my cock in her hand and flicked out her tongue, tasting the drop of pre-cum at the tip.

"That is so hot," Beth said as she moved to me and started to kiss me. I thought that I was in Heaven, with one girl blowing me and another girl kissing me. Beth's breasts were warm against my chest. After several minutes of this, I felt that I was ready to get at some pussy. Guiding Beth over to the bench, I then knelt down and pushed up her skirt to her waist. Her red lace thong was soaked through and smelled wonderful. I felt Beth's hands guiding my mouth to lick her and she hissed, "Lick my pussy and make me cum!" I licked and sucked through the fabric until Valerie smacked my ass and told me, "Get in there!"

Taking hold with my teeth I ripped the lace free, revealing her pussy with her pubic hair in the shape of a pink triangle and buried my tongue deep inside of Beth's labia. Valerie moved behind me pulled my panties down and licked my balls from behind and rubbed my cock with one of her manicured hands. Beth asked me, "Do you like being in the middle of the sandwich?"

I moaned, "Yes, I do. What's next? I need some fucking."

"So, until then, do you like this?" Valerie asked as she messaged my asshole with the tip of her finger. I had done that before to myself and really liked it but now it felt amazing. Then Valerie spit on her finger and twisted it into me, my moans telling her what both girls wanted to know.

"Val, I think we have a little slut here," Beth said. "His moaning on my pussy feels divine. Do want more, you little bitch?" I nodded my head and licked even harder. Grinning, Val added a second finger inside my ass and kept stroking me with her other hand.

"So, my little slut, are you ready for some more?" Valerie asked. "Do you want to try something new? Shake that cute little ass of yours if you are."

I was up for anything these girls wanted, I needed to cum so much. So I started to shake my ass for Valerie. Pulling away from Beth's juicy pussy, I said, "If it feels good, do whatever you want to me!"

"That is just what we wanted to hear," Beth moaned. "Give it to him good, Val!" Pulling her fingers out of me, Valerie put one hand on my hip and pushed into me, the feeling was so overwhelming that it wasn't until she put her other hand on my hips that I realised something was up. Looking over my shoulder I asked, "What kind of girl carries a strap-on to work with her?" Then I saw that there were no straps!

Valerie saw my look and said, "It feels good, doesn't it? You like it don't you?" It felt right to be there with my face full of pussy and my ass filled with cock that I didn't want Valerie to stop using in me. Beth was squirming and squealing in front of me; the combination of my mouth on her pussy, my moans, and the sight of my ass being violated by her friend had her nearing her climax. I desperately wanted to make her cum, to make her feel as good as I felt right then.

Valerie was panting behind me as she pumped her cock into me, saying, "You are a little slut, aren't you?" Reaching around my waist, she felt how hard my cock was as it twitched in her hand. "Do you want to cum for Beth and I?"

"Yes, yes I do, Val! Can I cum for you?" I panted.

"No, not until we cum first," Beth commanded. "Keep licking..."

Suddenly there was knocking at the door as a man's voice asked, "Beth, Valerie, why aren't you out on the sales floor like you are supposed to be?"

Valerie moaned and Beth said, "Oh no, it's Mr. Steven! I have to let him in." She jumped up and opened the door with Val and I sill on the floor! Incredibly, my cock got even harder from being caught and exposed.    Seeing the sight before him, Mr. Steven snapped, "Valerie, what do you think you are doing? Who said that you could have sex without my permission?"

"I couldn't help myself, Sir! I'm sorry, Sir! He was just so cute, Sir!" Valerie stammered.

"Get over here, now," commanded Mr. Steven.

Valerie pulled out of my ass with a pop, causing me to gasp. She then crawled to Mr. Steven and clutched his calves, trembling. Looking in my direction, he asked, "Beth, who is that?"

"He is just a customer who came in, I saw that he had a skirt to try on and one thing led to another..." Beth answered meekly, "I'm sorry, Sir."    

Mr. Steven looked down at me kneeling on the floor with my face glistening from Beth's pussy, my cock dripping, and my ass aching. "You, sit down on that seat," he barked at me. "Well, Valerie, finish him off and make it the best blowjob he has ever had!"

I didn't know if I was in trouble or not, but Mr. Steven was in charge so I hurried to the seat with my cock hard and bouncing. Valerie scooted over to me on her knees, looked me in the eyes, grinned, and swallowed my cock all the way to the base. I had never had that done before and my eyes closed as I groaned in delight. Mr. Steven told Valerie that she was in big trouble for trying to have an orgasm without his permission and that she would be punished, making her moan as she moved her mouth up and down. Beth leaned in to kiss me and as her tongue pushed into my mouth, Valerie pushed two fingers into me and rubbed my prostate. That was enough to push me over the edge. I began to cum, sending several jets of cum into Val's warm and willing mouth. As I was still in the midst of the orgasm, Beth moved to the side and Valerie moved up to kiss me, feeding me my own cum with her fingers still impaled in me.

After I finished swallowing, Valerie slid her fingers out and asked, "Did you enjoy that?" Still weak, I nodded.

Mr. Steven gazed down at the three of us and ordered us to get dressed. Turning to me, he snapped, "See me before you leave." With that he turned and left, closing the door behind himself. Valerie and Beth stood me up and we retraced our steps down to the room we started in where they helped me dress, never looking me in the eye and answering my questions with "Just hurry!"

After I was dressed, they both kissed me on the cheek and pushed me out the door. In a bit of a daze, I went up to the front counter where Mr. Steven was working. I meekly waited to the side until he stalked over to me and said, "I am having a party in a few days and I need someone to work at it as a waiter. How would you like to earn a little bit of cash? By the way, Valerie will be there to serve also. Interested?"

Not knowing how to say no, I accepted. Mr. Steven told me, "Here is the address. Be there at 6 o'clock, the uniform will be waiting for you." Winking, he added, "Val will be there to help you get dressed."

I looked to the back of the store and saw Beth and Valerie looking at me. Valerie licked her lips and blew me a kiss. Turning to Mr. Steven, I told him that I would definitely be there.

Submitted by Noah from Werribee, Victoria, Australia

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