I’ve Missed You - Bedroom Fantasies #91

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I’ve Missed You - Bedroom Fantasies #91

As I walk down the hallway to your room, I can feel butterflies start. I haven’t seen you in a few weeks and I have missed you. We have spoken but haven’t been face-to-face. As I get to your door I take a deep breath and knock.

"Come in."

I push the door open and see you standing there. Damn, I forgot how hot you were. I let out a sigh.

"Hey, you." You reach around the door and grab me by the waist. "I missed you," you say as you plant a kiss on my lips and I melt into your embrace. Your kiss takes my breath away. Oh, how I’ve missed your lips. You lean back and grab my hand and lead me towards our couch. That couch has seen some fun. I sit down next to you and can’t stop smiling.

"So tell me, what’s been going on?"

I reply with the usual 'not much, I’m doing okay'. You reach out and touch my hand. I lean into you and we kiss, softly at first, just finding our way again. It’s been so long since we've kissed this way. You run your hands through my hair. Damn, that feels good. We continue kissing and I slide myself onto your lap, never breaking the kiss. Things certainly haven’t changed.

You lean back in your seat and scan my breasts, cupping them in your hands. I can see the lust in your eyes and it makes my juices start to flow. You grab my arse and pull me in closer. The strength you show has me giddy in anticipation. You continue to kiss me, each second getting more and more wanting. Your hands are starting to grip my hair, and I can feel you hard beneath me. You start to lift my shirt and soon enough it’s on the floor. You kiss my breasts and run your fingers over my nipples. I quiver with excitement. You reach around and undo my bra. Your mouth catches my nipple while you gently engulf my D cup breasts. I can’t help but let out a moan.

I lean back and start to unbutton your shirt. Running my hands along your chest. I love the way you feel under my hands. You lean in to kiss me and I pull away, being cheeky. You smile and I love your grin. Your hand in my hair pulls me closer and you kiss my neck. Running your tongue down my neck from my ear, I feel your warmth and follow you to meet your mouth with mine.

I break our kiss and tell you I want you. You lift me off your lap and I stumble to my feet. You admire the view for a bit and then lean in and kiss my tummy. Taking a little nibble makes me giggle and flinch at your cheekiness. I love your playful side.

I slide my skirt up and expose the tops of my stockings with suspenders. You let out a loud sigh and I know you’re happy with the sight. You stand yourself up and I can see your hard cock through your pants. I can’t wait to have you inside me. You take my hand and lead me to the arm of the couch, bending me over. You run your hands down my back and give me a smack on the arse.

You kneel down behind me and I can feel your breath on my arse. You kiss each of my cheeks and lean back on your ankles to take in the view. I am so wet with anticipation. My breathing starts to get heavy. Soon enough I feel your breath on my pussy, and then your tongue. First, you start with light licks and I moan, begging for more. Your licks get stronger and I feel your fingers grip my arse. Your tongue is driving me crazy and my moans and breathing become louder and quicker and I realise I’m about to orgasm. As I start to come, I bite my lip to remind myself to not be too loud. My legs start to shake and I hear you slide down your pants, pushing your hard cock inside me before my body has time to recover. 

I almost come again as you fill my wet pussy with your cock. You slide out and back in slowly, being sure to enjoy the warmth and wetness your talented tongue has made in me. As you slide in and out, gripping my hair, I feel your thrusts get faster and harder as I explode, cumming again. As my back arches and my legs spasm, I feel you tighten your grip on my hair. You let out a moan and thrust yourself in me and I feel you cum.

Your body shaking, you drape over me as we pant and try to catch our breath. After a few minutes, you kiss my back and slide out from inside of me. Standing up, you almost lose your balance. "Fuck, gorgeous, you are exactly what I needed," you say as you pull up your pants, scanning the room for your shirt. I stand up and fix my skirt, reaching over for my bra and top. You cheekily grab my bra and stuff it in your pocket. "I will return this to you next time so you have to come back."

I smile and lean in to kiss you. "Oh honey, I will definitely be back".

Submitted by Joey Witter from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

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