Helplessly Yours - Bedroom Fantasies #93

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Helplessly Yours - Bedroom Fantasies #93

I have one of those beds with the mission style headboard and footboard. The one with the wooden vertical slats that just scream 'let me hold you hostage'. It's a king-size pillowtop, extra high off the ground. It needs a big man to occupy the space and I have a sexy fucking navy boy in mind.    

Your mind wanders, and I know we are supposed to be going out tonight but the thought of holding me captive, all for yourself continues to overwhelm your senses. It excites you, the domination, the control, that fact that you can do whatever you want to me and I can't do a thing but hope you will make me beg for mercy.

As you arrive at my door, it is unlocked as I am expecting you. I try to make small talk but you don't answer. I bend over giving you just a glimpse of my tan ass in your favourite purple crotchless panties I have hidden under my skirt. You don't speak. You just watch me strap on my heels and smile. I can see a deviant look in your eye. I am curious, excited, and apprehensive at the same time. I know you well enough to know you have another plan for tonight in mind.

As I walk down the hall, you push me up against the wall. It is cold and hard and I have to take a second to catch my breath. You slowly take each one of my hands and place them over my head as I just stare into your eyes. You're so serious and I am nervous. I stand there and my legs start to tremble but my body just aches for you. With your left hand, you grab both of my arms and hold them tightly. You use your foot to spread apart my legs and take your right hand and find my soft pussy. You rub my clit with the palm of your hand and thrust two fingers up inside me. My knees slightly buckle and I suck in a gasp of air. You still have my hands pinned above my head. I close my eyes and my heavy breathing releases a flow of wet juices onto your hand as you thrust your fingers in and out of me. You are in total control. I can faintly hear Adele's One and Only playing in the background from the other room. I echo her lyrics as my mind engulfs what is happening right now. I softly hum.

You've been on my mind, I grow fonder every day. Your fingers fuck me as I still cannot move away from the wall. I drift off and the song starts to fade away.

You tell me not to speak, and that I can only do what I am told.

You pull your wet fingers from my pussy and release my arms. Your massive strong arms then ever so gently pick me up and place me on the bed behind you. You tell me to lay down in the centre. You come to the left side of the bed and lean in, kissing my stomach. You tell me how much you want me, you tell me how much you want to feel me as you slide my skirt off. You take my left leg and pull it out to the edge of the bed, taking your hands and rubbing down it from my inner thigh to my ankle and then tie it to the bed. You tug on the knot just to make sure it won't come loose. You lean up into the foot of the bed, your soft warm lips brush my pussy and you softly lick it but just once as you repeat the same thing to my right leg, grabbing my inner thigh and pulling it open to tie it to the other side of the footboard.

The song again echoes in my mind. You're the only one that I want, I don't know why I'm scared, I've been here before, every feeling every word, I've imagined it all.

I start trying to touch myself. You sit me up, and in the silhouette of the candlelight, you make one quick motion to remove my top, push me back into the bed, and pull up my right arm over my head. You tell me very matter-of-factly, "Don't touch!"

You tie my arm to the headboard — I have little give but just enough that I can flex it as my body begins to writhe uncomfortably and vulnerably on the bed. You can sense I am nervous and give me a sweet kiss. You promise me you will be just enough but not too much. You tell me to relax, that you will always take care of me. I want to feel your lips kiss me again, but you put your finger to my lips with a 'ssshhhhh'... then nothing!       

You climb on top of me and lay across me to tie down my left arm, pressing against me but not with all your weight. I try to resist and pull my hand away, but you overpower me and press my hand back to the bed and tie up my last remaining source of freedom. So now I am tied to the bed, four-point restraints, my purple crotchless panties mixed with exciting apprehension. You take a step back to look at me, admiring me like you have just captured a precious trophy. You are so pleased with what you have done.

You come by my head and slightly pull my hair as you apply a blindfold. My body aches for you, all of my senses are heightened, and it's like I'm in that right-after-you-cum state, where you can't be touched as your sensitive body shudders and each nerve ending is screaming. I want you but I don't know where you are, what your plans are, what you want to do to me, but I want you to do it, I want you to do whatever it is so badly.

I can smell you, my favourite cologne. I hear where you walk. I can wiggle in the bed and my ass grinds into the mattress. My nipples are hard, and I have goosebumps but I don't know if it is because I am cold or so nervous and excited. I desperately want you to touch me.

I can hear you whisper and moan. "Mmm, you look so beautiful." Your voice deepens. "I've got you now. You can't get away and I will have all of you."   

You grab my ankles and rub your hands up my legs, I try to close them but I can't. Even tied to the bed, you push them open. Then nothing. I hear you move to the side of the bed. You sit. You lean over and bite my ear, my neck, my nipple. My back arches. I moan. I take in a deep breath. I bite my lip.

You straddle me and rub your cock over my lips, dripping onto my tongue. "Open your mouth, lick me." I do as I am told, my soft tongue reaches out to feel you. I love the way you taste. You grab the headboard and kneel over me, thrusting your hard dripping cock down my throat. I gag and spit runs down my cheek as a tear runs down my face. You pull out.    

"I said, suck my cock," and down my throat you push. In and out of my mouth. I can't move. I can only lay there writhing in the bed as you facefuck me. Every few minutes you have to stop and slow down. I can tell when your cock swells and I know you want to cum all over me but that you want to wait.

I love knowing you want me, knowing you want to cum, and I love the fact you’re holding back. I can't wait until you explode. I can't wait to hear you. I can't wait to please you. I want to ask you to touch me because I am dripping wet, but I don't. This is all you tonight and I want to give you what you want. You kiss my cheek. You bite my lip, my neck, my nipples. You tease them with your tongue. I want you so bad. You run your tongue down my body. Stopping just short of my pussy. You thrust your fingers into my wet box. I moan. Again I try to close my legs. Your fingers move slowly at first in and out. You suck on my clit. You lick me up and down and use your left hand to lift my ass off the bed and pull me into your face. I want to open my legs but I can't do that either. I want to grab your head and pull you into me.

I am helpless.    

"Please, baby," I say, but you don't respond.

The sheets are soaked, a combination of you and sweet pussy juice. It is dripping down between my ass. I can hear you suck your fingers every few minutes and then you slide them back into me. Each time I moan and squirm.

You stop.



It's like you disappeared. I hear nothing. I realise the music in the other room has stopped. It's eerily quiet. Your left hand unites my left leg and simultaneously your right hand unties my left arm. You push me over face first into the bed. Before I can even think to move you have grabbed my arm and retied it to the headboard. You pull my leg open and tie it back to the footboard, my right arm and legs are tightly wound to the bed. I am spread eagle on the bed, face down. You pull my hips up as far as they will lift off of the bed. You are kneeling on the bed as I can feel your legs in between mine. Your hard cock rams between my legs and deep into me.

I scream, and you respond. "Shut up, you dirty bitch, take it and shut up".

You slide your hands between me and the bed and squeeze my tits as you keep nailing me from behind. You pull my hair.

"I will destroy you, beg me to fuck you, bitch." Your voice is deep and stern. It feels like your dick is reaching my throat. My insides are being shoved up to my neck. It hurts, and I really like it.

You smack my ass as hard as you can. "Tell me how much you like it, beg me to cum, beg me, you little bitch."  

A tear runs down my face, but I am smiling and enjoying everything you can dish out. I don't listen, and instead, I taunt you. "Fuck me harder, is that all you got? That's all you can give me? You have to do better than that! Come on, fuck me like you hate me."

You thrust yourself faster and harder, feverishly into me.

"Fucking bitch, take it all, you fucking dirty girl, I'm gonna cum so deep in you." You spank me again as hard as you can, my ass stings. "Beg me to cum." You smack me again. "Fucking beg me, I said!"

Softly I start to beg you.

"I can't hear you begging, speak up and tell me you want me to cum."    

I am so excited. I want you to fill me with cum. "Fucking cum inside me, fucking fill me with cum, you fucking asshole! Holy shit, make me cum with you. Fucking cum deep inside me, make me scream, I can take it, make me fucking scream!"

You spank me again, the same place. I can tell my ass has multiple handprints and they all sting. "I gonna fucking cum, baby." You've lost your tough exterior and ask me if you can cum, you know how much I like it when you ask.

I tell you, "Beg me!, tell me you have to, tell me you can't hold it, tell me how it makes you feel!" I am so wet and I can tell you are leaking all into me.

You moan so loud, "Oh my God, baby I have to, I can't stop, I have to cum, baby!" You're pleading with me. "Baby, say it's okay, please tell me it's okay, baby, I can't hold it." Your cock is so hard, thrusting deep inside me.    

I whisper, "Baby, it's okay, slow down, fuck me slow, I'm gonna cum with you." Your hands have such a tight hold of my hips.

You're pulling my ass into you, your moaning is so loud. "Fuck me, oh my God, holy fuck. Fuck the shit out of me, baby, can you feel all of my hot cum? Oh, I'm cumming, holy fuck!"

My pussy tightens around your throbbing cock. My face is buried in the mattress.

"Holy fuck, baby, give me that cock, I'm cumming all over your hard cock, that's it, FUCK ME!" I respond simultaneously to you. Your legs are shaking, twitching, and you can't sit up anymore as I have drained you of everything that you are. I am soaked on the bed. The nerve endings in my clit send sharp stabbing sensations throughout my body. I am swollen. I don't think I could close my legs even if they were untied.  

You collapse next to me. I turn my head to face you and you take off my blindfold, although I am still spread eagle on the bed. It is so hot and I am glistening with a combination of our sweat. The air from the fan cools me. Our breathing is still heavy. You rub the hair out of my face. I just smile and close my eyes, listening to you breathe. The smell of sex fills the room. I fall asleep still tied to the bed. I feel you loosen the ties and close my legs and put my arms down.

You kiss me softly. "I am all yours, baby girl."

I can't open my eyes but I smile softly and whisper, "And I'm all yours, navy boy, but next time you're the one who will be tied and taken."

Submitted by Bek from NSW, Australia

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