Taking Foreplay to the Next Level

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Taking Foreplay to the Next Level

With new technology and toys that have the ability to be controlled by phone apps and can be used anywhere, sexual pleasure can be experienced anywhere and foreplay is being taken to the next level…

The night starts out as a date night with a potential lover. We are booked in for dinner at a high-end, fancy restaurant for an elaborate meal. The luxurious setting of the restaurant and strict etiquette of the environment adds to the feeling of mischievousness.

I came prepared for tonight. I dressed the part, and my scent and soft, polished skin would be glistening in the soft ambient surrounds. The final touch is the Bluetooth wearable vibrator I inserted before leaving the house. It’s paired to my phone and ready to go.

I entice my dinner guest and potential playmate for the night — who is seated innocently opposite me — to download the app on their phone and pair it to the toy that is inside me. I wait in anticipation as they play around with the remote control and test out the different settings. We utilise the chat option on the phone app to be discreet in our conversation about which settings are best.

I strategically chose to sit opposite him so he could have the full visual of me trying to contain my insane orgasms in such a quiet and formal dinner setting.

Oh, what fun and naughtiness.

He gets to have control and watch me whilst I get the insane pleasurable experience. I can only imagine the fun that will ensue when we leave the restaurant — we might not even make it back to the car before the magic begins…

Submitted by Deborah from Fawkner, VIC, Australia


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