Raunchy Romantic Romp

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Raunchy Romantic Romp

I’d like to invite my wife on a romantic getaway to a cabin or farm. Somewhere with plenty of space and no prying eyes. I’d invite her inside where I have prepared for a weekend of naughtiness. I brought bed restraints and a table with all my toys on it. From left to right, different sized butt plugs, a selection of whips and paddles, and an assortment of toys and vibrators.

I’d kiss my partner passionately, then push her on the bed. As we made out, I’d reach up and grab the back of her hair, making her gasp. I’d kiss her hard, then pull her up to me. With a light slap on the face, I’d move off the bed, dragging her with me.

I’d make her strip in front of me as she kneels to give me a blowjob. I’d take my restraints and tie her hands behind her back and begin facefucking her. Brutal throating. Sloppy and wet. Making her drip spit on her own body.

After a while I’d turn her around and lean her over the bed. Hands between her legs, ass up in the air. I’d attach the spreader bar so she can’t move and take a vibrating wand and tape it to her body so it touches her clit. After turning it on I’d take a whip and start working her cheeks. Marking her at irregular intervals — so she doesn’t know when to expect it — until her ass is red.

Then I’d take a butt plug and insert it before sliding my cock inside her tight pussy, making her moan while the vibrator is working her clit. Fucking her hard and rough. Eventually I’d detach the bar and turn her over, pull the plug out and slide my cock inside her ass slowly, in and out, making her gape. All the while slapping her tits and choking her passionately.

She will cum over and over again.

Then I’ll take a dildo and put it inside her pussy whilst I’m inside her ass. Fucking and pounding for hours. Changing from hole to hole. Making her cum. Making her gasp for breath, leaving her a quivering mess. Loved and quivering.

Submitted by Joshua from Brighton, VIC, Australia

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